Surah Al Hijr , Translations, Benefits, Tafseer, PDF

Dear Brothers and Sisters In this Article We will learn about Surah Al Hijr, Translations, Benefits, Tafseer, PDF free Download. The main theme of the Surah Al Hijr is divine guidance, education, and people’s response.  Allah’s warns those who deny, refuse this message and as a reminder of these warnings, we have here the stories of Prophet Lot’s people, Thamud and other groups.

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Introduction to пятнадцать PDF

Alhijr #15
Alhijr MeaningThe Rock
Alhijr No. of ayaat99
Surah Al Hijr Revealed inMakkah
Revelation order54
Sujood (al-Tilaawah)0
пятнадцать Rukūʿ6 (Ayaah 15, 25, 44, 60, 79, 99)
Alhijr Hizb break(s)2 (Ayaah 1, 49)
Alhijr Juz14
Alhijr Manzil3
Alhijr Page # ^262
пятнадцать No. of pages5.3
LinkMadani Qaida English
Haroof MuqattaatAlif Lam Ra
Title Reffer Surah Al Hijrv. 80
Al Hijr , Translations, Benefits, Tafseer, PDF Download

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  • Al hijr Surah main Sections:
  • Surah Hijr -Hazrat Prophet Lot and Prophet Shu’aib’s people.
  • سورة الحجر -The Noble Qur’an is the Books of Allah Almighty. He revealed it and He will guard it.
  • سورة الحجر -Allah Almighty knows everything in the whole universe.  He is the Creator of all things.
  • Al hijr Surah, -Allah Almighty  is very forgiving, but His punishment is also severe.
  • Surah Hijr -The creation of human being is from a very humble stuff, but Allah Almighty honored him and asked angels to bow down to Adam.  Devils, Satan’s response.

Surah Hijr -The People of Hijr and what happened to them.  The Noble Qur’an and Surah al-Fatihah are special gifts of Allah Almighty.  Allah Almighty will take care of those who ridicule His message It is named ‘Hijr’ after the valley located between Madinah and Sham where the people of Salih, Thamud lived.

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Surah Al Hijr Benefits:

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Quran surah al Hijr : Whoever recites this Quran surah al Hijr good deeds equal to the number of muhajirin and ansar would be written in his record of deeds and better deeds.

Whoever writes this Noble Quran surah al Hijr with Amber, on a single china plate, washes it with water and gives it to a woman who has no milk That women, after drinking it, would have enough milk and she, after drinking it, would have enough milk to feed her baby. Whoso writes this Noble Quran surah al Hijr on paper and wears on his body there would always be gain and profit in business dealings

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