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Biblical Terms – Most of the words are in English, unlike the glossaries. Aramaic (Hebrew, Hebrew, Greek, and Latin are the historic languages of Christianity. Although the Old Testament (Jewish Testament) was written in Hebrew, some texts were translated into Aramaic and Greek. Many words and passages are Greek-derived. Since the 5th century, Latin has become the preferred language for the bible in the Western Roman Empire. In the last 100 years, the bible has been translated into the local or secular language. The bible is still the most widely printed and popular book in the entire world.

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Biblical Terms – Abraham He was the father of the Jewish nation. He and his group quit Ur to start a new life in Canaan . Adam According to the Genesis, they were the first people. They lived in Eden. Advent The beginning of the year church . From Christmas, it begins on the Sunday closest to November 30th. Advent comes from Latin, which means coming or arriving. Acts of Apostles Luke wrote the second book in the bible. Agnostic One who claims that we don’t know if God exists. Altar The chapel or church that holds the place of sacrifice, which is the table at which Jesus shared his last supper. Amen The last word is “so be it”. Annunciation Gabriel, the angel told Mary she was pregnant by Jesus. Anglican (Communion)- An international branch of the Protestant church under the leadership of the Archbishops of Canterbury. Angel A heavenly being. A messenger of God. Apocrypha An Bible section that is not acceptable by all Christians. Apostles The twelve followers of Christ are “a person sent to preach gospel“. Creed of the Apostles This is the oldest statement of faith in the church. It is based on teachings of the Apostols. Aramaic One of the languages spoken by Jesus’ followers in Jesus’ day, and probably the language Jesus and his disciples would have spoken. Archbishop A priest who is responsible to a group of bishop. ASB Alternative service books. The Church of England prayer book. It also contains all of the orders for the services. It also contains many prayers. Ash Wednesday The first day of Lent. The day following Shrove Tuesday. Ascension 40 days after his resurrection, Jesus returned to heaven. Atheist A person who doesn’t believe in a God. Atonement Make amends for any wrongdoings . Making amends for your a href=””>sins or wrong deeds. aumbry The little cabinet where the reserved Sacrament is kept.
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Biblical Terms – Baptism The Christian entry rite, which can be performed as a baby or an adult. Baptistery This is the place where takes places. Basilica A word for large churches. Beatitudes This section is a portion of writing taken from the New Testament. Each of the sections begins with “Blessed Are the ….”” (Matthew 5). Bethlehem The birthplace of Jesus Christ was in a small village north of Palestine Bible The Holy Book of the Christians contains the Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament), the New Testament, and sometimes the Apocrypha. Bishop A senior minister is usually responsible for an area or diocesan. Blasphemy These are words that are used to denigrate God. Blessed Rewarded by God.
Biblical Terms –
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Biblical Terms
Biblical Terms – Last supper   The last meal that Jesus had before the crucifixion. At this meal Jesus gave a special meaning to the bread and the wine, which is remembered at the EucharistLent  The 40 days, from Ash Wednesday to Holy Week. Represents the40 days that Jesus spent in the wilderness.  Lord’s Supper  Another name for the Eucharist.  Lord’s Prayer  The prayer that Jesus gave to his disciples.  Lutherandenomination of the Protestant Christian church. Followers of Martin Luther after the Reformation.
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Biblical Terms – Mary  The mother of Jesus,sometimes called the Blessed Virgin Mary. Mary is very important in the Roman Catholic church.  Mass  Another name for the EucharistMessiah  Jesus of Nazareth is the Messiah which means ‘King’ or ‘Saviour‘ or “Anointed One’.  Methodist  A branch of the protestant church founded by John WesleyMiracle  An event that cannot be explained by normal or scientific means.  Monotheism Belief in one God – The Christians, Jews and Muslims Moses  The Jewish leader who led the Jews from slavery in Egypt, and was given the ten commandments by God on Mount Sinai.
Biblical Terms –
New Testament  Part of the Bible together with the Hebrew Scripture. The New Testament contains the Gospels, the Epistles and the book of Revelation
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Old Testament  Another name for the Hebrew Scripture, part of the Bible  Orthodox Church  See Eastern Orthodox
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Biblical Terms – Palestine  The part of the Eastern Mediterranean where Jesus lived, part of modern day Israel.  Palm Sunday  The day that Christians remember the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem.  Patriarch  Leader of one of the 14 Eastern Orthodox churches.  Paul (Saint)  A Jew who was converted to Christianity and who took the gospel to the GentilesWrote many of theepistlesPentecost  The festival when the disciples received the Holy SpiritOften thought of as the birth of the churchPeter (Saint)  The apostle who denied Jesus and who Jesus called ‘the rock on which the church was built’; Peter was the first bishop of Rome, or PopePharisee  A religious leader of the Jews at the time of JesusPolytheism Belief in many Gods. Pope  The leader of the Roman Catholic church, lives in Vatican City.   Prayer  Talking to GodPreacher  A person who delivers a sermonPriest  A clergyperson who may celebrate the Eucharist, give blessings and forgive sins.  Protestant  A form of Christianity after the Reformation. Protestant is used to describe the churches which do not belong to the Roman Catholic or Orthodox churches.  Purgatory  The place between earth and Heaven, “Heaven’s waiting room.” 
    C Calvin(ism) John Calvin (1509-1564), an important part in the Reformation, was the founder of Calvinism (a branch of Protestantism). Celibate Many Christian sects prohibit priests or bishops from having sex or marrying. Chastity A state that is sexually pure. Christ Another name for Christ is Jesus . Christening Another name for Baptism. Christian(s) Follow the teachings of Christ . Christianity The faith of the Christians. Christmas The festival celebrates the birth Jesus. Church (1) A building used for worship. (2) The Christians. Church of England This is the Anglican Communion section in England. Clergy These are the people who have been appointed to work in the . There are three types of clergy: deacons (priests), bishops, and bishops. Commandments God. Most famous are the 10 Commandments given to . Communion This Christian service is the most important. It retells the events that Jesus shared with his disciples at the last meal . Confession Expressions about your sins. Asking God forgiveness. Confirmation When people are baptized, they confirm the promises made to them by their parents. Conscience Some people believe this to be the inner voice that tells us right and wrong. Consecration When bread and wine become the body and blood Jesus Christ. Contemplation Prayer and meditation are great ways to think about God. Covenant A contract between individuals and Google. Creation When God created the world. Creed The church has declared a statement of religious beliefs to be true. The Apostles’ Creed is the main creed of the Christian church. Cross The most important Christian symbol. Crucifix A model of the Cross with the figure Jesus on it. Crucifixion Christ was executed on a cross. Capital punishment. D Day of Judgment All people will be judged at the end of the universe based on how they behaved throughout their lives. Denomination One group in the Christian Church. Devil Some Christians believe the devil is a real being. Others believe that “he” is a symbol of all things bad. Diocese A sub-division of the church that includes a number parishes. The priest in charge is often a Bishop. Disciple An individual who adheres to the teachings of Christ. E Easter This is the major Christian festival that celebrates Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection. (Eastern Orthodox The Christian churches were found mainly in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and elsewhere. (e.g. Russian Orthodox, Greek Orthodox. Along with Roman Catholic, and Protestant, this is one of three major denominations. Since 1054 A.D., when Eastern and Western Christianity differed on doctrine. Epistle A letter. A letter. Eucharist It is derived from the Greek word for “Thanksgiving”. It’s based on events at the final supper. This service is performed by all Christian groups, except Salvationists or Quakers. Euthanasia Medically ending life when there is no chance of recovery. Evil Things that aren’t God. F Faith An belief in God. Feminist Theology The church is attempting to equalize treatment of men and women. Festival An occasion special during the year. Free Church A church that is not above the leaders of the church has no higher authority than its leaders. Foetus The baby in its development while still in the womb. Font This is the place where babies are baptized. G Garden of Eden This is the original Adam home before the fall. Gethsemene Before being arrested, Jesus prayed in a garden. Gender Another term for sex, we all have a gender. God The supreme being who created the universe. Godparents When a baby is baptised Godparents swear to raise the baby as a Christian. Golden Rule Jesus quoted it as “Love your neighbor as yourself” (Mark 12:31). Good Friday The day Jesus was crucified. Gospel This is the New Testament’s section on the life and times of Jesus. Gospel means ‘good news’. Grace God renders undeserved love and support to all humans. H Heaven This is the place where God resides and where Christians go following their death. Hebrew Scripture The Tenakh, also known as the Torah, the Nevi’im and the Ketuvim (Writings), is sometimes called the Old Testament. Holy Special to God. Holy Communion Another name for the Eucharist. Holy matrimony Another term for Christian marriage. Holy Spirit One of three types of God. The Holy Spirit was sent to the disciples at Pentecost, and to Jesus at his baptism. Often, the Holy Spirit is depicted as a dove. Hospice A hospital that provides care for people suffering from terminal illnesses. They specialize in pain management, making your life as comfortable and easy as possible. I Infanticide A small child is killed or murdered (Infant). Incarnation Jesus was born to Mary and became human. J Jesus Christ The founder of the Christian faith. At the age of 33, he was killed in crucifixion. Jews The people of Abraham. Jesus, a Jew. Joseph The earthly father Jesus. K Kingdom Of God God will rule the new kingdom.
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Biblical Terms – Q Quakers George Fox, a Protestant minister, founded the Protestant denomination. He believed that silent meditation should be guided and guided by God. R Reconciliation To be closer to God by the forgiveness of your sins Reformation The 16th century saw the split of the Western church into two denominations, the Catholic and Protestant. Repentance To feel sorry for the sins that you have committed. Resurrection Three days after being crucifiedwas brought back the body of Jesus . Revelation A message from God. [Roman] Catholic The Pope is the head of the Christian denomination, which is based in Rome. Rome It is the capital of Italy. The Vatican City is the heart of the Roman Catholic Church and the home to the Pope. Back to Index S Sabbath The Jewish holy days are from sunset on Friday through sunset on Saturday. Some Christian denominations also use Sunday. Sacrament A visible sign that something is special or holy. Roman Catholics, Orthodox, and Anglicans believe that 7 sacraments are required to be recognized as a sign of something special and holy. The first two are not recognized by most Protestant churches. Sacred Anything that is holy, or dedicated to God. Salvation Army William Booth created a church to assist the poor. It helps people with their physical and spiritual needs. Samaritan One group of people living in Samaria during the time of Christ. These people were considered inferior by the Jews. Satan Another name for the devil. The Saviour Another title for Christ. This was used to demonstrate belief that Jesus saved people from their sins through his death on a Cross. Secular Anything that isn’t religious. Sermon A talk in church about a moral theme. Sexism Different treatment of people based on their gender. Sin You doing something wrong that is God. Sunday The Christian holy days; day of rest. Synoptic The Greek word for “to look at together” is a Greek term. The synoptic gospels Matthew, Mark, and Luke are the gospels . Back to Index T Temptation Persuaded to do wrong, or to Sin. Ten Commandments The rules for Moses were given by God at Mount Sinai. Theist A person who believes God exists. Transubstantiation An belief that the wine and bread of the Eucharist are actually the body and blood Jesus. Esp. In the Roman Catholic, and the Eastern Orthodox Churches. Trinity The one God, God Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Back to Index U No entries Back to Index V Vatican City The centre of Rome, a small country located in the middle of Rome. Catholic church. Where the Pope resides. Virgin Birth It is believed that Mary was a virgin at the time she gave birth to Jesus. Virgin Mary Another name for . Vision Dreamlike experience of . Vows Promises made to God. Back to Index W Worship The act of praying, or actions that are dedicated to praise God. Worshipper An act of worship. Back to Index XYZ Xylophones When their harps need to be repaired, instruments played by angels . Yahweh Hebraic word that stands for God. Roman Catholics use this term primarily Zygote From conception to the time it “beds into” the wall of the womb, and forms an umbilical cord.
biblical terms,i am biblical term, what is the meaning of rhema in biblical terms, biblical term, biblical terms and meanings, what is the meaning of rhema in biblical terms, how old is the earth in biblical terms, what does harlot mean in biblical terms
biblical terms,i am biblical term, what is the meaning of rhema in biblical terms, biblical term, biblical terms and meanings, what is the meaning of rhema in biblical terms, how old is the earth in biblical terms, what does harlot mean in biblical terms
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what is a cubit in biblical terms, what is a seer in biblical termsbible terms, biblical terms and meanings, bible terms and definitions, biblical terminology, bible glossary ,cool words from the bible,cool words in the bible
what is a cubit in biblical terms, what is a seer in biblical termsbible terms, biblical terms and meanings, bible terms and definitions, biblical terminology, bible glossary ,cool words from the bible,cool words in the bible
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