Unlocking Quranic Wisdom: Explore The Quran in Word Format

Quran in Word – Access the Holy Quran’s Verses in Word Documents for Easy Study and Reference” Adds a brand new tool in Microsoft Word which shows the Quran chapters, signs and verses, allowing you to easily paste any desired entry from the holly e book into your DOC, DOCX, or RTF files.

The call of this utility suggests quite in reality what its principal functionality is supposed to be: the use of Quran texts inside MS Word.

Quran in MS Word provides a menu to MS Word which lets in surfing and looking the Quran for “Suras” (chapters), “Ayahs/Ayats” (symptoms), verses, and other texts of the Holy Quran, and quick adding them to the presently opened MS Word files. Finding Quran translations is also viable the use of this tool.

“Quran in Ms Word” is a very small and simple software. It is a MS Word upload-in, therefore its essential interface is genuinely a menu in order to be displayed in the “Add-in” segment of MS Word.

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The 2003, 2007 and 2010 variations of MS Word are supported. Though it is straightforward and easy-to-use, it additionally comes with masses of effective capabilities.

For example, the search feature that helps you to find unique verses is without a doubt effective and accurate. I also just like the reality that it lets in the usage of specific sources for the Quran translations.

Last but no longer least, this neat and accessible software is likewise free. Some problems would possibly appear when installing it, both because your machine lacks some MS Office patches, or due to the fact the incorrect package deal (32-bit or 64-bit) changed into downloaded.

Anyway, other than these, there aren’t any other downsides approximately it. If you need to have Quran texts to hand whilst the usage of MS Word, then this little tool is extraordinary.

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