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What Breaks The Wudu?-QuranMualim – Ever wonder what could cause your Wudu to be invalidated? Wudu is a activity Muslims should perform before performing the prayer. Wudu is a way to purify our bodies before we face Allah by praying. This will bring Muslims some benefits, such as the benefits of learning al Quran.

Islamic lectures showed that very few things can cause your Wudu to be invalidated. It doesn’t matter if the events are intentional or not. They break your Wudu and render it invalid, which is why it is one of the things that invalidate Salah.

Here are some things that can invalidate or break your Wudhu. They are all part of The manners of Wudu, a required understanding for a Muslim.

They are based on the Quran Surah Al Maidah verse 6, in accordance with Islamic laws and rules. Let’s take a look at them below!

“O, you who believe!” If you wish to pray, wash your face, hands and head up to your elbows. Wipe your head and (wash) your feet to your ankles. Take a bath if you are Junub. If you’re on a journey, sick, or have to touch a woman or go on a trip, then take a bath. Allah doesn’t want to make it hard for you. But He wants to cleanse and complete His favor to you so that your gratitude will be full.” (QS 5 :6)

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1. Any type of Najasah

Any Najasah can be defined as any substance that invalidates or breaks your Wudu. There are many types of Najasah that Islam uses. They can be liquid or solid and come from the private parts. It can include urine, sperm and Madi, as well as blood, farting, and farting.

You should take Wudu again if one of these happens after you have taken Wudu. Your Wudu is not invalid if you don’t break the Wudu. Your Salah will also be valid if your Wudu has been followed. It is one way to keep Istiqomah alive in Islam.

2. Flowing blood

Your Wudu will be invalidated if blood is leaking from your private parts. It can also spread and leak, which will cause your Wudu to be invalidated.

According to a hadith, Wudu should only be taken if there is blood. However, even if there is only one to two drops of blood flowing, your Wudu will not be broken or invalidated.

3. Vomit

Your Wudu will be broken and invalidated if you vomit. Your Wudu will be rendered invalid if you vomit from your mouth.

Your vomit is inexplicable. Your Wudu will still be invalidated regardless of how much you vomit. After you have taken the correct Wudu, it is best to redo your Wudu.

4. Sleeping

Your Wudu is broken and invalidated by sleeping. People who sleep will lose their consciousness. According to Islamic rules, being uninformed is what invalidates or breaks your Wudu.

It is crucial to stay awake after making Wudu, before you get Salah. You should not accidentally or intentionally fall asleep after making Wudu. If you sleep intentionally or inadvertently, your Wudu will be invalidated.

5. Sexual Intercourse

Your Wudu can be broken and invalidated by sexual intercourse. This includes when your skin touches other people, either intentionally or inadvertently, outside of your Mahram.

Your Wudu will be invalidated if you have sex with someone who has a sexually explicit motive. According to Islamic law, anyone who has sex after Wudu must take a Junub (or proper Islamic bathing) before they can start praying. The things that do not require you to bathe are important.

6. Getting Drunk

Your Wudu will be invalidated if you get drunk. Islam prohibits alcohol consumption, which can lead to significant damage to your Wudu.

Additionally, drinking is a common behavior that causes people to lose control and become unconscious. It invalidates your Wudu and is best to avoid it. All praise and glory to Allah.

7. Fainted

Fainted is one thing that can cause your Wudu to be invalidated. It doesn’t matter if it happens for a few seconds or for a long time. But it will keep your Wudu invalid. The person who has lost their consciousness is called a Fainted.

It makes perfect sense that a fainted spell invalidates your Wudu. It doesn’t matter if it is caused by illness, it will continue to break and invalidate your Wudu. It is best to take another Wudu in order to be able to pray properly.

8. Saliva and blood

Sometimes blood can come from your mouth and mix with your saliva. It is vital to know how much blood and saliva you have. Your Wudu will be invalidated if the blood volume is greater than that of your saliva.

If it happens the other way, your Wudu will be fine and you can continue praying after Wudu.

These are the things that invalidate or break your Wudu, based on the Quran surah Al Maidah verse 6. Do you ever have to bear with them all? All praise and glory to Allah.

Wadu-compliant items

It doesn’t hurt to change clothes.

Your wadu will not be broken by looking at the mirror. This is what I found out the hard way.

Wadu is not affected by hugging or kissing your husband or wife unless it is done with a desire to and the result is a discharge.

Wadu is not broken by cutting your nails.

Wadu is not broken by crying.

If it’s very light, but not too deep, you can sleep without losing consciousness or leaning against anything else.

I hope you guys found this helpful.

We will respond to any comments or questions you may have. If you’re interested in learning more about Salah, check out the other Revert Series articles.

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Questions and answers

Question: Does blood predominate over saliva?
It is judged on the basis of color.

Question: One’s health is at risk if such insects, like a bedbug, mosquito, or leech, suck blood from your body. wudu’ nullified?
A leech sucking a lot of blood can spread over one’s skin, causing it to break one’s skin. wudu’ . It does not negate one’s rights if the other mentioned insects, the leech, suck blood. wudu’ .

Question: It is wudu’ Are you bitten by a mosquito and are you nullified?
It is not nullified.

Question: Is it possible for blood to clot in mucus? wudu’ ?
A blood clot doesn’t break wudu’ . It is broken by blood that is flowing.

It is wudu’ If thick blood comes out the nose, it is null.
It is not null.

Question: Does it break if blood is the same size as a pinhead? wudu’ ?
It doesn’t break wudu’ .

Question: Assume a person is a ma’zur (An excused person) because he had bleeding on his hand. Will his wudu’ If his foot bleeds, will he be declared null?
Yes, it will be nullified.

Does liquid come out of a sore when it’s scratched? wudu’ ?
Scholars believe that liquids resulting from eczema or heat rash between fingers, blisters and skin diseases such as mites, red spot (due to chicken pox), as well as fluids that come from the area where cataplasm is applied, do not cause them to break. wudu’ . This can be used in extreme circumstances. (Radd-ul-mukhtar)
Question: Perform when I wudu’ Some pimples on my forehead burst open and continue to ooze blood for a while. What should I do? wudu’ ?
Imitating the bleeding is the easiest way to learn about bleeding Maliki Madhhab . Perform the following: wudu’ Intend to imitate the Maliki Madhhab The blood from your pimples won’t break your skin wudu’ .

Question: Is there a yellowish or colorless liquid emitted from a wound? wudu’ ?
A wound’s colorless liquid is the painfully leaking fluid. wudu’ . However, if there are no issues it doesn’t break wudu’ . There are some scholars who believe that colorless liquids, regardless of whether they issue painlessly or painfully, do not nullify. wudu’ These scholars can help those suffering from eczema, chicken pox, and scabies.

Question: Chi Patch, a Chinese patch called Chi Patch, is applied to the soles of the feet to treat certain diseases. These patches absorb toxins from your body. They become extremely wet after being removed. Is this toxic liquid a danger to healthy skin? wudu’ ?
It is subject to the same rules as sweat. It does not nullify wudu’ In any one of the four madhhabs .

Question: Does a subcutaneous medicine that is administered by a syringe come out of the skin? wudu’ ?
It doesn’t break wudu’ Wudu’ If the medicine is accompanied by blood, it will be null.

Question: The oily medicine I had put in my ear went through my mouth and nose. My! wudu’ nullified?
It does not matter if the oil that has gotten into the ear is pushed out of the nose. wudu’ . It breaks wudu’ When it reaches the mouth.

Is it null? wudu’ To sleep, you can use the sitting position salat You can also sit cross-legged with your elbows on two knees, resting two of your hands against your chin.

Question: Is it possible to sleep on a stool? wudu’ ?
One can be careful to sit and rest well. wudu’ It will not be nullified.

Is it possible to sleep on an armchair or chair by placing my arms on my knees and not leaning against the (armchair)? wudu’ ?
You can’t sleep in self-possessed mode if you aren’t careful. wudu’ You cannot break it. Self-possession is being careful about what you keep. wudu’ . If one doesn’t fall over when the object on which one rests are taken away, it is considered to be asleep cautiously. wudu’ .

Question: What is one’s? wudu’ If you have headaches, your tears will not be able to flow.
It cannot be nullified. One’s wudu’ If tears are triggered by pain in the eyes, it is null.

Question: Does it make one cry when one cuts an onion? wudu’ ?
It doesn’t.

Question: Is eye crust formation nullifiable? wudu’ ?
It doesn’t.

Question: Is it possible to get a thick substance out of pimples and blackheads? wudu’ ?
It does not contain sebaceous matter if you mention it.

Question: One’s health is at risk if one takes a pill and becomes dizzy or shaky when walking. wudu’ nullified?
Dizziness is not a sign of weakness wudu’ . If the pill is intoxicated, wudu’ is broken.

Question: Does it cause ear discharge (otorrhea), if it comes out of the ear without any pain? wudu’ ?ANSWERYes it breaks Wudu’.

Question: Does the issuing of pinworms or worms break wudu?

Question Is wudu broken when a facial hair is removed?
It isn’t.

Question Is one’s Wudu’ nullified when one pulls out a hangingnail?
One’s wudu is not nullified. The wudu is not nullified by cutting one’s hair, moustache, moustache or nails. You don’t have to wash the areas you cut. When performing wadu’, it is not necessary to wash the areas where you have cut. If the wound is too sensitive to washing, one should masah (wiping). If the ointment runs off, wash it under water. It is not recommended to wash the ointment if it hasn’t healed.

Question When a person performs Salat, it feels like he is blowing wind. Sometimes it doesn’t happen. What can he do?
This hadith-i Sharif says that this is an act by the Devil. He blows into the anus of the human and misunderstands him. Our Master the Prophet says: “Unless you hear or smell a sound, your wudu will not be nullified.” What you feel is a waswasa (an evil suggestion made by the Devil), and should be ignored. If you really feel like you are experiencing wind incontinence (incontinence with the wind), then you should follow the Maliki Maliki Madhhab. The Maliki does not consider involuntary wind emission to be an invalidation of one’s Wudu’.

Question Does it nullify one’s wudu?
It doesn’t matter if you imitate the Maliki Madhhab.

Question If a man passes gas through the urethra of a woman or through her vagina, will it cause a break in their wudu?
It doesn’t break their or her wudu’.

Question Does using perfume that contains alcohol affect one’s Wudu’?
It doesn’t break wudu. It is not an obstacle to salat‘s validity.

Question: Is it possible to break wudu by looking at non-mahram (maritalable) women who have sexual desire according to the madhhabs Hanafi or Maliki?
It is not acceptable to look at them with sexual desire. It takes away the rewards earned in exchange for acts of worship.

Question Is it breaking ghuslwudu to view pornographic photos and watch porn videos?
It does not violate ghusl or wudu’. It is forbidden ( haram). It is also sinful to observe them. mazi, which is a release of fluid upon excitement, will nullify one’s Wudu’mani, which is a seminal fluid, is released and renders one’s Ghusl null.

Question Does using skin creams or colognes that contain alcohol break wudu?
It doesn’t break wudu. It is not an obstacle to salat‘s validity.

Question : On the beach, we see bikini-clad ladies. Is it going to nullify our -ghusl and -wudu’?
Although it’s not a sin to look at bikini-clad women, it does not violate the ghusl and the wudu’.

Question: Does a man see a woman’s hair after she makes wudu?
It isn’t. It is not the same thing as committing a sin.

Question If a male or female midwife or gynecologist delivers a baby to a woman in Ramadan, in a state _wudu is their fast or _wudu nullified or ghusl ?
A Hanafi female Gynecologist or Midwife can deliver a woman’s child in Ramadan. Her fast, wudu’ or ghusl will not go away if she does. If there is no urgent need to, it is forbidden for a male gynecologist to deliver a baby.

Question: Does gambling break wudu’?
Gambling is a serious sin but does not cause wudu’ to be broken. It is Mustahab that renews wudu. (The Fatwas Abussuud Elfendi).

Question To touch playing cards, or just for fun, does it break wudu?
It doesn’t. It is makruh, however, to play cards. Haram is to play cards and wager something, even a cup of tea.

Question Is playing backgammon harmful to or wudu’
It is mentioned in a hadith i sharif
(The similitude between a person who performs Salat after playing backgammon and one who performs Salat after making Wudu’ using pus and pig bone. ) [Imam-i Ahmad]
This means that backgammon doesn’t break wudu but it is better for you to renew it.

Question Hadrat Ali was pierced by an arrow. He didn’t feel any pain and ordered that he take it out before he began salat. The wound was full of blood. Did his salat become invalid because his Wudu’ was broken due to bleeding? He performed salat while in this state.
An excused person is one whose wound is oozing. In this condition, he can perform Salat. A person with incontinence can also perform salat if they are not afflicted with wind or urine. Second, bleeding does NOT nullify wudu in any of the three madhhabs. Perhaps Hadrat Ali’s ijtihad was similar.

Question The Wahhabis of Mecca lie and go to sleep. They then stand for Salat. Is it possible to break wudu by sleeping, according to their madhhab
The four madhhabs allow you to sleep by lying down. Their act proves they are not madhhabs. The ruling on sleeping nullifying wudu is a matter of disagreement between the four madhhabs.

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According to the Hanafi Madhhab, if one lies down with one’s back not straightened, e.g. by lying on one side or back, or leaning on one’s elbows, one’s is nullified. One’s wudu’ will not be nullified if one doesn’t fall over when the thing one is leaning on is removed. One’s Wudu’ will not be nullified if one falls asleep while performing Salat. Except for Salat, one cannot nullify wudu if one lies down with the legs up and the head on its knees.

In Hanbali Madhhabsleeping is a violation of wudu in every case, regardless of the sleeping position. Light sleep while sitting or standing for a brief period of time does not cause wudu to be broken.

Even if it lasts a short time,deep sleeping breaks Wudu’. It can cause wudu to be broken, regardless of whether the person is standing, lying down, or making prostrations. It is possible to keep one’s WUDU’ nullified if it lasts only a short time.

If one’s back is straightened in the Shafi’i Madhhab, one’s does not have to be sunk. wudu cannot be slept in any other position.

As you can see, sleeping by lying breaks the wudu’s in all four madhhabs. (Al-Fiqh ‘ala al- Madhahib al-Arba’ah, Mizan-ul Kubra, Fatawa al-Hindiyya)

This means that you can’t sleep without resting your body on something except in the Hanafi Madhhab. It is therefore not permitted in any of the four Madhhabs for fallaheen to make wudu after you have slept by lying.

Question Let’s say that a person delays Salat al-Asr to allow 20 minutes for Salat al-Maghrib to arrive. His salat is invalid if he laughs while performing it. Is his Wudu’ also invalid?
His wudu’ will not be nullified because he is in a period when it is makruh for him to perform a salat. His wudu would also be nullified if he was not in the makruh time to perform a Salat(Fatawa al-Hindiyya)

Question A person urinates in an area without water. He finds water afterward. He then makes Wudu’ with the water, and then he cleans up any urine stains on his privates. Will his Wudu’ be null if he touches his penis during washing?
His wudu’ won’t be nullified. The Shafi’i Madhhab states that it will break the Wudu’ of both a man or woman (if she touches the area in her genitals). It breaks the wudu of the male according to Maliki or Hanbali.

Question If a tonsilstone as large as a chickpea gets into one’s mouth while making Wudu’ is it possible to break one’s ?
It doesn’t.

Question Does earwax cause wudu’ to break?
It doesn’t break wudu.

Question: What happens if hemorhoids are released and the person tries to drive them back in with either his hand or a cloth? Will his wudu be broken?
It will break because his hand was smeared in something filthy. This means that something has happened inside of the body. (Fatawa al-Hindiyya)

Question: Does smoking or drinking beer break wudu’?
They both do not break wudu’. A person who drinks urine or blood, which is haram to consume, is guilty of a haram. However, his wudu’ does not become null.

Question If blood or pus from a wound seeps through the bandage, does this break wudu?
Yes, one’s “wudu” is nullified. The wudu is nullified if blood doesn’t come out of the bandage. One’s wudu’ is nullified if the bandage has more than three layers, and some of the layers below are bloody. (Fatawa al-Hindiyya)


If the problem is chronic and you are unable to perform the necessary acts (fard or wajib), you will be granted the concessions of an exempt person (madhur). The following answer provides a more detailed explanation of the regulations for the madhur:

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