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When a baby is born it is the time to give an Sunnah to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) for parents let go of their livestock and share the meat to family members, friends and relatives and also people in need of the members of the community.

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To give a brief overview to simplify your understanding this table will outline the various elements that comprise Qurban and Aqiqah for you to understand.

1Sunnah muakkadah (highly recommended act)
2The act to offer the sacrifice of an animal in the honor of Allah
1The symbol of total approval of the Prophet Ibrahim to Allah which is the main principal that is the fundamental principle of Islam itself.A symbol of gratitude (shukur) to Allah in thanks to Allah for blessings from Allah for the blessings that came from bringing the child
2It is celebrated each Eid al-Adha, from the 10th through 13th Islamic month Dhul HijjahSunnah is the time to perform Aqiqah for seven days immediately following the birth date of a child.
3Recommended for people who have enough money to pay every year.It’s only available for one time in your lifetime.
4No limit. There is no limit to the number of shares you sell or as many of them you’d like.In aqiqah the sunnah could refer to an animal or sheep for girls and two sheep or goats for boys.
5It is believed that the meat from Qurbani animals is the most effective when eaten fresh.It’s the most effective (mustahabb) method to cook the meats just before they are ready for serving.
aqiqah	,aqiqah islam, aqiqah ceremony,aqiqah meaning,aqiqah wikipediawhat does aqiqah mean,what is a aqiqah ceremony, what is aqiqah,what is aqiqah in islam ,how is aqiqah performedaqiqah meaning

It is also known as Aqiqah and is a valuable way of practicing Islam.

Definition of the word “Aqiqah

  • God and His messengers confirmed His messenger confirmed Aqeqah is granted to the infant for different reasons:
  • To worship God All-Powerful.
  • Thanks God thanks for his blessings as well as for the opportunities He has offered us.

At the early stages of the Islamic period, the practice was commonplace during the early Islamic period. Arabs before the time Islam were introduced. The ceremony evolved into a ritual to honor God.

“The Prophet (PBUH) is an adherent of this of the al-Hassan. Al-Hussein means “two two rams”.

From then on it was declared an Sunnah.

  • To teach Muslims to be open-minded towards polytheists, and not to imitate them.
  • According to the Sunnah found in the book “‘Aqeeqah,” the Muslim must fight against polytheists before to Islam could make a smear on an infant’s head by offering blood according to their customs of being a believer to be blessed. Islam has since banned this practice as an offense.
  • It is believed to be an offer of ransom to shield the baby from the hardships of life at the time of birth. It is part of the tradition of the prophet Ibrahim Peace be with him. The redemption of Ismail through an opportune sacrifice made by a ram and the help from God is restored to the prophet.
  • The ‘Aqeqah represents the renewal of older Sunnah of the Prophet (PBUH) which is given to us as food item and blessing and that is the reason the Prophet’s son is expected to bring blessings to both this world as well as in the next.

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aqiqah	,aqiqah islam, aqiqah ceremony,aqiqah meaning,aqiqah wikipediawhat does aqiqah mean,what is a aqiqah ceremony, what is aqiqah,what is aqiqah in islam ,how is aqiqah performedaqiqah meaning

Aqiqah Rules

  • Seven days after the birth The baby’s skull gets cut.
  • The baby is presented with honey to taste in order to symbolize the sweet Qur’an.
  • If Aqiqah has been cleansed in the infant stage the aqiqah must be faithful to Allah’s guidance. Allah as well as the teachings and philosophy from the prophet Muhammad.

Aqiqah The rules for a the newborn boy

The rules for performing for An Aqiqah for infants are different from those for girls. For boys the following rules apply:

  • The Aqiqah will be performed on the seventh day following the birth. If the event is on a Friday, you could consider performing it on the next Saturday.
  • It is a requirement for Muslims to cut their infant’s hair before the ceremony in the Aqiqah. Hair cuts symbolize the washing of hair as well as the ability to pray, just as in other religious ceremonies.
  • Two sacrifices are given for every male child.

Aqiqah guidelines for girls simply a baby

The rules for aqiqah , which are applicable to females are the identical to those that apply to males, except that one sacrifice is sufficient.

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aqiqah	,aqiqah islam, aqiqah ceremony,aqiqah meaning,aqiqah wikipediawhat does aqiqah mean,what is a aqiqah ceremony, what is aqiqah,what is aqiqah in islam ,how is aqiqah performedaqiqah meaning

Aqiqah ceremonial

Aqiqah is an Muslim custom that marks the birth of a child. The ceremony is typically performed over seven days following the birth of the baby. The ceremony begins with an animal sacrifice, and then follows with a celebration for everyone in the family and guests.

The practice of offering animals to sacrifice during the aqiqah celebration is usually is carried out by cutting off the throat of a lamb or goat and then squeezing it out. Some people prefer to substitute animals such as cows or Camel

Different types of The Slaughtered Animals

It was the sacrifice made by two animal species in celebrate the birth of a baby boy. another animal was sacrificed in celebration that of a baby girl.

There’s no limit to the number of animals that you could decide to let go of.

Aisha (RA) has been believed as the Messenger of Allah (saw). Allah (saw) declared:

The Status of the Animal for Aqiqah

If you offer of Aqiqah The same rules are applicable when it comes to Qurbani.

Animals have to be of an age minimum of at minimum one year and possess the capacity to qualify. For lambs, it’s at a minimum of six months old, whereas for goats, it’s 12 months.

The animals must be healthy without any flaws like broken horns as well as missing teeth. It is advised to feed the healthiest animal you can get your hands on.

The Aqiqah’s Affirmation Delay

Aqiqah is an Sunnah. Aqiqah has been declared a Sunnah for parents of children in the event the child is competent.

When the child is born it will be sacrificed for two sheep. In the event that the killing is done on an ewe. If it is an ewe, just 1 animal can be slaughtered.

The ceremony is performed for seven days following the birth of the infant, and the head of the infant is taken off.

Samra Bin Jundub informed the audience that he was a believer in Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) stated, “A boy is pledged to Allah by his ‘Aqiqah. Allah Therefore, slaughter him seven days later and do this to honour of Allah. Allah” (Transmitted through Abu Dawoud and the Al Tirmidhi).

If it’s not completed on a weekday, seven days a week, it’s due on the 14th day of the week. If it’s not done on the 14th of each month the project will be completed by the 21st day of the week.

If you are experiencing delays, it is Sunnah to ask his guardian to make a sacrifice for him prior to the date of puberty. If he’s puberty and there’s nobody who has performed an ‘Aqiqah’ on his behalf or done the sacrifice for him and he wants to create it himself.

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Give Your Money to help the poor

There are Islamic organizations in your area and they can help you in locating the most in need of your community or even provide direct assistance.

You can search for groups in your area or in the nation where you live. Aqeeqah may be distributed.

What exactly do you make Aqiqah important?

As Islamic Relief, we have the responsibility of providing support to those in need of our assistance.

Many people live in the poverty line, with many living for long periods of time without food. Your donation can help feed a family and the vital nutritional needs they have. Additionally, they will can participate in the celebration of an infant’s birth. The benefits of this cherished Sunnah are beneficial to all.

Muhammad (peace remain in peace with Muhammad) was thought as the prophet. Muhammad (peace Rest in Peace with His Soul) made the Aqiqah to his grandsons and grandson, Imam al-Hasan and Imam al-Husain.

When is the most appropriate moment to practice Aqiqah?

An Aqiqah is typically celebrated in the first seven days following the birth of a baby. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t do it following the birth of your child.

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How do I do Aqiqah?

The ceremony is usually performed by men who are adults according to the customary Sharia (halal) guidelines for meat. The animal(s) must be healthy and be slaughter able at the earliest age and not killed together with other animals.

If a boy is born, there will be two animals to be sacrificed. If a girl is in the infant stage, it is the animal that has to be sacrificed.

The funds are distributed between family members who make the sacrifice. The meat is then donated to people in need and those who have less luck. Family and friends are invited to the dinner. is typically celebrated with the intention to take the leftovers home to distribute.

What exactly do you mean by an Aqiqah ceremony?

The Aqiqah is typically performed first , then followed by a gathering with family and friends during which certain portions of the meat may be served as the main dish.

What can you do to Islamic Relief make your Aqiqah to be more memorable?

Islamic Relief has designed its Aqiqah Project that allows individuals to donate their food as a sacrifice to the who are in the greatest need.

The Aqiqah Project provides an opportunity for those who can’t afford the cost of buying meat to reap the nutritional benefits from the meat included inside the Islamic Relief Meat Packet. The concept behind this program is to provide fresh meat packs to the most vulnerable including mothers, kids, those who are elderly and refugees. Each pack of meat contains enough for the entire family of five (5kgs per person in the an average) enough to feed five people in a household.

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