Surah An-Nahl , Translations, Benefits, Tafseer, PDF

In this Article We will learn about Surah An-Nahl, Translations, Benefits, Tafseer, PDF Download. The Surah Alnahl speaks about Allah’s Almighty creative power. Everything in the universe points to Allah Almighty. There is coherence and balance in Allah’s creation and the world.

Introduction to An-Nahl (the Bees)

Al Bees #16
Al Bees MeaningThe Bee
Al Beesl No. of ayaat128
Al Bees Revealed inMakkah
Revelation order70
Sujood (al-Tilaawah)0
SuraAl Bees Rukūʿ16 (Ayaah 9, 21, 25, 34, 40, 50, 60, 65, 70, 76, 83, 89, 100, 110, 119, 128)
The Bee Quran Hizb break(s)6 (Ayaah 1, 29, 50, 74, 89, 110)
The Bee Quran Juz14
Surah An-Nahl Manzil3
The Bee Quran Page # ^267
Surah An-Nahl No. of pages14.6
LinkMuslim women Rights
Haroof MuqattaatAlif Lam Ra
Title Reffer Surah Al Hijrv. 68-69
An-Nahl (the Bees) , Translations, Benefits, Tafseer, PDF Download

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Surah Alnahl Main Sections:

  • Soorah Ahn -The whole creation points to Allah.
  • Soorah Ahn -The truth is that there is only One God.
  • Soorah Ahn -Mushrikin’s disagreement and the answer
  • Soorah Ahn -Prophet Muhammad is a witness over all witnesses.
  • Soorah Ahn -Allah gives time to people to repent and turn to him.
  • Soorah Ahn -The comparison between the faithful and the unfaithful.
  • Soorah Ahn -Warnings about the Last Hour. Allah’s favors to humankind.
  • Surat An Nahl -Consider the bounties of Allah. Some more signs mentioned.
  • Surat An Nahl -The reward of the righteous and the disgrace of the wicked.
  • Surat An Nahl -The ideal faith of Prophet Ibrahim. The best way of giving da’wah.
  • Surat An Nahl -Qur’an is sent by Allah; even the Prophet cannot make any changes in it.
  • Surat An Nahl -Allah’s message has come. Human being is the creature of Allah Almighty, but he argues a lot.
  • Surat An Nahl -Prophets were human beings. The mission of the last Surah An-Nahl -Prophet. Warnings to non-believers.
  • Surah Alnahl -Every soul will be paid in full what it has earned. Halal and Haram are the authority of Allah.
  • Surah Alnahl -Justice, benevolence, care of the kith and kin are Allah’s commands. He forbids shameful deeds, evil and aggression.
  • Surah Alnahl -Prohibition against shirk. Arabs used to call angels the daughters of Allah Almighty but they themselves did not like to have daughters.

The Surah An-Nahl takes its name from Ayat no. 68, “And your Lord inspired to the bee, “Take for yourself among the mountains, houses, and among the trees and [in] that which they construct.” It is also refered to as the surah An Nahl blessings of Allah as it contains many of the blessings of Allah upon mankind. There are 128 Ayat in this Surah An-Nahl -.

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Surah AL NAHL Benefits:

Whoever recites this Surah Alnahl – regularly every month, would not have to take loan, and remain safe from seventy kinds of calamities, insanity, leprosy and leukemia being at the bottom of the list of such calamities; and his abode would be in the center of paradise.

Whose recites this Surah An-Nahl on daliy basis-, he would be free from giving account of the blessings of Allah Almighty had bestowed upon him; and if he dies on the that day in which he has recited this Surah An-Nahl -, he would get the reward of a man, women who dies after making his will for the lawfully earned wealth and property.

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