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Be Anxious For Nothing – Everyone experiences problems in our lives, but as Muslims we need to recognize that it is a test by Allah. Indeed, this is something that Muslims are adamant about and that having to go through tough moments is an inevitable part of life.

{Do people believe that they’ll be left to themselves and not tested? …} ( Al-`Ankbut 29:3)

In the end, we will challenge you with something like terror, hunger, loss of lives, wealth and fruits, but we’ll give the best wishes to As-Sabirin (the patient ones, etc.). Al-Baqra Verse No:155

Even the Prophet had difficult times. As an example, his son Ibrhim died to go to the next world. Prophet Ibrhim was sad, and felt his sorrow through tears and sorrow.

He wept even more and said “The eyes are crying as the heart sad and we’ll never speak except to please our Lord and Savior, O Ibrahim! Indeed , we are saddened by the separation you have caused.” Bukhari; Book 23 hadith 1228

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Allah provides us with reward through suffering

It’s crucial to remember we are Muslims Allah hasn’t left us, but rather would like us to be closer to him. However, it is important to seek out professional assistance when needed. When we are sick, we visit an GP to help us recover. Like if you’re suffering from an Mental Health condition you should seek the help of a certified professional Counsellor who aligns with your religious beliefs.

Allah is our guide to seek out help

Anxiety is a condition that is not something we can escape due to the challenges we encounter every day. Anxiety is a disorder that does not appear suddenly. It gradually takes hold without us even realizing.

It is an illness that can bring our spirits down. It makes us feel that the world isn’t worth it no more. It slowly creeps into our lives and transforms us into a person who doesn’t enjoy life in the present.

What’s more worrying is the fact that both mental illnesses are extremely widespread across the globe, and could affect any person. However, they are able to be overcome by understanding how to manage depression and anxiety.

I’ll be discussing various methods to determine whether you suffer from depression or anxiety, as well as the ways that depression can cause anxiety over time or vice versa as as some suggestions on how to conquer these issues. In the end, we’ll talk about ways to deal with depression and anxietyin the at home in the comfort of your own home. 

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What’s anxiety and the way it could lead to Depression, and vice versa

Is anxiety really a thing?

Be Anxious For Nothing – Anxiety is typically described as a numb sensation that we all have that is characterized by being always tight anxious, nervous, or angry. It could affect the way we behave and think because excessive anxiety can hinder us from doing the things we want and need to accomplish. Anxiety makes us feel anxious for a prolonged period of time, even if the anxiety doesn’t have any foundation.

It’s not unusual to be worried or be anxious about certain aspects of life. Actually, it can be beneficial. For example, when you worry about whether you’ll be able to pass your exam or driving test and securing that job interview you can study for it and being motivated by the worry is beneficial. 

What can you tell whether you’re dealing with bad or good anxiety? Based on research, it’s been observed that signs of anxiety are more prevalent when the disorder known as generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) is present. General-worriers are likely to have about 56 minutes each day worrying, whereas those with GAD spend an average of 300 minutes each day worrying about five times the amount.

Another thing to be aware of concerning anxiety is the fact that it can go along with depression. These are two distinct situations, yet they often appear together. If you’re looking to learn how to deal with depression and anxiety and depression, you must to know how each one is connected with the other.

Be Anxious For Nothing – In some cases, anxiety can result in depression since the constant worry can bring your down, filling your mind with negative thoughts which ultimately lead to depression. Being depressed can cause anxiety as depression can reduce productivity, which in turn results in long-term worry and anxiety. Once you’ve learned how to manage depression and anxiety and depression, you will be able to relax without worrying about one disease causing another.

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Signs of anxiety

For the symptoms there are four kinds of signs to determine if you’re suffering from anxiety or not, which are physical, thoughts, behaviors, and emotions.

  • Let’s look at the physical signs you could be experiencing. A few symptoms include muscular pain, tension chest pain, dizziness shaking, trembling and palpitations.
  • For thoughts, you often think of worrying the event that could be disastrous and you always consider the worst case scenario. Your brain is always on the alert, and you be concerned all the time.
  • For symptoms of emotional stress it is common to be anxious, nervous or anxious. Additionally, you’ll feel extremely angry and exhibit a short temper.
  • Finally, you may experience signs of behavior. If you find yourself wanting not to do the things you enjoy, then often walk around, become easily spooked or talk too fast and get angry with people who talk too fast.

self-help tips to Help Anxiety

We now know what anxiety is and the connections to depression, it’s time to dive deeper into understanding the best practices regarding how to deal with depression and anxiety. In the following two sections we’ll discover practical and proven strategies for how to deal with depression and anxiety.

Prevention tips are divided into two categories that are the mental tips which are the tips designed to alter our mindset and state of mind, and the lifestyle tips , which concentrate on lifestyle changes that could affect our mental health.

The Mental Tip

  1. Understanding the causes of anxiety

If you’re interested in knowing how to deal with depression and anxiety it is essential to know the causes. Let’s begin with anxiety.

One thing we must be aware of is that anxiety is a regular element to our everyday lives. We are all afflicted with anxiety when we glance at the unpaid bills, or when we’re called to the office of our boss or even before we receive your report card. 

The stress generated by stressful situations is called an instinctive response of fight or flight which we use to protect ourselves from threat. It is an evolutionary reaction that our ancestors utilized back to the time of primitive survival. 

But our brains have been trained or conditioned to the “fight or flight” response and, even when there’s no reason to activate the “survival state,” the mind still is able to activate it. This is the reason that we are still afflicted with anxiety even if there isn’t any danger, just a tiny challenge. In a way anxiety is our flight or fight response that is activated by autopilot.

  1. Control Thoughts that aren’t helpful

Be Anxious For Nothing – The reason anxiety poses a threat to our mental health is the fact that we are worried about negative situations which can be quite unreal. If this occurs it is crucial to understand how to manage these negative thoughts.

For instance, a person suffering from social anxiety and who is worried nervous about being in the midst of a crowd might think that nobody would like them. It is a sign of “worry anxiety’ that does not have any basis. To manage thoughts that are not helpful it is first necessary to recognize the cause.

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Below are the signs to help you recognize a bad idea is:

Predicting the future

Insisting on What Someone else Is Thinking About You. Over-exaggerating or blowing situations out of proportion

You are obligated to follow the societal standard

Utilizing the outcome of one Situation as a generalization of the outcome of all other situations


If you’re thinking of thoughts that fall within any of these categories, it might aid in naming the thoughts down. When you have done that, ask yourself these questions:

  • Does my thought have any Foundation?



  • What category does my unhelpful Thinking Fall in?



  • What should I tell an Friend Should He or She Has These Unhealthy thoughts?




  • What are the advantages and Drawbacks of Having this idea?






  • Does anyone know how to perceive the situation?






  1. Enhancing your problem-solving abilities

Be Anxious For Nothing – In enhancing your problem-solving capabilities is a effective way to alleviate the anxiety you have. It is normal to experience anxiety when we face issues piled up in our minds. If these unsolved issues get bigger and larger and we drown in them and never resolve any one of them. 

Think of it as the process of getting a credit Cardin which you do not make the payment on time, interest increases until you are completely in it. To fix this issue, we must develop a plan of how we can address the issues that aren’t resolved in a series of steps until they’re completely wiped out.

Here’s a detailed outline of how you can approach issues one by one:

  • Write a List of Your problems and put them in order of Priority
  • Determine the Issue (What specifically is the root of the problem?)
  • Create a list of possible solutions to the problem.
  • Select the Most Effective Solution from the list
  • Develop the steps on how to implement the Solution
  • Apply the Solution and evaluate if it worked
  • You can choose a different solution If it didn’t work

Following these steps, you will be able to effectively solve all of your issues one by one.

  1. How to cut down on your time that you are fretting

Finally, you must find ways to cut down on the amount of time you worry. One way to accomplish this is to make your own “worry moment”. In addition to your time of worry, which is likely for 20 minutes Try to clear any thoughts that are in your head. While you’re in your worrying time, set an alarm clock so that you’re able to control it. When you’re in the “worry period,” try to make the most solutions feasible and then write the solutions down. Make sure you solve them when you have a new worry time.

Lifestyle Tip

Here are some suggestions on how you can reduce your anxiety. But, to be able to overcome depression and anxiety fully there are certain habits you must to follow, for example:

  1. Eat well

Always have a balanced diet, avoiding processed unhealthy foods, sweets that are too sweet and carbs.

  1. Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise releases happy hormones , and also create an “high” which can reduce anxiety.

  1. Learn to relax

Find an activity that will assist you in relaxing, such as yoga, sports or even meditation.

  1. Do You Like? You Like

One of the signs associated with anxiety can be that you cease doing things that you like doing. Recommend doing the things you love to do to be content.

  1. Do not drink or use Alcohol and Drugs

Whatever you do, stay away from alcohol and drugs since they won’t make anxiety disappear. It could make you more destructive.

  1. Talk to a loved one

Do you know:

Do you notice in the middle of something that is challenging you, that you begin to feel the terrible feelings of anxiety and stress?

Most of us are afraid of the difficulties that we face in our lives. We are worried about facing our fears and we’re the ones who suffer from anxiety.

It is possible to overcome anxiety by confronting your fears and leaning into it. The thing that causes fear is usually the one which helps you improve and overcome obstacles to make a better version of you. However, often this fear has become so strong in our minds because we’ve allowed it to breathe and grew more powerful than it really is. We haven’t taken action.

Be Anxious For Nothing – My suggestion to you is to face your fears. What you are afraid of is a problem that can assist you in growing. The other side of this fear is development, your achievement Don’t let that false fear keep you from moving forward, take a step forward and you’ll see the fear vanishes rapidly and in a flash you will find yourself growing and becoming more powerful.

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This is true by the writer of this article, we all face difficulties and situations that trigger fear. The most important thing I’ve done to help me to overcome this challenge is to alter my approach to the issue.

The realization that growing requires discomfort is the most important thing to do. Since we don’t experience any discomfort by doing things that we which we feel at ease with.

I’m not awed by things that I’ve done million times before. Therefore, “challenge”is what triggers anxiety. Doing something that causes me to feel uncomfortable’ that is the thing that makes me feel anxious because I’ve never attempted this before. I’m always thinking to myself “what happens if this fails, what do I do if I appear to be foolish and what if I end up losing everything, and what if I end up dying”.

These thoughts run through your mind as you’re about to begin an exciting new experience. This is because every obstacle that we conquer helps us improve.

It was then that I realized that I needed to reconsider my struggles and consider them an ordinary part of life. Consider them the best aspect of my life because they’ll allow me into something that could be impossible if I would remain in my home.

My suggestion to anyone struggling with anxiety is to take on the problem by connecting with Allah and Allah will overcome every obstacle for you. Trust in Allah and don’t depend only on yourself.

Follow the steps that will aid you in conquering these difficulties and be able to overcome your anxieties. Take on your fears every day or as much as you can. The more you confront your fears and confront it, the more you will realize that your fear isn’t actually happening.

The less you confront your fears, the more worry you are in. I’m not saying this is a psychological problem or a spiritual one. Look to the God of heaven and earth and trust in Allah the most powerful, and you’ll be able to conquer any situation.

Let go of your fears and your fear will disappear Your fear will go to an end and you’ll be able to accomplish anything that you would like to accomplish.

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Be Anxious For Nothing – The most important thing is to trust Allah the greatest power to give you results. Therefore, get to work taking action, facing your fears and taking on the challenge.

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