Biography of Ramlah Binte Abi-Sufyan (رضي الله عنه)

Ramlah Binte Abi-Sufyan – Umm Habiba Ramla bint Abu Sufyan May Allah be content with her, has actually got married to her Prophet Muhammad (peace and the blessings from Allah be with the Prophet) on 1 AH however, she did not actually go to reside together with him in Medina up to 7 AH which was when the Prophet was sixty-years older and her age was just thirty-five. 

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al ramlah, gebel ramlah, ramlah	, ramlah bint abi sufyan,ramlah bint abi sufyan,
Ramlah Binte Abi-Sufyan Umm Habiba was the daughter of Abu Sufyan, who for many years was among the most determined adversaries to the Prophet (peace and peace from Allah be upon his soul) making the most of his fortune opposition to the Muslims and directing the army from his kafirun to fight the Muslims throughout the first major battles, including the ones that took place at Badr, Uhud and al-Khandaq. 

In fact, it wasn’t until the defeat of Mecca and the time that the Prophet graciously granted him pardon and granted him a pardon, when Abu Sufyan embraced Islam and began to fight alongside his fellow Muslims instead of fighting against them.

Umm Habiba and her first husband, known as Ubaydullah Ibn Jahsh and was who was the son of Zaynab bint Jahsh They were among the first to adopt Islam in Mecca and were among the early Muslims who fled to Abyssinia to ensure they were secure. When they arrived there in Abyssinia Ubaydullah quit Islam and was converted to Christian. 

He tried to force her to change her religion to Christian however she remained in a steadfast manner. This caused Umm Habiba in a difficult situation, as she was a Muslim woman must be married to an Muslim man. Umm Habiba was no longer able to reside with her husband and after having been divorced, she was not able to go back to the father who was fighting against the Muslims. Therefore, she was together with her child in Abyssinia and lived a basic life, in a secluded area and waiting to see what Allah will decide for her.

A few days later, as Umm Habiba sat in her private room, alone in a faraway land of her house, a servant came to her door, and told her that she was brought by Negus with an important message for her. The message stated to inform her that Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings Allah be upon his name) was seeking her hand in marriage and if she would accept the proposal, she had to select one of the accepters. She had to select an individual among those Muslims who resided in Abyssinia for her husband so that the ceremony could be held in Abyssinia even when she was not in the same spot in the same place as Prophet. 

It was evident that Umm Habiba was overjoyed and took the proposal immediately. “Allah has given you good news! Allah has give you good news!” she cried, taking off the jewelry she was wearing and handing it over to the happy girl. She demanded that she repeat the message three times because she was unable to believe what she heard.

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al ramlah, gebel ramlah, ramlah	, ramlah bint abi sufyan,ramlah bint abi sufyan

Ramlah Binte Abi-Sufyan – After this afterward, all Muslims who been seeking for refuge at Abyssinia were invited by the Negus to his palace Negus to take part in the simple wedding ceremony where the ceremony was conducted on behalf of the Prophet and her Khalid ibn Sa’id al-As, who was acting in her place. As the marriage was completed after the ceremony, The Negus addressed the audience with the following words:

“I thank Allah The Holy and proclaim that I am the sole god except Allah as well as I declare that Muhammad is His messenger and servant and that He revealed an excellent message to Jesus, the Son of Mary.

“The Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) requested me to conclude the marriage contract between him and Umm Habiba, the daughter of Abu Sufyan. I agreed to do what he requested, and on his behalf I give her a dowry of four hundred gold dinars.” Negus presented the dowry to Khalid ibn Sa’id. Negus gave the money to Khalid ibn Sa’id , who stood up and announced:

“All praise belongs all praise is due to Allah. I am awestruck by Him and seek His forgiveness and help, and return to Him to repent. I am a witness of the fact Muhammad is His messenger and his servant who He has sent in the spirit of direction and truth in order that it will triumph over other religions regardless of how many who oppose this. “I accepted to perform the act that Muhammad (peace and the blessings from Allah be upon his soul) asked me to do and performed as the wakil in behalf of Umm Habiba who is the daughter of Abu Sufyan. It is my wish that Allah blessing His Prophet and His wife. We congratulate Umm Habiba for the goodness that Allah has granted her.”

Khalid accepted the dowry and gave it to Umm Habiba. So, even though she was unable to travel to Arabia right away but she was able to travel by the Prophet (peace and the blessings of Allah be on the Prophet) immediately after the fact and the day they got married. The Muslims who witnessed the marriage ceremony were about to depart when Negus advised them to, “Sit down, for it is the practice of the Prophets to serve food at marriages.

” Then everyone sat down to feast and toast the joyous celebration. Umm Habiba especially could hardly believe in her luck and, later, she recalled her eagerness to share her joy and said: “When I received the cash as a dowry, I gave fifty mithqals in gold back to the servant girl who given me the wonderful news. I told her to her, ‘I’m giving you what I received when you handed me the news that was so good because at the time, I had no money whatsoever.’

“Shortly following, she returned to me, and she returned her gold. She also brought an item that contained the necklace I’d given her and returned it to me. She said”The Negus has ordered me to not take any thing from you, and he has also instructed the ladies in his house to present you with perfumed gifts.’

“On the next day, she handed me aloes, saffron, ambergris and wood oil. She told me, ‘I have an favor I would like to request from you.’

‘”What do you mean by that?” I asked.

‘”I am a convert to Islam”,’ she responded and said, ‘and I am now following the rules that was taught by Muhammad (peace and peace from Allah may be with his name). Please send my peace greetings to him and inform him that I trust that I am a believer in Allah and His Messenger. Do not ignore.'”

al ramlah, gebel ramlah, ramlah	, ramlah bint abi sufyan,ramlah bint abi sufyan

Ramlah Binte Abi-Sufyan – Six years after seven years later, in 7 AH in which the refugees Muslims in Abyssinia were finally allowed to be allowed to return Arabia, Umm Habiba came to Medina and there, the prophet Muhammad (peace and the blessings from Allah be upon his soul) who just returned triumphant from Khaybar and warmly welcomed her. 

Umm Habiba relates: “When I met the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him), I told him all about the arrangements that had been made for the marriage, and about my relationship with the girl. I told him that she had become a Muslim and conveyed her greetings of peace to him. He was filled with joy at the news and said, ‘Wa alayha as salam wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh’ – ‘And on her be the peace and the mercy of Allah and His blessing.'”

The power of Umm Habiba’ s character is evident from what transpired just prior to the battle of Mecca and her father Abu Sufyan, came to Medina following the fact that the Quraish had violated the agreement of Hudaybiyya and wanted to negotiate new terms between the Prophet Muhammad as well as the Muslims. 

He first went into Umm Habiba’s room , and was about to settle on the bed where Muhammad (peace and peace from Allah be upon his soul) was sleeping before Umm Habiba, who had not seen her father in over six years, begged him to not sit on it . She swiftly folded it up to put away. “Am I too good for the bed, or it is the bed too good for me?” the man asked. “how can the enemy of Islam sit on the bed of the Holy Prophet?” she said.

It was only when Abu Sufyan had embraced Islam following the conquest of Mecca and was the enemy of those who were opponents of Islam and had embraced Islam and had embraced Islam, that Umm Habiba accepted and loved the man for the role of her dad. 

When she learned that her brother and father Mu’awiya who was later Khalif of the Muslims, Khalif from the Muslims and were Muslims following the conquest and she fell in prayer to Allah to express her gratitude. Umm Habiba spent four years of her life in the company of her Prophet Muhammad (peace and peace of Allah be on his name) and lived another thirty-three years after he died, and passed away at seventy-two years of age in the year 44 AH in 44 AH. May Allah be happy with her.

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al ramlah, gebel ramlah, ramlah	, ramlah bint abi sufyan,ramlah bint abi sufyan


As all wives and companions of the Prophet (peace and peace from Allah be on the Prophet) Umm Habiba spent much of her time thinking about Allah and praying to Him. She told of a time when prophets (peace and peace from Allah be upon his soul) stated to her

“A house will be built in the Garden for anyone who, in the space of a day and a night, prays twelve voluntary rak’ats;” and she continued, “I have never stopped doing this since I learned it learned it from Jesus Christ, the messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be on him

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