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Astaghfirullah Meaning – Astaghfirullah is an Arabic term used by Muslims across the globe, which translates to ” I seek forgiveness of my sins from Allah” often referred to as Istighfar.

When someone seeks Dua for Istighfar (forgiveness) by Allah He reaps the physical and spiritual advantages of this life and the afterlife.

It is recommended to say the entire Istighfar Dua to enjoy the enormous advantages of its blessings prosperity, blessings, and good fortunes from Allah.

The Quran, Surah Baqarah, Ayat no. 222, it is written that Allah loves the one who accepts Istighfar and then moves toward it, and then turn away from the sins. In Surah Taha, Ayat no. 85, Allah declares “I forgive those who come to me, and want to forgive me but they must also have Imaan and perform good deeds following asking forgiveness

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The Full Astaghfirullah Dua with meaning

Astaghfirullah Meaning – This means : I beg Allah to forgive me. This formula is also known as the isighfar (the demand to forgive). Astaghfirou means: I ask forgiveness. Astaghfirou Allah I request for forgiveness from Allah. The formula also includes astaghfirullah al azeemim, which is a way of saying I seek forgiveness from Allah the Immeasurable. Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) was known to repeat the formula isighfar more than 100 times per day.

Here are the primary spellings of the word:

  • astaghfirullah
  • astaghfir allah
  • astaghfirullah al azeem

How do you pronounceAstaghfir Allah >> ?

The precise wording is astaghfiroullah.

How to writeAstaghfiroullah in Arabic ?

We write : stGfr llh

What is the best time to say Astaghfiroullah >> ?

  • For Allah’s forgiveness
  • After committing a crime
  • Anytime to do dhikr


Astaghfirullah Meaning – I beg forgiveness for my transgressions to Allah whom I consider my Lord. I turn my attention to Him.

The Benefits of Astaghfirullah

  • Allah Absolves (forgive) the one who commits Istighfar with a lot of diligence.
  • Allah provides relief (nijaat) from the adversity and sorrow.
  • Allah takes away poverty and offers the relief from poverty.
  • Allah has provided Rizq from places one could not even imagine.
  • Allah grants prosperity (Barqat) for Rizq and also a source of income.
  • Allah will shower you with rain if the area is not getting any rain but is in desperate need.
  • The act of reciting Istighfar will cleanse your heart and removes the dark spots that result from the sins of your past.
  • Allah is the one who forgives the greatest sins of anyone who recites Astagh-firullah from an honest heart.
  • Allah transforms sins into good of a person who does Istighfar with a pure heart.

Astaghfar STGFR meaning In English The meaning of Astaghfar in EnglishFind the right meaning for Astaghfar in English It is essential to comprehend the word correctly in translating the meaning into Urdu in English. There are always multiple definitions for every word in English the proper definition is Astaghfar In English is Penitence.

In Urdu you write as stGfr. Other meanings include Touba, Taib Honay Ki Haalat, Nedamat and Astaghfar. The word is a form. Penitence is a verb. It is written as [pen-ituh ns[pen-i-tuh ns]. There are a number of related words for Astaghfar from our Dictionary which include Anguish, Attritionand Compunction and Contrition.

Debasement Distress, Degradation Humiliation, Grief Penance, Qualm Regret, Remorseand Ruefulness, Remorse, Ruefulness Sadness, Ruth, Remorse and Scruple. In addition to the similar terms, there are opposing words in the dictionary, too The opposite words to Astaghfar are approval, comfort and Contentedness. T

hey are also called Elevation, happiness, joy, satisfaction and Shamelessness. Following the Urdu changed to English Translation of Astaghfar If you’re having problems with pronunciation, then you can listen to the pronunciation from the dictionary online.

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Istighfar 100 Times Benefits

Astaghfirullah Meaning – Prophet Hazrat Mohammad () is known to do Istighfar consistently throughout His entire lifetime even when The Prophet is Masoom (clear free of all of the sins).

A person asked the Prophet if Masoom is Masoom, then why are you doing so much Istighfar on which The Prophet Mohammad () stated.

“Why not I should be the thankful worshipper (banda) of Allah, even though Allah has made me Masoom but I will do the thankfulness of Allah”

Also, the prophet Mohammad () performs Istaghfar to demonstrate and educate Ummah to make his Ummah too can do Istighfar in order to be convinced of Allah.

Sahi Muslim Sahi Muslims Hazrat Abdullah bin Umar (RA) anecdotes about how Hazrat Mohammad () claimed “Do Istighfar from Allah because I myself do 100 times Istighfar a day from Allah”

Istighfar Wazifa 100 Times Benefits

The following wazifa will assist you to complete your dream prayers (Dua) that you offer to Allah and also it’s an appropriate wazifa to marry.

Create the ablution (wuzu) prior to getting ready to go to bed in the night. Repeat the Durood Sharif 3 times which you can remember, or Durood-eIbrahimi. Recite the entire Astagh-firullah Dua 100 times in the fullest heart.

Then recite the Durood Sharif three times as you had recited at the beginning. Then after that, raise both your hands in Dua and seek the forgiveness of Allah. Get forgiveness from Allah for all your transgressions with a honest heart or tears. In the future, Dua to Allah for any legitimate wish that you wish to.

InshaAllah Doing this wazifa will fulfill your every good wish. This can also improve the chances of success (barqat) inside your Rizq. Additionally, Allah will provide Rizq from places where the person was not even considered.

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Hadith on Istighfar (Dua of Forgiveness)

Astaghfirullah MeaningAbu Dawud (Book of Hadith) The narration of Hazrat Abbas Ibn (RA) that the Prophet Hazrat Mohammad () stated “If one continuously wants forgiveness (Istighfar) in the name of Allah,

Allah will provide a solution to him from every trouble, and provide relief from any anxiety and will supply sustenance (Rizq) from places the person is not expecting.”

Sahih Bukhari (Hadith 318) — “If one recites Istighfar throughout the day, with a firm belief in it and then dies the same day prior to the evening the following evening, he will be one of the people from Paradise.

And if a person is able to recite it at night, with faith and passes away before sunrise it will be from those who live in Paradise.”

Astaghfirullah Quran Quotes

Surah an-Nisa (4:110) 4:110) “And whoever does a wrong (sin) or wrongs himself but then seeks forgiveness of Allah, will find Allah forgiving and merciful.”

Holy Quran (71:10-12) Holy Quran (71:10-12) “Ask forgiveness from the Lord. Indeed, He will forgive you. He will pour rain from the heavens on you with abundance, and will give you riches and children, and even create gardens for you. He will also make rivers for you.”

Holy Quran (8:33) Holy Quran (8:33) “But not is for Allah that He punishes them while you are among them, and not is Allah the one who punishes them while they seek forgiveness.”

One who continuously and regularly performs Istighfar in a heartfelt way is granted forgiveness by Allah All-powerful And Allah will not penalize him.

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How Do You Use Astaghfirullah?

* Astaghfirullah which means ” I seek forgiveness from Allah” is an Arabic word that is used to refer back to this action.

If they make an error after a mistake, they said ” bismillah ( ” in the name of Allah ” ) before beginning an activity. When they made an error the players whispered ” astaghfirullah ( ” I beg Allah to forgive me ” ).

Is Astaghfirullah A Bad Word?

I am Astaghfirullah. A declaration of disapproval.

Is It Good To Say Astaghfirullah?

In calming Astaghfiruallah it is possible to eliminate the multitude of worries that are occupying our bodies and minds. Additionally, it can help us to relax if we’re experiencing depression, and can help to lessen the symptoms of depression, too. As well as aiding us in avoiding any sin, Astaghfirullah also helps us to avoid sin in all forms.

Is Astaghfirullah Arabic?

It’s the act of asking forgiveness from Allah by performing this act called Istighfar (Arabic: * isi*f*r) Also known as Astaghfirullah as well as Astagfirullah (Arabic Astaghfirullah: * *asta*firu L-L*h). In general, it is performed through repetition of the Arabic wordsastaghfirullah that means “I ask Allah for forgiveness”.

What Is Astaghfirullah Called?

Astaghfirullah (Istighfar) will be the key to relief and happiness. It can be recited when you’re in a state of distress and Insha Allah, Allah will ease anxiety and place you in a tranquil space. The anxiety will be eliminated and the prayers are answered with the medication.

How Do You Say Astaghfirullah In Urdu?


Where Is Astaghfirullah Used?

* The literal meaning of the word is, “I ask Allah for forgiveness; a short prayer for redemption.”.

* I could have avoided this. Astaghfirullah. I could have avoided that.

* Injections are a way of expressing of disapproval. Astaghfirullah! Take a look at the condition of your bedroom.

What Does It Mean When Someone Says Astaghfirullah?

In its literal meaning Astaghfirullah is “I seek God’s forgiveness”. In dhikr, Muslims generally say the verse. The purpose of the statement is to affirm it is believed that Allah is the most powerful or that goodness originates from Allah. It is normal for people to make this statement when they observe something unacceptable or embarrassing in popular culture.

How Many Times Should I Recite Astaghfirullah?

Because as it’s an integral part of the Sunnah for the Prophet Muhammad (SallAllahu Alaihi Wa Sallam) It is recommended that you must perform the practice at least 100 times per day.

What Do Muslims Say When Someone Sins?

The one who committed a sin against their souls must be remembered. For Allah forgives all sinsbecause He is a lot-forgiving, the most merciful.

What Is Astaghfirullah Dua?

Rabbi Min Kulli zambiyon wa atoobu ilaiyh transliterates the Astaghfirullah. My Lord is my Lord, and I seek his forgiveness for my transgressions.

How Many Times Should I Recite Astaghfirullah?

Because this is considered to be the Sunnah for the Prophet Muhammad (SallAllahu Alaihi Wa Sallam) It is recommended that you must repeat every day at least once per day. In a minute, you could repeat the words “Astaghfiru Allaah” more than 100 times.

What Is Allahu Akbar In Arabic?

The phrase is an Arabic phrase that is commonly utilized by more than a billion Muslims all over the world to refer to God. 

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Inshallah We’ll do to be the best we can during the Dunya. But we have to be actively looking for ways to lessen or avoid sins, and to do good. Sometimes it’s as easy like asking Allah with sincerity of wanting to become more perfect Muslims.

The purpose the founders of is to assist Muslims to grow. This short article helped you to learn something new. Do not hesitate to share it with a friend if you didhelp, so that we all can receive additional blessings by Allah.

Benefits of Istighfar

Purification of the Heart

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