Angel of Death (Hazrat Azrael ) in Islam

Angel of Death – Azrael is one of the four most powerful angels. Azrael is one of the angels that carry the rule of Allah. Angels are the messengers of Allah They do not act independently. They are not autonomous, and are guided by Allah. They are guided by what Allah wants the angels in order to achieve. Azrael is one of the four angels who are the most powerful. 

Azrael is one of the angels that are guardians of the throne of Allah. Angels are ambassadors for Allah They aren’t able to do their work by themselves. They don’t do anything independently. they are at the direction of Allah. They do what Allah wants their actions.

When the Quran refers to angels, it states the angels will not unfaithful to Allah and will do what they are instructed to do.

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Angel of Death – Along with death because He has made Hazrat Azrael to cover If the Quran speaks of Hazrat Azrael The Quran defines him in the following way “The Angel of Death who is able, when acting on behalf of you, is able to (duly) be capable of taking your souls, and will be returned to Lord. (2) This is a description of his responsibilities. When we consider it in light of the verse, Hazrat Azrael is the one who performs the job that has been assigned to him. He completes the task as a representative of Allah.

There is the possibility of disagreement, but should it be necessary to give an example then we could declare that security forces are component of the government. They abide by the authority given to them by the state and the law. If the police are refusing to let us in certain areas What can we make the police accountable?

If there is an incident that affects a large number of people, they will take all immediately, and do not differentiate between guilty and innocent. They release innocent individuals and let those who are guilty. Since they don’t exercise their own free will , they only follow the instructions they are given. They aren’t scrutinized by anyone else and the public awaits a the verdict.

We aren’t able to contest the security forces. we are not able to charge the police, and we should not attempt to discredit them or discredit them. Similar to that, we cannot criticize, discredit or even make accusations against Hazrat Azrael for carrying the duties given to him by Allah and the angels.

Hazrat Azrael is merely an excuse to die. To murder and be raised again is a sign of Allah. This hadith confirms that fact:

Hazrat Azrail (A.S.) declares Allah. Hazrat Azrail (A.S.) states to Allah, “Your slaves will be complaining about me and be offended at my actions because of my obligation to save their lives. Allah promises to put the protection of diseases and misfortunes between my slaves and you to ensure that they don’t be angry with you or be offended by your actions. “

Similar to this, Hazrat Azrael his own persona serves as a shield in order to ensure that the grief of those incapable of discerning the reality of death don’t be heard by Allah. A few people aren’t able to see the real, lovely, loving aspect of death. 

Many people believe that death is an irrational concept or as an inexistence. This is the reason Allah has created the shield of sickness and misfortunes that are that lie behind Hazrat Azrael death to prevent people who have grievances or grievances in reaching Him. However, as we’ve stated, Hazrat Azrael is an additional source of illness and unfortunate events. 

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Angel of Death – It’s extremely risky in the realm of belief to be angry at Hazrat Azrael in addition to defame his duty to him that isn’t appropriate for an individual who is religious. Unable to accept one religion can make people lose faith and also not being a lover of Hazrat Azrael the one Allah chose to be the reason for his demise and to be angry at his personality or to make fun of him is a sin the sense of its own. 

Additionally, Hazrat Israfel will blow the soor (bugle) in the last Day of Creation, The Day of Judgment. The sound of the bugle serves as an excuse that can be used to mark the Day of Judgment. It’s a grave mistake to accuse Hazrat Israel for doing this deed, because it will be an act by Allah. Hazrat Israfel is simply an excuse.

Hazrat Azrael is responsible for safeguarding our souls, our most valuable possessions. It is crucial for us to to secure our belongings. Hazrat Azraels obligation is much greater than this.

Badiuzzaman provide the following information about his role in Rays:

A couple of days ago, as I took an oath, “O My God! in adoration of Gabriel, Michael, Israfel and Azrael and through their intercession, deliver me from all the vices and evils carried out by jinns and men, I experienced an extremely at ease and tranquil state of mind when I uttered the name of Azrael. Azrael is the one who makes people to feel fearful. Thank you God I wept out and then I began to feel a profound love for him.

One of the most precious thing of all, and also the one for which they are most afraid of is the heart. I was sure that the choice to hand the soul to a strong and reliable hand , and protecting the spirit from becoming lost, damaged and suffering from depression and a feeling of fulfillment, gave me great satisfaction.

This means that we must abandon our convictions that we’re not able to trust anyone else. We do not want to surrender our heart to anyone we cherish to anyone except for somebody such as Hazrat Azrael whom we consider to be an extremely trustworthy and trustworthy messenger of Allah.

The expression “He ran away from Azrael and was fighting Azrael which refers to the people whose deaths is not yet set is meaningless. They are totally false and not needed.

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Angel of Death – Azrael has never gone without finishing the job which was given to Azrael. He has always been able to perform the duties he was given to. For the prophets who are ones closest to Allah and are His Messengers, there’s no exemption.

The Prophet (PBUH) lives in the final hours of his time. Hazrat Gabriel was in the room with Azrael. He asked him who was his name. Then he said, “The angel of death seeks your permission to enter into. “

When our Prophet (PBUH) was granted permission, Azrael came in and was seated in front of the Prophet (PBUH).Azrael said “Oh Prophet of Allah! Allah has commanded me to do the words you speak. If you want I’ll take away your spirit. If not, I’ll leave the spirit “.

(PBUH) observed Hazrat Gabriel. (PBUH) was a witness to Hazrat Gabriel, and declared “Oh Allah! Messenger of Allah! The high-ranking congregation (people from the sky) are waiting to meet you. “

The prophet (PBUH) declared “Oh Azrael! Go on and fulfill your obligation and surrender his soul to his. “(5)

This implies that Azrael isn’t returning without fulfilling his obligations was given to him in spite of the fact Azrael is believed by Allah to be the highest beloved individual by Allah and is the perfect person to be the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). In fact, Allah had let the Prophet (PBUH) make the decision.

If this can’t be done to the Prophets of the past How can it be done to someone who is not them?

The verse says in the first section: “when their term ends, they will not be able to delay (the cost) for an hour, the same manner that they won’t be able to anticipate the penalty (for one hour). (6)

The death of a person not a situation that is dependent on luck or something that happens quickly. Allah decides its date in a clear manner. He has provided life, and he’ll eliminate death. One of his nicknames is Hayy (ever-living) and He is the one who gives the life. Another name is Mumit (taker of life).

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Furthermore, death isn’t an absence of existence either, nor is it the absence of existence therefore why should we be scared or afraid of it?

The first thing you need to remember is that dying isn’t very ugly, horribly horrible, awful or awful.
Death marks the transition point between temporary life and eternal life It’s a curtain of tulle that has to be opened by people who want to live for the rest of their lives. It is a characteristic of any human being who is who believes in the eternal forever and everlasting life as a result of nature.

What happens when death occurs? What time and where? There is no information available on the issue. There is no one who has been informed of the information. The details of the incident are kept secret by the man who wrote the death note.

The fact of death is something that we are able to confront at any phase of our lives at any time and at any time. It’s a clearer and more complete than the reality of life itself.

Poetry writer Cahit Sitki writes:

How do you know the most effective way to determine what time, place and for the what? You can be sure to receive a Sultanate which is merely an offering, similar to the throne that is that Musalla rock.

Necip Fazil says:

The death of a wonderful thing. It’s the best news in the shadows… The curtain is drawn. In the event that it weren’t good enough, what would the Prophet be doing if he had been killed?

Death isn’t an absence of existence or lack of exhaustion or existence. There is no separation without an eventual return, and definitely it’s not an absence from a gathering or even reunion. If you are believers in eternal life and a new beginning in an entirely new, eternal and eternal universe.

“When the veils are swathed upwards and downwards, the challenge is to greet Azrael. 

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Ibn Kathir said: “As to the meaning of the angel’s death, it’s never specifically referenced in both the Quran as well as the hadiths of the sahih. However, Azrael mentions in a variety of athar. Azrael has been mentioned in numerous athar.” [1010.

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Angel of Death – To conclude that”the name given to the angel who dies” Azrael is part of 3rd category , in which we can’t fully confirm or deny that it exists. Therefore, there’s no problem in using it although it’s neither mentioned in the Quran or hadith for the reason that we do not completely believe that it is that of an angel who dies.

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Wallahu a’lam.

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