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Charity can be understood in its broadest and most profound sense to include love for God, as well as affection for man. This second type of love has so many connections with the first that it cannot be properly explained without taking a quick look at the relationships between them.

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What does it mean for a charity to exist?

Charity Definition – The purpose of your organization is the goal that you have set up for it. This could also be called your overall mission, or goal.

The purpose of your organization’s governing documents (such as your trust deed or constitution) are the key.

What is a charitable purpose?

The Charities Act 2005 identifies four types of charitable purposes.

  • Relief from poverty
  • Promoting education
  • Advancing religion
  • Other uses that are beneficial to the community.

The following are examples of purposes that fall within the fourth category (“other purpose beneficial to the community”)

  • Promoting health through participation in sport
  • Support charitable causes such as homelessness, old age, or disability
  • Protecting the environment
  • Preventing or relieving suffering in animals
  • Running a marae in a Maori reserve.

What’s not charitable?

Many non-profit organizations have worthwhile purposes and activities. They might still be considered charitable purposes by the courts.

The purpose and activities of a charity must be beneficial to the public. However, not all benefits are considered charitable. More information about the distinction between charitable and non-charitable public benefits can be found on our Public benefit or charitable purpose page

These are some examples of charitable purposes:

  • Support for elite or high-performance athletes
  • Supporting or promoting a for profit business
  • Supporting the economic development in a community that does not need regeneration
  • Helping people to own their home, except for those who are in need of charity and have no other housing options.
  • Provide benefits only to a small group of people, unless they are in poverty.

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Below are more details about when certain types of organizations may be considered charitable:

  • This page describes when community and economic development organizations may be considered charitable.
  • This page describes when sport and recreation organizations may be considered charitable.
  • This page describes when charities may be granted to organizations that support causes.

Non-charitable ancillary purposes

Even if your organization is not charitable, it may still be registered as charity. Your non-charitable activities must be ancillary for your charitable purposes to be registered as a charity.

If a purpose is only a part of the work done by your organization, but is closely linked to its charitable purposes, it is considered ancillary.

If a community sport group had its main goal to encourage participation, but decided to offer advanced training for some players who have potential, it would be considered ancillary.

Assessment of charitable purposes

It can be hard to decide if an organization has a charitable purpose.

Charities Services will review your application to register your organization as a charity. This is usually found in your purposes clause. Contact Us WhatsApp +923017363500 Gmail:

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Charity Definition – Charities Services will also be interested in what activities your organization is involved with or plans to engage in the future.

 If you are applying to register, you will need to give a description of the activities. Charities Services will verify that your organization’s activities support charitable causes. Contact Us WhatsApp +923017363500 Gmail:

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