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Learn A Language For Free – Social media and smartphone applications have brought the world closer to us in many of the thousands languages that we speak around the globe.

This is a great thing, because the benefits from learning a new language don’t have to come at a high price or any price!

You can learn Amharic and Zulu with flashcards, face-to-face interaction or a combination of both.

Websites to Find Free Language Courses

  • Live Lingua
  • LearnaLanguage.com
  • Open Culture
  • Surface Languages
  • Internet Polyglot
  • Headstart2 Defense Language Academy
  • Websites with Video Based Language Learning Content
  • Streema
  • Innovative Language
  • YouTube Movies and Shows
  • Free Language Learning
  • MIT Open Courseware
  • EdX
  • Coursera Language Learning
  • Carnegie Mellon Open Learning Initiative
  • Alison
  • The Mega List of MOOCs from Web Technos and Translation
  • Websites Free for Connecting With Native Speakers of Your Language
  • Italki
  • The Polyglot Club
  • HiNative
  • Word2Word
  • Lang-8
  • Flashcards and Vocabulary Games
  • Duolingo
  • Memrise
  • Digital Dialects
  • General Language and Language Learning Resources
  • Omniglot
  • BBC Languages
  • ThoughtCo.
  • Wikitravel Phrasebooks
  • 21 Language Learning Websites Free of Charge for Specific Languages
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Arabic
  • Portuguese

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Sites to Find Free Language Courses

Most people picture a classroom filled with chalkboard dust and wobbly desks when they think of taking a language class. These free online courses are available in almost as many languages and offer the same structure and formality as traditional courses.

These websites allow you to learn languages for free and also let you have fun.

Live Lingua

Live Lingua is the first on the list, and it’s the largest collection of free public domain language learning materials online. It is easy to believe. You can find thousands of free audio recordings, e-books and other materials in more than 130 languages.

It hosts the US Foreign Service Institute’s free public domain language courses. These were created by the US Department of State to help language learners. They are freely accessible on a variety of websites across the Web.


Learnalanguage.com provides links to extensive resources in 19 languages. Learnalanguage.com offers free vocabulary lists and verb conjugation tables that will help you learn more words in your target language. There are also free online courses in nine other languages.

Open Culture

Open Culture is an online e-learning site that offers “the best free cultural media and educational media on line,” and they don’t bluff when it comes down to languages. Open Culture offers free courses in 48 languages, from Yiddish to Amharic. These resources are compiled from universities, governments and other respected institutions around the globe. You’ll find high-quality, free lessons in 48 languages you can learn anywhere.

4.Surface Languages

Surface Languages has a large online database of learning resources. It also offers its own audio courses for beginners in French, Portuguese, French, and Polish. There’s also a section that provides audio and flashcards for Afrikaans and Romanian. Additionally, you will find a sidebar with the most recent additions to their ever-growing library of language learning resources.

5.Internet Polyglot

Internet Polyglot has many of the same resources as those listed above. It also offers a quick start menu that allows you to select not only the language you are learning, but also the language in which you are learning it . Are you fluent in Spanish but want to learn Portuguese? Select “Spanish” as the language that you wish to learn, then start a mental exercise to strengthen and build another language.

6.Headstart2 Defense Language Institute

Like the Foreign Service Institute (FSM), the Defense Language Institute (DLI) is a government agency that offers high-quality language learning programs for no cost. Headstart2 hosts complete DLI courses and is one of the most accessible services. You can quickly register for an account and be taken straight to interactive lessons that include maps, sound, sound, cultural notes, and many other features.

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Websites that feature video-based language learning content

Learn A Language For Free – The science has shown that switching on the television is great for language learning. Tune in to these websites for quality input-based learning.


Streema is a great choice for language learners who love the internet. It offers TV streaming in over 100 languages from around the globe, although it is not intended to be a language learning tool.

This is a great resource for learning a language that’s not as well-known or has less readily available video material. You can easily replace the loss of learning material by tuning into your favorite Nepali or Albanian TV station.

8.Innovative Language

Innovative Language was founded in 2005 and has been a leader in language lessons.

Innovative Language offers free audio and video lessons in more than 40 languages. You can find new lessons each week. The material is geared towards beginners and advanced learners, as well as fluent speakers. It may be familiar from its podcast sites, such as Portuguesepod101.

These are the language-specific websites you’ll be directed once you have entered your email address and chosen a language. These are just some of the popular languages they offer at present:

  • Spanishpod101
  • Frenchpod101
  • Germanpod101
  • Chineseclass101
  • Russianpod101

It features audio and video material created by professional teachers. It is one of the most consistent and prolific language sites in the game. They cover grammar, vocabulary and real-life situations. You’re covered.

They offer a paid service but thousands of professionally-produced audios and videos are free.

This flood of language content can be beneficial regardless of your level of fluency. They have something for both absolute beginners and advanced learners.

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9. YouTube Movies and Shows

YouTube offers a huge selection of TV shows and movies from all over the globe. Browse through the collection to find international movies like “The Negotiation” in Korean, “All About My Mother” Spanish, and “Heyy Babyy” Hindi.

This website is especially useful for Indian language learners, since it includes Hindi and Tamil and Marathi, along with other languages spoken throughout the Indian subcontinent. However, there are also options such as Korean, Japanese and Greek as well as many others like Danish, Korean, Spanish and Greek.

While some movies require purchase, there are many international films that can be downloaded for free.

Consider a virtual immersion platform if all the content is too overwhelming. FluentU for example takes YouTube-sourced content, adds interactive subtitles to provide instant definitions, review questions to assess your knowledge, and multimedia flashcards to give you more study options.

There are many types of exercises in the quizzes. These include fill-in-the blank, multiple choice, and speaking prompts. You can also use the video dictionary to quickly find definitions and contexts for any word without leaving the video player.

FluentU makes native-level content easier for beginners and simplifies the learning process.

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Massively Open Online Courses for Language Learning

Learn A Language For Free – Did we mention that technology is amazing? Many of the best universities in the world agree with us. Many universities are offering entire courses and lesson materials online at no cost. These are the top massively free online courses to learn a language.

10. MIT Open Courseware

MIT was among the first universities to make their course content online. You’ll find courses that range from Chinese II to Contemporary French Politics in the Open Courseware section. These courses are designed to allow you to engage with not only the language but also its wider cultural context.

11. EdX

EdX is the largest MOOC (massive online course) website. Here you will find many college-level courses, all created and taught by top university professors. You can take a class in your native language if you are a language learner. You can now sign up for an entirely Spanish-language algebra class!

Arizona State University offers EdX to earn college credits. You can earn certificates for some courses. It costs money to obtain a certificate of completion for any course. However, many courses are free.

12. Coursera Language Learning

Coursera’s courses are taught by world-renowned professors. You can even earn a certificate for many of them.

Coursera is another online education company that is well-known. It also has a Language Learning section in its online catalog. Some courses are geared towards beginners like First Step Korean. Others will focus more on language learning such as the Miracles of Human Language course at Leiden University. Other classes can be taken on foreign languages. This means you can learn about writing and math while learning the foreign language you are studying. However, this approach is best for advanced learners.

There are currently more than 900 Spanish classes on Coursera. Over 430 Chinese classes are also available. There are also over 340 classes in French. There are many classes available for you to choose from. You can even learn about entrepreneurship in Khmer!

You can be sure that whatever you see here is coming from a respected university. Sign up now to receive an alert when it becomes available!

13. Carnegie Mellon Open Learning Initiative

Although the OLI at Carnegie Mellon wasn’t designed for language courses it has many excellent options. You’ll find many courses in the most widely spoken languages, including Chinese and French.

14. Alison

Alison’s language platform offers at least one introductory course in each of the nine languages. Others offer more detailed courses in popular languages such as French. The best part is that you will be awarded a fancy certificate if you finish all modules and score at minimum 80% on all course assignments.

15. The MegaList of MOOCs from Web Technos and Translation

Web Technos and Translation helpfully and smartly suggests that you take a MOOC in the language you are studying. It also gives you a list of resources to help you get started. If you have reached the intermediate level of proficiency and want to improve your language skills further, why not take a course in that language?

You can study Croatian history in Croatian, or French telecommunications. The goal is the exact same. By focusing on a topic, rather than the language, you will learn more naturally.

You may find some links that are no longer relevant or broken. However, you can still check the constantly updated list MOOCs from Class Central. Sort by language in the panel to your left.

Use these free websites to connect with native speakers of your language

Effective language learning doesn’t require any secret. You just have to talk. A native speaker is the best person to have a conversation with.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have the means to travel this weekend. Instead, you can click on one of these websites and connect with native speakers in your target language.

16. italki

Italki is a great site for learning languages online with native speakers. The free version of italki is designed for language learners and allows them to connect with native speakers via Skype. You can connect with other learners, arrange informal language exchanges and communicate with them via Skype or email. You can also invest on italki to hire a tutor or teacher.

17. The Polyglot Club

The Polyglot Club, a great all-purpose language learning site with tons of features to connect you with native speakers in your target language, is a fantastic resource. Language exchange partners can be found, corrected written text can be submitted, chat in chat rooms, browse target language videos, and you can even attend their meetups and language events to connect with more learners.

18. HiNative

HiNative is a new app that uses a different approach to learning. HiNative is a non-traditional app that gives you flashcards, courses and even facilitates Skype sessions. Instead of giving you flashcards or courses, HiNative lets you ask native speakers questions about the language you are learning. You can send a message and wait to receive a reply, regardless of whether you need help with pronunciation, the difference between confusing words, or the use of the subjunctive.

19. Word2Word

Word2Word is about connecting people all over the globe. They offer a huge variety of online language learning resources for free. There are chat rooms, meetups, and resources for everything from learning how to type characters in other alphabets or scripts to creating a Dictionary of Period Russian Names. This is the best place to start if you are looking for language exchange, and are willing to go down the rabbit hole that is linguistic geekery.

20. Lang-8

Many of us find it easy to speak, but finding the time to write and communicate is difficult. Lang-8 is a group of native speakers from different world languages that works together to improve one another’s writing. They offer revisions and tips to each other’s posts in their languages, but don’t forget about helping others with your native language!

Flashcards and Vocabulary Games Free

Learn A Language For Free – There are dull flashcards and there are those that make language learning fun and awaken the competitive spirit in everyone. These sites provide fun flashcards and other language learning activities.

21. Duolingo

It’s hard to imagine a list that doesn’t include everyone’s favourite pushy little green birds. Duolingo’s user-friendly vocabulary game made language learning fun again, unlocking the power and potential of gaming to learn language.

They use the gaming strategy to make sure you retain more of what you learn than you would from your standard, flipping-through-printed-flashcards approach. As they progress through the levels, those who are truly dedicated will be asked to translate sentences that are increasingly absurd and comical.

22. Memrise

Memrise offers a more interactive way to learn flashcards with its “mems.” You can make your flashcards irreverent memes or personal jokes that are unique to you.

23. Digital Dialects

Digital Dialects, a retro-techno online game with interactive and animated lessons in several languages, is for beginners as well as those who are nostalgic about the 90s. As it names fruits, click on them to drag them into a basket. You can also match English phrases with the ones spoken in your target language. It’s simple and unobtrusive, and offers the je sais quoi for those Nintendo children who still have a knack of learning in 16-bit.

General Language and Language Learning Resources

We love languages and language, and want to learn everything we can about them. How to get to your hotel and How to have a small conversation during your coffee break are just a few of the details.

What language do you speak? Its history is what we can learn about the cultures that made it, as well as the ones that have been influenced by it. These websites provide the kind of comprehensive, holistic information that is necessary to learn thoroughly and effectively. They also offer free courses and learning materials.

24. Omniglot

Omniglot is a great bookmark to have on your browser’s bookmarks. Omniglot is an online encyclopedia that covers writing systems and languages. It’s like the Wikipedia for languages and linguistics.

It not only provides linguistic and cultural information about hundreds of languages around the world, but also offers its own video lessons. Omniglot’s “courses” page contains a list of links that will take you to specific learning resources, many of which are completely free.

25. BBC Languages

BBC Languages, which offers information and resources for 40 languages around the world, is another goldmine for language and linguistics enthusiasts. Although some languages are more detailed than others, all seven languages on the main Languages homepage provide links to targeted media such as online newspapers, TV streaming, and magazines in French and Greek. Although the types of resources available vary depending on the language, most offer overviews and phrasebooks as well as links to other sites, such as BBC’s introductory lessons and on-site courses.

26. ThoughtCo.

ThoughtCo. ThoughtCo. About French includes, among other things, educational videos, blog posts about French learning topics, and guides to essentials. About German provides much of the same. Find links to numerous resources and languages across the Web.

27. Wikitravel Phrasebooks

Wikitravel doesn’t require you to plan a vacation. Wikitravel is a user-maintained wiki that contains a collection of travel phrasesbooks. These include well-known languages such as Arabic and Portuguese, but also less-known ones like Kannada or Papiamento.

Even the most basic articles about languages such as Zulu are useful. They include information on pronunciation, basic phrases and numbers, transport, food, shopping, and common problem-solving vocabulary.

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21 Language Learning Sites Free of Charge for Specific Languages

Learn A Language For Free – The best sites are those that concentrate on one language. This allows you to create a website with all the information and lessons you need for those who already know the language and don’t want it to cost too much. These are our top picks for learning that particular language.


28. The French Experiment – Free French Lessons, Stories, Reviews, and Cats!

29. London Speaks French — Grammar and Vocabulary lessons, with a useful pronunciation tool that allows you to compare your voice to the natives.

These top websites are for Francophiles who want to maximize their online learning.


30. Deutsch-lernen.com — This free resource contains 10 beginner lessons as well as 24 advanced grammar lessons. It is a great place to start for beginners and those who are intimidated by the infamously difficult German grammar.

31. DeutschAkademie — This online-intensive Deutschkurs contains audio clips and interactive lessons. There are also links to courses in Berlin and other parts Central Europe.

32. Deutsche Welle — Deutsche Welle’s international broadcast offers online Deutschkurse for free, offering courses from beginner to advanced.

Video-loving learners should not forget to check out all the YouTube videos available for German learners!


33. StudySpanish.com – Don’t let the name fool you. It’s an excellent resource for Spanish language learners, offering extensive information and lessons covering all aspects of the language.

34. Spanish Games — Spanish games that allow you to learn Spanish through interactive vocabulary games.

35. 123 Teach me — An enormous resource for Spanish learning, including online courses, games, and verb conjugators.

You might like to think outside the box in language learning. Here are some nontraditional websites that you can use to learn Spanish.


36. CCTV — Chinese public television. Also, a BBC-like collection of written media and resources to help Chinese language learners.

37. Chinese-Tools.com – A 40-lesson course online with a learner forum, Chinese dictionary and Chinese-Tools.com

38. Zhongwen Red — Conversation-like language and culture lessons in context vocabulary.

Are you a more avid bookworm? Start with free Chinese ebooks!


39. Japanese Online — This is a basic resource for beginners that covers the basics, topic modifiers and sentence structures.

40. Easy Japanese — Flashcards, games and flashcards geared towards writing and speaking the language.

41. NHK World — This Japanese public broadcaster has its own online magazine. It includes audio clips and video resources to help learners. Are you struggling with grammar? These websites will help you master Japanese grammar.


42. Arabic Online — This website is part of the European Union and aims to help newcomers learn Arabic. It also offers paid courses that go beyond the beginner level.

43. Arabic Keyboard — This site helps you with the tricky Arabic script and the grammar. It also provides super useful, practical information about Arabic language, dialects, and where to use them.

44. Arabic Reading Course — This letter-by-letter course for absolute beginners is the best way to learn Arabic reading and writing.


45. Rafa teaches Portuguese — Rafa offers more than just introductory lessons in counting and ordering food. Rafa also maintains a sidebar with links to everything from traditional recipes to running a business in Portuguese.

46. Todo Mundo Pod — A podcast that is based in Sao Paulo and offers basic tips in English as well as the rest in beautiful Brazilian Portuguese.

47. Practice Portuguese — If you are looking to learn Iberian Portuguese (European Portuguese), the Practice Portuguese Podcast is a great way to get started.

48. Two Brazilians bring you podcasts and flashcards to help you learn Portuguese. These 49 websites are proof that money is not an object for motivated language learners.

Clicking one of the links above is enough to start.

Learn A Language For Free – Are you still not ready to learn a language? You can choose your language, then head to Omniglot and BBC Languages to learn more. You can build your vocabulary with a flashcard app, or your favorite game of language learning. Immerse yourself in high-quality video content and connect to natives all over the globe via Skype or any other social network.

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Learn A Language For Free – Now that money worries are out of the way, all you have to do is to make time for language learning and you can start your journey towards fluency.

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