Complete Story of The Prophet Isa (عليه السلام)

Prophet Isa (عليه السلام)His name is Christ Jesus Christ, the son of Mary honored both in this world and the future and also of (the group of) the people closest to Allah. (Aal-i Imran, 3/45)


As mentioned in the previous chapter that it was mentioned in the previous chapter that Hz. The mother of Isa was. Maryam the mother of Isa, who had Isa without any father.

Hz. Maryam’s father is Imran while her mom was Hanna. Maryam was a member of that tribe called Masan of the Children of Israel. Her lineage dates all the way back to. Sulayman (Solomon).1

Hz. Maryam was always worshipping in her tiny room located on the eastern end of Masjid al-Aqsa. Only Hz. Zakariyya came into her room. Despite this the fact that she was a Hz. Maryam always kept a covering on the entrance. 2 Thus she was cautious to guard her private life. Once, Hz. Jibril appeared when they were worshipping. He appeared as a man in a t-shirt. 3 Hz. Maryam was shocked when she saw an individual she didn’t know. As she didn’t know the reason for his appearance and was astonished, she told him:

“O stranger! I take refuge in Allah from your evil. If you fear Allah go away and make me feel safe from your evil. ” 4

Hz. The arrival of Jibril was a test of Hz. Maryam. Allah Almighty wanted to make her clear how meticulously she defended her sexual chastity.

Hz. Jibril was introduced immediately to remove the fear of. Maryam’s fear. He assured her that Jibril was the name he used to refer to him. 5 Hz. Maryam was relieved and believed that Jibril was the one who sent him. (*) Then it was 5Hz. Jibril gave her the reason Allah had sent him to Maryam:

“O Maryam! I am only a messenger from your Lord to announce to you the gift of a holy son” 6.His title is Masih the son of Maryam. The man is revered and prestigious both in this world and the afterlife and is among those who are closer to Allah. He speaks to the children of the world and also when he reaches the age of. He is one of the righteous.” 7

Hz. Maryam was astonished by this surprising good news. She was stunned by the fact that she was going to have one child even though he wasn’t married. She expressed her surprise when she asked Jibril,

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“How shall I have a son, seeing that no man has touched me, and I am not unchaste? ” 8 8. Jibril declared,

“Allah is the ultimate power. He is the creator of anything He wants. If He makes a decision about something, He simply says “be” then it will take place. He will make your child with no father in a symbol of His power and grandeur.” 9

After this after this, after this statement, Hz. Jibril moved towards the frequency of. Maryam (causing an electromagnetic effect) and then left. At the moment, Hz. Maryam was around 15 years old. young.

The divine will decided that the Hz. Isa was about to birth. The reason was. Maryam was able to ask to know Hz. Jibril, how it was possible that it would take place. It was not due to doubting the power of God. Hz. Jibril informed her of an event that would occur at the beginning of the beginning of Hz. Adam. In reality Adam is the frequency of. Adam was born from dirt without a father or mother. 

The force that created him certainly had the capacity to produce Hz. Isa. But, a lengthy period of time elapsed after that when people were able to reproduce through marriage. Being born in an alternative method was almost impossible following Adam. Adam. The idea of telling the world the fact that an infant was likely not have a dad would surely be astonished. That was why Hz. Maryam was amazed. 

Being the focus of an event that no one had ever experienced before was thrilling and stupefied her. In addition, what did she intend to convey to her fellow citizens? What would she say to convince them to believe that she was a mother? Would they think that she had a child without any father? These were the main reason for her amazement and joy.

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Prophet Isa (عليه السلام) – After hearing the good news about Jibril’s condition Hertz. Maryam intensified her prayers and her worship. She began her prayer to express gratitude Allah more.

After a while, the first signs of pregnancy appeared in Mary. Then, she retreated to seclusion, in an isolated location away from the world. 10 She was planning to wait for the day when her child would be born.

Pregnancy was very challenging. Hz. Maryam suffered from troubled and sorrowful days. One time, she was strolling through the gardens of the house where she was staying. she was sitting under the shade of a dry date tree. 

The pains got worse. She clung to an old date tree and began to consider the fact that people recognized her for being an elegant and clean girl. What would they think of when they were able to see her with a baby? Hz. Maryam’s heart appeared to be slowing down when she thought of the accusatory words and words she was likely to hear. Maryam thought to herself:

“Ah! Would that I had died before this! Would that I had been a thing forgotten and out of sight! ” 11

At once, the dried date plant that. Maryam was holding began to turn green and began to give fruits. 12 There was a connection between the dry date tree turning green and giving fruits and Maryam’s birthing the child who was not a father. Hz. Maryam was thinking about the problem and then consoled herself. she was relieved that her problems were eased.

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In nine months of pregnancy at the end of the ninth month, she was a Hz. Maryam was blessed with a son, Isa.

At the time of its birth, the frequency of. Isa, Hz. Maryam’s anxiety grew. She began to consider what she could do to meet people with similar concerns. What was she planning to answer when they asked “Where did this baby come from?”

As she sat glumly with these thoughts in your head while sat there in a sad state, at a Hz. Maryam was able to hear the sound of a voice. The voice said,

“Do not grieve.” Hz. Maryam took a look at the infant she held in her arms, astonished. The voice was from him. He continued:

“Mum You are blessed! God has created a magnificent child (that is my) out of you. 13 And shake the root of the date tree and eat the fruits which will fall. If you are thirsty and thirsty, drink the rivulet running under you feet. (According the narrator that the Hz. Isa was born, Allah Almighty created a rivulet out of the ground that his feet met.) Keep your eyes by rubbing my hand. Don’t worry about your.

If anyone asks you about me, tell them I have made a vow to fast Allah the Most Merciful and on this day be in no contact with anyone.'” Then, present me to those around you. 14

With the strength and inspiration of Allah In the power and inspiration of Allah. Isa spoke, accompanied his mother, and comforted his mother even when he was just an infant.

In the shari’ah of Prophet Zakariyya it was possible to observe a fast without talking to others. The child Isa asked his mother to do this and informed her that he would not to respond to those who asked questions.

It was indeed very difficult for the Hz. Maryam in her defense and defend herself. The only thing that could have stopped the baby’s cradle could have stopped them from speaking and convinced them that it was truly a miraculous event.


* Hz. Isa is the same as the frequency of. Adam.

Prophet Isa (عليه السلام) – Christians are not able to accept the idea that the frequency of Hz. Isa wasn’t born with having a father. They believe that no one could ever be born without a father. They also assert that the Hz. Isa was Allah’s child. The Quran disavows their claim according to the following:

“This analogy to Jesus in the presence of Allah is like the case with Adam His creation from dustand Jesus said to Jesus: “Be” and he was. 15

It is well-known that in similes, the thing to which something is compared must be more powerful than the thing being described as a purpose of the comparison. In the simile used in the verse the frequency of Hz. Isa is compared to Hz. Adam In this metaphor the frequency is it is the same frequency as. Adam is more extraordinary in comparison to Hz. Adam. In other words, both are alike because they both were created without a father. However, Adam is superior in terms of Hz. Adam was the only one born without a mother.

What’s the purpose of this metaphor is to silence those who deny and to educate people about the truth, by removing the cause that could result in suspicion. It can be summarized this way:

Hz. Isa is an individual human being who was created in a unique way. He was created as it does not mean He has the status of God as Christians assert. The big aspersion thrown by Jews is a thing of the past. 16 We must refer to the explanation given by Badiuzzaman Said Nursi in relation to the evidence for the birth date of the Hz. Isa with no father in this case:

“Fourth Question:

Prophet Isa (عليه السلام) – One time an unlucky doctor stated, “Hz. Isa had a father” 17, presenting an inscription as evidence, accompanied by an absurd interpretation. The following is a definitive declaration: ” The similitude of Jesus before God is as that of Adam” and similar ones prove certain that the Hz. Isa was not a father; consequently, no significance should be placed on the words of those who seek to alter by sloppy or forced interpretations of this definite and truthful truth, because they believe it to be an impossible in violation of the human reproduction law.

Because there is no law that contains no exceptions , and that allows individuals to be exempt. There is also no general rule that hasn’t been violated by exceptional individuals. Since Adam’s time Adam there has not been a law that has been no exceptions for individuals.

First of all reproduced law was violated with regards to the ancestral origins of two hundred thousand species of animals and put to rest. The two hundred thousand progenitors of the species as Adam’s did and Adam’s, violated the laws of reproduction. They weren’t born of two parents and had no legal rights under the rules of. Additionally, the vast majority of the innumerable people–of the tens of thousands of species that we observe in our daily lives are created without the law, and are found on the surface of leaves or on matter that has been putrified.

You can now see how ridiculous it is for someone who is unable to accept with a rationale the exemption of just one person in the year one hundred ninety-nine an act that was shattered and subsequently re-infected and continues to be so each year, while clinging to the arbitrary interpretations of the specific assertions in the Qur’an.

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What they refer to as natural laws are known as ‘adatullah’ or Divine rituals, which are universally a manifestation of the divine commands and supreme will and that Almighty Allah modifies for certain occasions of wisdom. He makes clear His will and his choices are the governing factor in every law. Some extraordinary people violate the “practices.’ The truth that He reveals in His decree “The analogy to Jesus …”. 18

Doctor. Haluk Nurbaki makes the following scientific explanation for the genesis of the frequency of Hz. Isa without father:

In the human cell, the genetic codes are concealed. The cells cannot produce an individual human through decoding it. Only sex cells were developed in a way which can decode their messages. But, the stages of preparation to reproduce in these cells is fascinating. If we imagine a woman’s reproductive cell (a large cell known as the ovum) it’s an entire unit, surrounded by rich chemical compounds that are not discovered until now. 

Each woman is home to approximately 400 cells similar to that. The cells are ready once they reach her puberty age. Each cell was developed with care. Their number is tiny: 400 which is a tiny number for the biology of cells. Each month, one of these cells is moved into the abdominal cavity through being retouched by a complex hormonal system before being transferred to the reproduction tubes via reproduction ducts. 

Retouch can be described as the division cells into two at the middle. When these cells, known as the ovum, begin to make a new human being and the genetic codes are split in two. They are prepared for insemination , so that the second half of them are removed from the father. this tradition of biological reproduction has been in practice since the beginning of humankind. 

This is why the birth of a living thing is freed from the biological nature that a person has, and is left to the total power of Allah. If it was not as it was and the woman’s ovum was in the uterus, with the capability to reproduce itself, and a baby was born by itself the biological and physical structure of the mother’s body could have been replicated and the new faces wouldn’t be seen.

 In the light of this great wisdom the power of the ovum in producing the baby was taken away from it even though it had the capacity to create one child on its own. It was then discovered that the true miracle was not the birth of an unnamed child but to be obliged to have the child of an father.

If these biological facts are considered If an expert describes the frequency of. Isa’s birth with no father “impossible”, it means that he states “I do not know biology.” But Allah’s intervention Almighty is essential for an ovum cell’s ability to continue reproducing to create human beings independently through processing.

The subtlety of this is described as a remarkable scientific discovery in the chapter on Maryam. The fact that Jibril beams Maryam downwards or creating an unidentified magnetic effect on her is this fact. In other words, Allah Almighty could have stated, “I wished it and created the frequency of. Isa within Maryam’s mother’s womb.” In contrast the statement of Allah Almighty’s intervention via Jibril is to highlight this reality.

The research conducted in labs by either not believing scientists tend to be applying the secret of this verse, regardless of whether they are aware of it or not.” 19

* Hz. Isa is mentioned in the Quran by being linked by his mom in the Quran

Prophet Isa (عليه السلام) – In the Quran there is no prophet named by their mothers or fathers names such as “son of”. …….”. Prophets are referred to with their names such as Adam, Idris (Enoch), Nuh (Noah), Hud and so on. However, Hz. Isa is always referred to by the name of “Isa son of Maryam” in the Quranic verses, and is believed to be his mother. In this way the Quran dispels all false notions and unjustified ridicules him in the following ways:

Hz. Isa does not belong to Allah’s child as Christians claim. He was born from the Hz. Maryam. His uniqueness from others is the fact that He was born without father due to Allah’s power. Allah. Allah Almighty had created Hz. Adam with no mother nor a dad before him. Hz. Isa is like his. So, he’s not a god.

Hz. Isa is not the son of Yusuf (Joseph) as Jews believe. 20 He is a word that was thrown at by Allah in Maryam. He was born without a father, with the command “Be!”

In a hadith, the Prophet (pbuh) was like the cousin of Hz. Ali in the condition of Hz. Isa and told him, “O Ali! You’re like the condition of Hz. Isa. Jews disliked him and accuse his mother of being a witch. They rejected his prophetic power and his perfection. Christians loved him , but they pushed the boundaries and claimed to be “the God’s son’. God.” 21

Certain Shiites were a fan of the sound of Hz. Ali over the top and declared, “Ali is Allah.” Kharijites and Umayyads swore off him in full and denied his completeness.

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Prophet Isa (عليه السلام) – Hz. Maryam was in labor for 40 days following the birth to son Isa. When she was clean following the puerperum procedure, she returned to her home.

When people observed the Hz. Maryam carrying a newborn within her arms, the people were stunned. They then became angry and began to ridicule and blame her for the incident:

“O Maryam! What did you do? What is this baby in your arms? O sister of Aaron (Harun) 22! Your father was not a man of evil, nor your mother a woman unchaste. You used to be a chaste girl that worshipped until recently. How come you did such a bad thing? You disgraced yourself and your family. ” 23

Doing a sham and illegal act is unjust for everyone and warrants sanctions. If they’re committed by children of moral people and scholars, they’re more sinister and require more severe punishment. Thus, her nation was reminded by her. Maryam of her clan’s status as just and criticised and blamed her more than other people.

When Hz. Maryam was attacked and criticized by her country She did not speak up. She pointed at the infant within her arms. She was saying, “Ask him.” The crowd thought it was they were hearing. Maryam was making fun of them. They were saying,

“How can we talk to a child in the cradle? He cannot answer us. Do you want to waste our time since you cannot answer it? ” 24

Then, something unexpected happened. At the prompting from his mother child in the cradle began to speak. He said in a clear manner: “I am indeed a servant of Allah: He has given me revelation and made me a prophet; He has enjoined on me prayer and charity as long as I live. He has made me kind to my mother, who is chaste and whom you blame. He did not make me an unfortunate oppressor. So Peace is on me the day I was born, the day that I die and the day that I shall be raised up to life again. ” 25

This answer is Hz. Isa’s was extremely important. His opening statement by saying, “I am indeed a servant of Allah” was an initial rejection of those who believed to be a god. He discredited his mother by declaring, “He has made me kind to my mother.”

According to the information found in the tafsir referred to as Hazin These words from the frequency of. Isa’s were spoken in a location in which the frequency of Hz. Zakariyya existed. When Hz. Isa began to speak He spoke at a He spoke at a Hz. Zakariyya helped him to speak and told him, “Talk with your evidence and silence them.” 26

When Hz. Isa spoke these words it was a child at the age of 40 days. After he spoke these words, he was still. He didn’t speak again until his age was normal in being able to speak. 27

It is evident that Hz. Isa first declared that the Lord was Allah and, therefore, he denied Christian’s claim later on that he had the status of a god and then demonstrated that Allah did not have an infant and as a partner. Then, he demonstrated to be innocent as well as clean.

In reality it was imperative to establish the innocence of his mother initially in court because the claim was not a fact at the moment. Hz. Isa was known as Allah’s son afterward.

We are aware that the elimination of the accusations and slander that Allah had an unborn son was more significant than the abolition of the allegations against Hz. Isa’s mother. In addition the fact that there is a hint in this verse that Allah’s rights Allah over parental rights. If Allah’s rights Allah must be fulfilled as a prerequisite, parents’ rights are later fulfilled. In actual fact parents’ demands which require disobedience to Allah’s commands are not met. In this situation, it’s wajib not to follow the instructions from the parents. 28

The directive of someone who disobeys Allah and commits the sin of committing it is not met regardless of who the person has to obey (the president, the parents or anyone else). This is a basic principle in Islam. 29

They demonstrate they believe that it’s the main obligation of a Christian to prioritize Allah’s rights. Allah. Therefore, Hz. Isa was adamant about the slanders as well as allegations that could be used against Allah Almighty in the future prior to renouncing the accusations of his mother. 30


Prophet Isa (عليه السلام) – Hz. Speech of Isa in her cradle disproved the claims of Jews regarding Maryam. They remained silence. After a time they began to make similar accusations and to cast aspersions. They claimed Maryam had been a woman who was fornicating They claimed that nobody can be born without having a father. Some even claimed, “Probably Zakariyya committed it.” Over time it became apparent that people believed in this belief. Then, they became angry and murdered the Prophet Zakariyya whom they believed to be innocent. 31

They didn’t stop there. Then, they executed the Prophet Yahya because of something trivial. 32

In light of these heinous crimes, Jews were referred to as murderers of prophets In the Quran and are condemned. None of the nations in history was so brave to murder its prophets. 33


Prophet Isa (عليه السلام) – The realization that Jews were about to attack her after her martyrdom Zakariyya, Hz. Zakariyya, Hz. Maryam was able to leave Quds along with her child. She settled in a location that was higher than sea level. It was a pleasant place that was awash with fresh air, fruit and water. 34 According to some accounts the place was that was located in Egypt. 35

Hz. Maryam was at the Hz for 12 years. She then returned to Quds and was settled in a village.

She was there until. Isa attained the age of 30. 36 He was 30 when he died. Allah has sent his frequency. Isa in the role of a prophet for the Children of Israel.

After declaring that He had sent Noah (Nuh) as well Abraham (Ibrahim) for prophets Allah Almighty stated that certain of them believed, but that a majority of them were rebellious violators. 37

In the passage that follows it’s mentioned that many prophets were sent following Nuh as well as Ibrahim and, finally Jesus his son Mary was chosen to be a member of the prophetic chain who were of the same belief to lead his people. 38

When Hz. Isa became a prophet he began to lead Jews to follow the right way:

“I am definitely a messenger sent to you. I call all of you to worship Allah, who is one. I ask you to do good deeds and to avoid bad deeds.”

The claim of prophethood was huge. The people questioned the claim. They demanded evidence and even a miracle. Hz. Isa addressed them in the following manner:

“All right. I will make a bird out of mud and blow into it. With the permission of Allah, this bird will come to life and fly. I will also make blind people see. I will cure the skin disease of the incurable people with dappled and mottled skin. I will revive the dead people. I will also tell you what you eat, drink and keep in your houses. Do you promise that you will believe in me after I do them?”

All the Jews have said,

“Yes, we will believe in you then.”

Hz. Isa took a chunk of mud. He made it into an animal. He then prayed and began to blow on the object. At once, the bird began to fly with it’s wings. 39

The Jews were astonished. They mumbled to themselves peering at each other:

“This is great magic.”

Instead of believingin the miracle, Jews began to search for excuses even though they witnessed the miracle. One of them said:

“O Isa! Show us how you cure blind people.”

They found a blind man and took them to Hz. Isa. When Hz. Isa reached out to eye of the blind person using both of his hands, the blind person’s eyes began to open. He yelled with joy:

“I can see! I can see!” Hz. Isa also treated patients suffering from incurable skin diseases through the guidance of Allah.

The Jews didn’t believe in the miracles that healed people. They wanted more miraculous cures. They claimed,

“We will not believe in you unless you revive a dead person.” Thereupon, Hz. Isa brought back four dead people before his fellow Jews with the blessing of Allah. The first was a close friend of Isa’s. He had died 3 days ago. The family went to his burial site. Hz. Isa prayed Allah to revive him. In front of the crowd the grave was opened, and the man who was dead got up and shook off the dust from his body.

The Jews were amazed, but they were not convinced that this miracle was enough. They demanded more miracles. Thereupon, Hz. Isa restored the life of the son of an older lady. He escaped from the coffin and stood as he was taken to the tomb thanks to the prayers of the Hz. Isa.

The Jews weren’t happy yet. Hz. Isa was able to revive another human being who passed away just a few days before in the form of a third. The deceased, who was restored by frequency. Isa survived for a time when they were revived.

The Jews opposed the idea of. Isa by declaring “Maybe they were not passed away yet. How can we tell if you brought them back to life?” Therefore, they demanded that he revive someone who was dead a long time ago, like Hz. The son of Nuh Sam. Hz. Isa revived Hz. The son of Nuh Sam with the blessing from Allah. Sam witnessed that Hz. Isa was a prophet, and he died again. In spite of witnessing this incredible and clear sign the Children of Israel rejected him yet again. They claimed,

“They are all magic. This man is a magician. ” 40

Following these miraculous events, it was revealed that Hz. Isa explained to every Jew what they consumed, drank, and kept in their homes. 41 This alone proved enough to any person who was conscientious to prove of the prophetic power of Hz. Isa. Yet, Children of Israel insisted on refusal.


Prophet Isa (عليه السلام) – Allah Almighty has sent an holy book dubbed The Gospel, to Allah Almighty. Isa afterward. The publication confirmed the Torah given by Hz. Musa and clarified a few matters over the subject with which Jews had a disagreement. It lifted certain laws that were forbidden by the Torah which made some matters simple for the individuals. 42

Confirming the Torah means believing in the Torah is among the holy books and it is indeed true. So, to revoke certain rules is not incompatible with affirming it.

In reality every prophet is unanimously in agreement in their beliefs. The differences relate to specific aspects. The changes in certain details are similar to changes in clothes that are based on seasons as well as the changes in drugs related to diseases. There is no difference in the fundamentals.

The Gospel is transmitted to the heavens of. Isa is defined using the five attributes listed from the Quran:

A) It’s guidance for people. There are also scriptures that outline the core principles of the Gospel, and this gives people direction.

B) It’s the perfect light for everyone. It contains legal regulations that contribute to the happiness of individuals It is a worthy name light.

C) It affirms the Torah. The Gospel affirms that the Torah was given prior to it, was the book of heaven and that it was essential to live in accordance with the Torah when it was in force.

(d) The Gospel is a guide for the people in another aspect. It is an instruction for the people as it contains legal regulations and also provides guidance to people because it provides the happy news that are Hz. Muhammad will be the prophet of God and also outlines his characteristics. In fact there were many Christians were believers of Allah as Messenger of Allah (pbuh) because of the qualities listed in Jesus’ Gospel.

E) the Gospel is a message of preaching and guidance for those who trust Allah since it includes many sermons and guidance. 43

After Hz. Isa and the Gospel suffered several distortions.

Following the announcement of the Gospel After the revelation of the Gospel, Hz. Isa gave the people the message and counsel from the Gospel and attempted to help them. He told them,

“O the children of Israel! Praise Allah Who is my Lord and also your God… That is the sole genuine method to be saved.

If anyone joins gods of other gods in Allah-Allah, Allah will not allow him to enter his entry into the Garden while the Flame will serve as his home. For those who commit wrongdoing, there will be no one who can help them.” 44

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Prophet Isa (عليه السلام) – According to the narrations there were only 12 who accepted the appeal of the Hz. Isa as well as believed in his faith. 45 These holy people are referred to as the apostles (hawaris hawariyyun) in the Quran. 46

Hawari is a reference to pure whiteness and is also a genuine friend and a helper.

“The prophet (pbuh) said the following regarding the frequency. Zubayr bin Awwam One of the ten whom God given Paradise: “Every prophet has an hawari. It is my hawari Hz. Zubayr.”47

Hz. Zubayr is the son of the Prophet’s paternal aunt. Zubayr is the first to use a sword in the direction of Allah and to fight during the Battle of Uhud. He was blessed with a tiding of joy and praises for his actions, which delighted the Prophet in the Battle of Khandaq.

Aliyyu’1-Qari interprets hawari as a sincere aid in the context of the book known as Mishqat.

The first meaning is the one that is most commonly used by the frequency. The friends of Isa were are known as hawaris. A second interpretation is recognized for certain companions of Prophet (pbuh) who are referred to as hawaris. 48

Certain scholars have explained the reason for the reason they are called hawaris according to this: they cleanse people’s spirits from doubt and ignorance, by teaching them about the sacred laws.

Hawaris are noble, wealthy individuals of the highest rank Before they believed in the Hz. Isa. When they believed that he was the one who believed in them, they began to earn a living with their hands. They washed their clothes, while others caught fish, while others were hunters. 49

Hawaris were a loyal and persistent individuals in the sense of their faith. They were able to resist all forms of pressure and oppression that was imposed on them by their community. They refused to give up. Hz. Isa often sent them to areas around to help guide people.


Prophet Isa (عليه السلام) – In the days when Hawaris believed in the Hz. Isa He was questioned by the people who asked:

“O Isa, the son of Mary! Can our Lord send down to us a table set from heaven?” 50 The prayer of Hawaris was accompanied by a request for an act of miracle. But, the miracles were used to demonstrate the authenticity of prophethood. Thus, the demands for miracles always came from non-believers. The believer does not require and shouldn’t have needed an enlightenment. Therefore, Hz. Isa declared, “Fear Allah if you have faith. Do not ask something like that. ” 51

Hawaris assured Hz Isa that there was no need to be concerned:

Prophet Isa (عليه السلام) – “We definitely have faith. However, we wish to eat from a table our Lord will send in order to satisfy our hearts. We also want to see the trueness of your words with our own eyes so that we ourselves may be witnesses to the miracle. ” 52

When Hz. Isa realized that they were seeking it with the intention of doing so He was delighted. He decided to thank Allah in the name of Allah.

According to a narrator that was recorded, According to a narrative. Isa was a ghusl-maker prior to starting to pray. He took off a woolen dress and wept, lowering his head. He said a prayer of two rak’ahs. He then began praying in the manner of 53

“O Allah, our Lord! Send us from heaven a table set that there may be for us– for the first and the last of us a solemn festival and a sign from you; and provide for our sustenance, for you are the best Sustainer. ” 54

It is a remarkable thing to note here. When the apostles spoke of the reasons for why they needed to eat at the table, they mentioned the term “eating” first. they spoke about their spiritual and religious motives following that. However, Hz. Isa identified the religious motives first, before expressing worldly motives such as eating and getting fed afterwards. In this way, he demonstrated that the issues of the spiritual world need to be taken into consideration over worldly concerns. Additionally, he employed the term sustenance instead of eating and fulfilled his responsibility of praising and thanking the Sustainer.

When this level of awareness and spiritual alertness are contemplated the distinction between spiritual perfection, i.e the distinction between sainthood and prophethood, becomes apparent.

Allah Almighty accepted Hz. Isa’s prayer , but He Also warned Isa: “I will send it down unto you: but if any of you after that resists faith, I will punish him with a penalty such as I have not inflicted on anyone among all the peoples. ” 55

According to a story that was told, the table was brought down on an evening on a Sunday. It was filled with various food items and sustenance. The apostles were able to eat however much they liked. Later, Christians accepted that day as a day of rest. So that prayer, Hz. Isa has been acknowledged. 56

Prophet Isa (عليه السلام) – The table that fell from the sky increased the strength of apostles’ beliefs. Their faith was elevated to that of investigational belief, which was different from imitation belief. Once, Hz. Isa asked them this question:

Who will be my helpers to the work of Allah?”

With hearts filled with belief, the apostles proclaimed in unison,

“We are Allah’s helpers; we believe in Allah and bear witness that we are believers. ” 57

After having answered after having answered. Isa similar to that the apostles turned to their Lord and offered prayers for Him in the following manner:

“Our Lord! We believe in what you have revealed, and we follow the Messenger; then write us down among those who bear witness.” 58

In fact, the apostles kept their word they made to Allah and Allah and. Isa They remained faithful to the authentic religion until the time they passed away. They faced every kind of challenge as well as torture and pressure the path of Allah and displayed patience. They never gave their faith at all.

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Prophet Isa (عليه السلام) – The prophets all informed their followers about the prophet at the end of the world. The prophets made their ummahs swear that they would trust the prophet should they meet the prophet. 59

The Prophet who spoke of the frequency. Muhammad (pbuh) was the one who mentioned it most often was the one who mentioned Hz. Isa.

Hz. Isa always assured the people he listened to that an angel who was to be the world’s leader was coming. He stated that he would go away and would be a symbol of his return.

This is described as is stated from the Quran:

— Remember Jesus who was one of the children of Mary told us: “O Children of Israel! I am the Messenger of Allah (sent) to you confirming the Law (which came) before me, and giving glad Tidings of an Messenger to come after me, whose name shall be Ahmad. ” 60

As can be seen, it is evident that. Isa spoke of our Prophet the name of Ahmad. The Prophet made the following statement in reference to this issue:

“My name is mentioned as Muhammad in the Quran, Ahmad in the Gospel and Ahyad in the Torah.” “61

In numerous places throughout the Gospel the characteristics and morals of the character and ethics of. Muhammad (pbuh) The area where he would rise from, the location to where he would go and how his faith would spread across the globe are discussed in depth. After the prophethood of. Muhammad (pbuh), Christians altered and deformed many of these symbols. 

For instance Sheikh Rahmatullah Hindi who is an Islamic scholar, has proven the majority of these mistakes in his book Izharu’1-Haqq. Even with these distortions Husayn al-Jisri discovered around 110 evidences in the Gospel concerning our Prophet. If that’s the number that was found after distortion, then you can imagine the amount before the transformation. 62

The reason that the frequency of Hz. Isa mentions Hz. Muhammad so often is as is as follows:

1. Hz. Muhammad (pbuh) saved Hz. Isa from the lies, denials , and insults made against Jews.

2. Our Prophet is a more light and easy shari’ah as contrasted to the difficult and heavy shari’ahs of Jews. In addition the fact that it was perfected and completed its shari’ah Hz. Isa. The shari’ah of the frequency of. Isa typically consisted of advice. It did not contain many regulations regarding the worldly life.

Therefore, Hz. Isa always stated, “The leader of the world is coming”, when he spoke of our prophet (pbuh) in his sermon and offered happy good news to his followers. 63 The Prophet recited the following as a Hadith

“I am the closest to Isa, son of Maryam, in the world and the hereafter. In fact, all prophets are like half brothers. Their mothers are different. That is, they have the same religion: the religion of oneness.” 64


Prophet Isa (عليه السلام) – The Jews were aware of the fact that They saw that. Isa did not stop talking about his cause, despite being oppressed and under pressure. This aggravated their anger and angered their jealousy. Then, they began to plot against the apostles. One of them planned to claim to believe and become apostles. He was to discover the location and time of their gathering Then, the Jews were planning to come after them. They believed that they were going to be attacked by. Isa’s battle would be ended when they killed the man.

They completed the plan at one time. They arranged for a man named Taitanos who was willing to be a part of the apostles. They devised their scheme in a clever way. But, they weren’t conscious of what was that was waiting for them. Their plans were going to be changed.

When the Jews were making preparations for the assassination attempt, Allah Almighty informed Hz. Isa regarding the matter via revelation.

The divine revelation was the one that ordained that the state of the Hz. Isa and his faith following this:

“O Isa! I will take you and raise you to Myself and clear you of the falsehoods of those who blaspheme. 65 I will prevent them from killing you. I will make those who follow you superior to those who reject faith (Jews) to the Day of Resurrection; then, you will all return unto Me, and I will judge between you of the matters wherein you dispute.” “66

The above verse completely disproves the claims of Jews who claimed they were murdered Hz. Isa. The term “mutawaffika” is used in the verse. Allah Almighty used this word to refer to the frequency of. Isa. Scholars differed over the meaning of the word. Tafsir scholars have interpreted the meaning as follows:

a) Tawaffi means death. The death that was a result of the Hz. Isa was lifted up to the sky. He was elevated into the sky when he was alive. He will live to the fullest and then die before Doomsday comes around. The completion of his lifespan is expected to take this way: going down to the earth and acting according to the laws that are a part of Islam for a period of time in order to bring Peace to all before passing away after. 

The narration is reported by Qatada. The most well-known and well-known view. 67 For There are many hadiths that claim that Hz. Isa was lifted into the heavens with his body and his spirit. In particular, the following is the recitation of a hadith: “Isa did not die. He will come back to you prior to the day of Judgment.” 68 In this regard there is a joyful news from Allah Almighty to stop them from killing him by their enemies, and that He will protect him from their evil acts. 69

b) Tawaffi means death. The death however occurred before he was lifted to the heavens. He was a dead body for around seven hours before he was revived. Following that the man was lifted to the heavens. The story is not convincing. 70

C) It’s a way of making one to sleep. In this case the word mutawaffika is “I will make you sleep. I will lift you up to the heavens when you’re asleep.” 71

D) It is the act of removing it from existence. 72

e) This means that I will rid your body of natural lust and human footprints, which hinder you from entering into the world of the angels.

In the verses where it is mentioned that. Isa’s elevation to the heavens is mentioned, this act is attributed to Allah Almighty. It is said the fact that Allah Almighty raised him to the heavens with His power. Christians do not attribute this the Allah Almighty. It is believed that. Isa reached the heavens by himself. 73

This verse (Aal-i Imran 55) In this verse, it is said that those who adhere to the Hz. Isa are always more superior than Jews across all ages, and that Jews are always in a state of contempt.

It is stated clearly in another passage that destitution and shame were the most prominent issues for Jews in the past and they would forever live in shame and disdain. 74

What do they mean by the people who adhere to the religion of. Isa is the true and true adherents of Christianity prior to the moment of the advent of Islam and the ummah of the frequency of. Muhammad (pbuh) later on. Because, the ummah in Islam is a believer in the concept of. Isa and affirms his prophethood. 

Additionally, they adhere to the teachings of Hz. Muhammad who is. Isa has mentioned numerous times and to whom He spoke many times. Isa advised his followers to be believers. So, in the wake of the rise of Islam the true followers of Isa are the ummahs of Islam. In this way it is believed to be true that Jews would be defeated by Islam throughout the ages. (*).


Prophet Isa (عليه السلام) – According to the story, around 4000 Jews were gathered and formed a circle around the house in which Hz. Isa lived. They waited for the signal of Taitanos who they had brought into the home. However, Allah Almighty removed Hz. Isa from earth and lifted him up into the sky.

When Taitanos did not recognize the frequency of. Isa inside the house He was shocked. When he got to the front door to inform people of the incident. In the meantime, something surprising took place. Allah created his face to resemble his face Hz. Isa. When the Jews were able to see the man, they believed it was Hz. Isa. He was caught by the police. They were furious. They yelled,

“Hang him! Hang the magician Isa!” They began with the man they believed as Hz Isa. They were not listening at him as he stated, “I am not Isa.” They swore and insulted the man on a regular basis.

The crucified man was placed by a cross from wood in the biggest square in the city. They began to imprison him. Blood was flowing from his face, head and feet. The blood drained from his face, head and feet. and he perished.

They then went away, believing that they were killed Hz. Isa. They believed that they were done.

The excitement was over and they gazed at him in a calm manner they were amazed. His face they killed was akin to that of Hz. Isa however his body didn’t resemble his in any way. Where was Taitanos the friend of theirs?

Then, they began to debate. Some of them claimed that the victim wasn’t Isa while some claimed the person killed was Isa.

The Quran refers to the issue of resemblance and says that the claim from Jews of killing Isa the son of Mary is not the truth It also says that they themselves got into disagreement over the matter. 75

Christians believe that they believe that. Isa was actually crucified and then died. There is even a claim that he pleaded with Jews to be saved from his death. 76

Fakhruddin Razi criticizes this belief of Christians” as follows with his couplets

“I am surprised by the state of Hz. Isa in the eyes of Christians. They attribute him to Allah as his father. However, they also accept the claim of Jews that he was crucified and killed. We need to ask them what his father was doing then if it really happened. If He was pleased with what Jews did, Christians need to thank Jews. If they killed Allah’s son despite the wish of Allah, it means Jews are superior and Christians need to worship them.” 77

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Prophet Isa (عليه السلام) – Hz. Isa wasn’t crucified or killed. Allah Almighty took him out of the hands of the vicious non-believers and lifted him up to heaven. He is alive just like the Hz. Idris (Enoch) He was elevated to heaven prior to him. Both prophets reside on the same state of being.

Badiuzzaman Said Nursi discusses the structure and time of the frequency of. Idris and Hz. Isa according to:

“Both prophets were exempted from the demands of the human race. They don’t require eating or drinking; they don’t require air, water or food.

They lived a blissful life and ascended to a sparkling quality. They reside in the sky along with their bodies on earth, with the exquisiteness of the bodies of their World of Similitudes and the luminosity of stars. They’re at the top of the sky, just like stars. 78


Prophet Isa (عليه السلام) – Based on the Hadiths and Prophetic sayings of prophet Muhammad (pbuh) According to the hadiths of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said that. Isa who was lifted to the sky by his body and spirit will descend to earth from the heavens and killing Dajjal (Antichrist) in order to help strengthen Islam by adhering to the laws of Islam. 

Therefore the faith of Christianity will be restored to its original and original form at the end the era and Christianity will be united and be a part of the truest teachings of Islam by letting go of false beliefs. Therefore, Christians and Muslims will be united against religious movements and the deviations which reject Allah and will defeat these movements. Badiuzzaman claimed that Nursi has expressed this fact in the following manner:

“At the end of time, Isa (Upon whom be peace) will come and will act in accordance with the Shari’a of Muhammed (PBUH),” declares that at the end of the age Christianity’s religion Christianity will be cleansed and rid itself of all beliefs that are contrary to the current of doubt and atheism derived from Naturalist philosophical thought, and change into Islam.

This is the moment it is the same way that Christianity’s collective character Christianity will kill the feared collective personality of irreligion using the sword of the heavenly Revelation similarly, as its collective character of Christianity, Isa (Upon whom be peace) will destroy the Dajjal that represents the irreligious collective personality which is to say the atheist will be killed. thinking. ” 79

In another context the writer explains the following:

“Christianity could explode, or after purification, will give up its arms in front of Islam. It was divided many times before the rise of Protestantism. After that, Protestantism was divided and awaited the real affirmation of divine unity. It is currently preparing to be again ripped apart. It may explode and then be extinguished or, it will be able to be able to see what is true about Islam that form the core of Christianity and put down its arms.

“The Prophet Muhammad (Upon whom may be blessings and peace) mentioned this huge mystery by saying: “Jesus will come having descended from the skies; he will be of my community and will act in accordance with my Shari’a.” 80

“When Isa (Upon whom be peace) arrives, it’s not necessary for everyone to believe that he is the real Jesus. His elect and those who are near to him will be able to recognize his presence through the light of their faith. It is not self-evident to everyone else, so everyone will be able to recognize his name.” 81


Once Satan was visible to He who is Hz. Isa and told him,

“O Isa! Say, ‘La ilaha illallah (There is no god but Allah)'” He said. Isa said to him,

“This is the true word. I will utter him but not upon your request.” Then, he said, “La ilaha illallah”.

Aliyyu’l-Hawas stated, “Satan wanted Hz. Isa to follow him in doing this. But, as prophets, Hz. Isa did not follow him, and he rejected his request. He declared La Ilaha illallah with a heartfelt.

Hz. Isa stated, “A person who shows patience to an unjust and evil word gets ten rewards.”

Prophet Isa (عليه السلام) – According to a story, the frequency is. Isa was able to meet the man. The man’s eyes were blind; He was struck with the disease of skin with speckles. He also suffered from leprosy, and was unable to stand because of paralysis. 

When Hz. Isa came to him He heard the man declare, “Praise be to Allah who protected me from the diseases that most people caught.” The man asked him “What are the diseases that Allah protected you from?” The man replied, “Allah protected me from the ignorance of not recognizing him; He honored me with divine knowledge.”

Hz. Isa told his friend, “You have told the truth. Give me your hand.” The man extended his hand towards him. After that, he was free of all his ailments and became a man who had one of the gorgeous faces. Hz. Isa was not able to leave this man until he had been raised into the sky. He was worshipping Allah along with the man.

Hz. Isa told me,

“Increase the thing that fire and soil cannot eat.” The people askedhim “What is it?” He said, “To do favors (good deeds).”

They inquired about Hz. Isa,

“What is the biggest mischief?” He replied,

It’s the deviance of scholars. Because, when he strays and becomes a liar the whole world shakes. People who are ignorant take advantage of this. They use the example of their peers and attempt to justify their actions.”

Hz. Isa told me, “Do not give gems to animals. Knowledge is more important than gems. Someone who isn’t qualified for knowledge is less and more naughty than an animal.”

Hz. Isa said the following in the sermon:

“O Children of Israel! Do not utter wisdom near ignorant people because you will have wronged wisdom. Do not avoid uttering wisdom near wise people because you will have wronged wise people if you avoid. Do not reward oppressors; virtues will become valueless if you do so.”

They inquired about Hz. Isa, “Why are old people more ambitious than young people?” It was a question that Hz. Isa responded,

“For, they have experienced what young people have not experienced.”

They asked for Hz. Isa,

“Who did you receive your good manners from?” He replied,

“I did not receive them from anybody. However, I saw the ignorance of the ignorant people and I kept away from it.”

The apostles were able to see the apostles saw. Isa emerging from an individual who was well-known as a sinful and shameless person They asked him:

“O Ruhullah! What were you doing there?”

Hz. Isa told me,

“A doctor goes to the place where patients are.”

According to a tale that was told, a person who was from Children of Israel was a highwayman for forty years. Once, he met Hz. Isa as well as one of his disciples. The man thought “This is the Hz. Isa and the man who is with whom he is an disciples. I’ll be joining them as they began to walk in their direction. As he approached an apostle, he questioned himself,

“Can a man like me approach an apostle?” He then criticized himself. However the apostle thought “How can this highwayman walk next to me?” He then approached Hz. Isa. Thus one of them behaved in a modest manner, while the other acted boastfully. In the end Allah Almighty gave the following message at Hz. Isa:

“Tell both of them that I have erased what they did in the past. They should start doing deeds from scratch. I eliminated the previous worshipping of the apostle because he liked himself. I forgave the sins of the highwayman because he despised himself.”

Hz. Isa informed both about the issue and acknowledged him as an followers.

Once, Hz. Isa was asked: Children of Israel,

“Where does a seed spring up?” They asked,

“It springs up in the soil.” Hz. Isa told me,

“I am telling you the truth. Like a seed, wisdom also springs up in the hearts that are modest and under the feet of people.”

It is told by the character the Hz. Isa was seated in front of an ironsmith, and prayed.

“O Allah! Stop this man’s desire from the world.” The man then put the Hammer down and sat down on the bench in the middle of the work area. He let things be carried out at their present state. When Hz. Isa was able to see the vision, he again prayed,

“O Lord! Increase this man’s desire.” He stood, picked up his hammer and began working once more.” Thereupon, Hz. Isa approached the old man and asked him why he stopped and then started to work again.” The old man replied,

“I was thinking, ‘I’m getting old. How long do I want working? I have to put aside my work. After that I put my feet down. “Then I was thinking I need food for throughout my life. It’s impossible to stop that.’ After that, I got back to work once more.”

Desire revives man; despair kills him.

Malik bin Dinar narrates:

Hz. Isa was walking past the body of a deceased dog, along with his apostles. The apostles remarked,

“It smells terrible.” Hz. Isa told me,

“It has very bright teeth.” Hz. Isa spoke in this manner to keep his apostles from trying to find mistakes and to instruct the disciples that everything has an advantage; hence it is better to look for the positive aspect and then speak about it instead of to search for errors.

Once, Hz. Isa went to a location in which Jews were assembled. They began to say negative things about his character. They spoke softly and gently. They told him,

“They are saying bad things about you but you still say good things.” He told them,

“Everybody sells what he has.”

Based on a narrative, According to a narration. Isa was able to see a man and asked him:

“What do you do?” The man asked,

“I am busy with worshipping.” Hz. Isa was asked,

“Who supports your living?” The man asked,

“My brother does.” Hz Isa said,

“The real worshipper is your brother.”

Prophet Isa (عليه السلام) – Then Isa asked his apostles “If you saw the wind open the private parts of your brother, what would you do?” The apostles replied, “We would cover them.” He responded, “No, you would open them more.” They asked, “How could we do such a thing?” Hz. Isa stated, “When you hear something about your brother or notice the mistake, you add something else and then tell it to other people. It’s like opening the private areas of a sleepy man.”


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(A person belonging to Harun’s clan of Tamim is called “O sister of Tamim” as well as the frequency of. Maryam is known by the name of “O sister of Harun” because she is the Harun’s progeny. Harun.) According to the popular opinion it is believed that Harun is actually a sister of Hz. Maryam. 

The reference to rank in the verse bolsters the likelihood of having a real brother. There are some interpreters who say it’s likely that Harun was the person known as Harun in her country who was Hz. Maryam was able to accept as an example due to his devotion to God and worship. (Peygamberimizin Kur’an Tefsiri, 179).

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65 The significance that the term “tathir” (cleaning) here is to eliminate the frequency. Isa from those who are not believers. The phrase is used in order to acknowledge Hz. Isa’s dignity. This word suggests that those who persist in belief in the absurd are shady in terms of ethics and beliefs.

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For the interpretation of this passage, consult Badiuzzaman Said Nursi, Sozler (Words) 422-423.

(*) Badiuzzaman said Nursi explains in the following way that the present Jewish state does not conflict the scripture which reads: It is true that the Jewish country has been extravagant in its love for life and the world around it and, as a result, has suffered the slaps of humiliation and suffering it has endured each century. 

But, in the Palestine problem, it’s not a love affair with life and the world, but rather an important sense of religious and national sentiment due to the fact that Palestine is the place where all the prophets from The Children of Israel are buried and prophets belong to their country. As a result, they have received no swift assaults. A small number of men could never otherwise have stood up in the middle of the vast Arab areas and would have quickly been sacked.” (Sualar (Rays) 461 – 460).

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