Complete Story of The Prophet Adam (عليه السلام)

Prophet Adam (عليه السلام) – The beginning of life on earth began way before the birth of mankind. In the beginning, plants were first born, then animals, and finally human beings were made.

Prior to humankind, the advancement and control over the earth was entrusted to the jinns from the spiritual realms.  Allah the Great created the jinn to ensure to “they would recognize Him with faith and worship Him” exactly like humankind. But, the jinns didn’t act in accordance to their purpose of being created They caused mischief all over the earth instead of pursuing justice.

In addition the fact that they indulged so much in a rebellion and mischief that their bad acts surpassed their good deeds far away, and as a result they were denied the title of owner to the globe was taken to their hands.

Allah the supreme wished to create a new being on the earth that could enhance and manage the world effectively. The new species that would have global control was to be handed over was humankind.

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Prophet Adam (عليه السلام) – Humanity’s first being Allah created on the planet created was Adam (pbuh). Then Eve was created to be an heir to him. Humankind was born from them. Allah the Glorious announced that He was going to create Adam to angels in the first place:

“I intend to make man out of clay. [4I will make an earthly vicegerent. After I have created him (in appropriate proportions) and breathed him into the man of My spirit, let him fall to the ground in reverence for him.” 6.

Angels were shocked by this command. They thought that control over the earth would go to them following the jinnhad been defeated, since the earth’s control was taken away by the jinn because of their rebellion and mischief. The angels, however, would obey and worship Allah throughout the through the day and all night. In this regard it appeared to be worthy title of the universe.

However, the expectation was not fulfilled. Allah said that He will establish the new living creature known as “human” and would make him vicegerent to the earth. In addition, He instructed angels to bow before Him. 

This signified that the living being that was to come forth would be more superior than angels. How could this be? Why can the living thing known as human be more superior than angels who worshipped and obeyed Allah throughout the night and day? 

And that’s not even mentioning that angels discovered that humankind could cause trouble and rebellion in the Earth. So what’s the logic behind making an living creature that could cause trouble and rebellion even shed blood over the earth as a vicegerent of the earth? To discover the answer to the question that caused their surprise and interest, angels asked Allah the Most High:

-O Lord! Do You intend to bring those who cause mistakes and spill blood on earth to be vile? Do we worship and praise you not enough? We praise, extol , and praise You constantly.” 

Allah replied to angels’ request in the following manner:

Deep secrets and fine knowledge do not only come from what you already know. I know what you do but not what you know.” 

The reason Allah revealed to angels the human being’s creation was because there was a strong connection between these two distinct beings. Angels are indeed able to exert an enormous influence on humankind’s actions, behavior and existence. 

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After the conversation of angels Allah made Adam.

Every one of the Quranic passages which speak about humankind’s creation specifically affirm that Adam was created by the element earth (clay).

A few of the verses are like this:

  • “Behold the Lord of hosts.” Lord told all angels that “I will soon make man from clay” (as-Sad, the 71st chapter of Genesis)
  • “We created man from sounding clay, from mud moulded into shape” (al-Hijr 26)
  • “He created man from sounding clay like unto pottery” (ar-Rahman, 14)

Based on the narrative by Abu Musa al-Ash’ari

the Messenger of Allah said: “Allah the Supreme created Adam from a plethora of earth He collected throughout the globe. Human beings are in line to earth. Some have pink skin, while some have skins that are black and some have white skins and others have dark skins and the hues between. Like the different types of earth humans are also human beings who are smooth, sharp and soft, good as well as poor.” 

According to the adverbial statement in the passage, Allah made human race with His own hands in force. (as-Sad, 75).

Our Prophet also stated: “Allah the Supreme kneaded Adam’s dough with His hands in 40 days” 

Each of them shows that humans were designed as a superior , distinct species. It is true humans did not originate from a different species, as Darwinists claim.

It is inferred from Quranic passages as well as hadiths that provide details about Adam’s creation. Adam His creation took place not a flash of lightning but was a gradual process and it took a long time after the clay that Allah made Adam was formed. In fact, Allah is capable of creating things from nothing in a flash and also creating slowly and through compounding. There is nothing different between the two modes of creation in terms His power. Creation can occur at once and other times it was gradual compounding with different substances, based on the motives. Said Nursi states the following about the matter of creation in The Flashes:

“Indeed the all-powerful One Of Glory has two methods to create: The first is through the process of origination and invention. In other words, He brings the being to existence from nothing, from the void and then creates all that is necessary for it, too, from nothing, and puts those things that are essential to it.

The second is through composition or art. This means that He creates specific beings from nature’s elements to display subtle examples of wisdom, for example, display of the perfections of His wisdom, and the manifestations of numerous in His Names. By the law of providing particles and matter that depend on His commands to the beings and uses the particles within their bodies.” 

Adam’s creation which was not sudden but was gradual, is described in the second type of creation.

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Prophet Adam (عليه السلام) – After the creation of Adam, Allah taught him the names, the essences and the characteristics of all things in order for him to be able to settle down on earth and gain from the things all around. This is known as the name-learning (ta’lim-ul asma). Then, He desired to demonstrate to angels that the creature they hated was better than them in understanding and knowledge. To prove this, He was able to test Adam and angels in their understanding. He demonstrated a variety of things to angels. He stated:

“If you are still insistent on your question why I made him the vicegerent, tell the names and the features of these things.” 14

Angels did not respond because they didn’t have the information they needed. They apologized to Allah:

“Glory to Thee, of knowledge we have none, save what Thou Hast taught us: In truth it is Thou Who art perfect in knowledge and wisdom.” 15Now Adam’s turn came around. Allah told Adam:

“O Adam! Please reveal these names for angels.” Adam told them their names and their features one at a time, and Allah spoke to angels:

“Did I not tell you that I know the secrets of heaven and earth, and I know what you reveal and what you conceal?” [1616

Adam’s greatest feat of faith is the fact that he was instructed the names of things he encountered and was tested by angels. When he passed the examination, it was revealed that the Prophet Adam was more knowledgeable than angels in his knowledge. Also, the reasons for why humanity was named the vicegerent of earth was discovered.

“What does the names that were taught to Adam is what they symbolize. Perhaps Allah gave Adam the understanding of things that are beyond limits. Allah also provided the understanding of the nature of things as well as divine laws which rule over them, methods of good and harm for the human minds as a prerequisite for his gift. The obvious situation proves the fact that it. 

Humans have been blessed with that natural ability from their ancestors over many thousands of years, and finally have discovered the mystery and laws of nature that fulfill the promise of Allah that “I am about to create a vicegerent on the earth” and turns them into the vicegerents of the earth. According to the Bible, Allah has created Adam to be a vicegerent from mountains oceans, seas, plants animals and the earth as well as the sky. He also created for him the wisdom related to humankind , which he might require in order to endure the challenge of.” 17:


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The superiority of Adam was discovered through tests, Allah ordered angels to bow before Adam. The angels all obeyed this instruction without hesitation. [18]

It is said that initially Gabriel first, and then Michael then Israfel and Azrael were prostrated before Adam. Other angels also joined their prostrators.

The act of prostration in this case wasn’t intended for worship, but rather to show respect. It was a way of acknowledging Adam’s superiority and bowing to Allah who conferred this power to Adam. (*)

In the angels‘ ranks, there was another angel known as Azazel. The Azazel, who was to be known as Iblis (**) as well as Satan because of his refusal to obey Allah and was not made by divine light, like angels but rather from fire. The 19th century was in fact a Jinn. But, he was with angels for quite a while. He had achieved a prestigious place among them through his devotion and understanding. In this regard, Adam also instructed him to kneel before Adam.

But, Iblis was not born innocent (sinless) like angels. He was just too exaggerated. He attributed the position that he achieved to his personal respect and understanding. The man believed that he had the right to be more superior than those beings.

In this way, he is strongly against prostrating before Adam due to his arrogance. 

The angels were awed by the news.

In truth, Allah the Glorious had not commanded or advised Iblis against his desires and He had not tried to test him with anything that could trigger his arrogance before the moment. The reason why Iblis did not rebel and had been loyal until that point was due to the events that were happening and the duties that he was assigned up until that point were in line with his wishes and expectations.

But the prayers and worship observed in these instances cannot be regarded as having been solely to comply with the Divine Command and to earn Allah’s approval. Because when something is in accordance with Allah’s command and one’s wishes however, it isn’t certain that it is Allah’s commands or one’s personal desires that one obeys. 

In this regard Allah’s instruction to all angels to bow before Adam after His creation also served as a test of devotion to Iblis. The test exposed the true emotions of Iblis and revealed his real essence, his pride and arrogance that Iblis had hidden.

The angels knew that Iblis’s friendliness and similarity to them was the result due to the fact his personal desires and divine orders weren’t at war until that point so there hadn’t an event that had caused Iblis rebel. Other than that, Iblis had nothing to be associated with the angelic quality in the form of “ismah” which means “not being rebellious against Allah’s orders but obeying them”.


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Prophet Adam (عليه السلام) – When Satan refused to kneel in front of Adam, Allah the Glorious inquired about the cause of his deed:

“O Iblis, what prevents you from kneeling before Adam who I created by my own hands? Did you break the law due to the fact that you think you are above Adam?” [23]

Instead of apologize for his sins to Allah to Allah for disobeying Iblis was carried from him by the pride of his life, attempted to prove that his rebellion was correct:

“I am better than Adam because you made me from fire , and Adam from clay. Do I have to bow before someone who you made out of clay?” said he, disliking Adam.

Iblis showed the arrogance and pride that he felt inside, saying “I am more decent than Adam.” To be sure that this was true, he claimed the idea that he was made from fire, and Adam was made of clay. In this manner he sought to show his superiority to and virtue over Adam by comparing their elements that they made from.

In this Satanic claim were all the Satanic traits:

A)Iblis could not admit that his first responsibility was to obey and serve Allah and that serving and obedience demanded humility and submission. He opted to protest and rebel in opposition to the Lord of his creation.

B) He dared to declare that he was better than Adam as Adam was made of fire and refused to kneel before him even though his job was to comply with. In addition, he made this claim as the reason why he refused to kneel before Adam. So, Iblis was the first human being to attempt to make use of absurdity and false explanation, and of a deliberate interpretations that were not true.

(c)It is a true belief that Iblis declared “You created me from fire and him from clay.” In the end, however, after completing the decision, he made an assessment of the two elements, and ultimately decided to declare that “fire was superior to earth.” This decision made by Iblis was nothing more than demagoguery.

 It is a fact that by using that phrase Iblis admitted that God was the creator Allah and yet being influenced by his arrogance and pride and pride, he drew focus to what they were made from, and sought to gain decency and superiority solely through material aspects. He intentionally ignored the purpose Allah gave Adam to achieve, and the superiority of his knowledge and the reasoning He conferred upon him and also that He made Adam the vicegerent of earth. 

In other words, He believed Adam was a petty, shrewd creature. Adam was the only one with a specialization other aside from being made out of earth. He also believed that there was no other thing he could do apart from being created by fire. He therefore believed that Allah the Most High who gives the uniqueness and characteristics of all things from His treasure of mercy and compassion is dependent on the materials.

The reason the elements of fire and earth have different characteristics isn’t the core of these elements however, it is the result of Allah’s choice. In his statement, “You created me from fire and him from clay”, Iblis, demagogically used a false argument such as “Fire is more decent than earth” and claimed to be superior to Adam using the false argument as argument. [24]

In reality, both earth and fire are the two elements that were created by Allah. They are identical to each with respect to their origins. In addition, since no creature has a distinct feature or distinctness aside from the attributes Allah has bestowed to them. No creature is entitled to slander other beings. Furthermore, it can be evident that earth has greater specialties than fire and has features that are more valuable than it when earth and fire are compared on the basis of their unique features. The features and specialties earth has are discussed in Masnawi an-Nuriyya in the following manner.

“Just as the universe is the core to the entire universe, similarly is earth itself the center of the universe. The shortest route that can lead to their goals is to walk on earth such as humility and modesty. Perhaps earth is a less direct path to the God of the sky (universe) in comparison to the most heavenly sky. Earth is the best place to manifest Godhood as well as works of strength or vicegerency as well as expressions that bear the name al-Hayy as well as al-Qayyum. 

The greatest mercy is found over the waters, and similarly the most heavenly kind of life and resurrection occurs in the earth. Earth is the most powerful mirror reflecting the manifestations and phenomena. The more beautiful mirror of something transparent, the more clearly reflections reflect the look of it. The more transparent is reflection of something that is attractive and brilliant the more beautiful reflections reflect the nuances that are the name.

In Mirror of Air only a small amount of light from the sun can be seen. While the sun is observed with its entire light in the water mirror however, its seven colors are not able to be observed. The mirror of Earth shows the seven sun’s colors along with the colors of flowers.

The hadith, which can be translated to “The position in which one is closest to Allah is when he prostrates, putting his head on earth” is a sign of the it is a mystery. [25]

It is obvious that it is not a valid argument of Iblis to boast of the fact that He was made from fire in the same way that Allah the Most High created human race, which is the vicegerent in the world made of earth which has numerous awe-inspiring attributes and qualities.

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A Witty Remark:

Prophet Adam (عليه السلام) – Names of the Prophet Adam Procession of angels in front of Adam and Satan’s reluctance to his prostration are mentioned in numerous chapters and passages of the Quran. The reason these events are considered so important is described by the Quran in “The Words” as follows:

“In The All-Wise Qur’an there are several minor events that are universal principles hidden, and they are described as the outlines to general rules. For instance, He taught Adam the Names in each one. This is the teaching of the Names that was a miraculous act that took place in Adam prior to the Angels due to of his power to become Allah’s vicegerent the earth. It was also an incident of minor significance. It is however the epicenter of a general principle that will be as follows:

 It was a form of teaching because of man’s vast disposition, of numerous disciplines, as well as a myriad of branches of knowledge of the universe as well as a deep understanding of the attributes and attributes of God that gave man supremacy over not only angels, but as well the heavens, earth and the mountains in the matter of the performance of the supreme trust. In the same way, the Qur’an declares that because of his entire disposition the human being is God’s vice-god here on earth, the small moment of the Unseen of the angels reclining to Adam as well as Satan not prostrating, is the culmination of a universally accepted principle. These points to a larger truth that is like this:

In mentioning the angels’ submission and obedience towards the character of Adam and the pride and refusal of Satan to bow down, the Qur’an is clear that the vast majority of the physical beings of the universe as well as their appointed representatives are subject to the will of man and that the human senses are prone and able to taking advantage of all of them.

 In addition, it identifies what is a terrifying enemy and a major obstruction to man’s progress are evil things and its representatives, as well as its evil people, who can corrupt the human nature and force him into wrong directions and lead him to a wrong path. Qur’an Of Miraculous Exposition in a discussion of an incident minor to Adam (Peace is with Adam) converses in a high manner with the entire universe and the entire human race.”

“By explaining under the name of ‘the teachings of the Names and the achievements of knowledge and advancement in science and the marvels of technology that man demonstrates through his omniscient attitude, this enchanting verse is a subtle and profound allusions to all accomplishments and excellence, all learning, every advancement and all science have an elevated reality that is based on the Divine Names. 

Because they are based upon the name, that is hidden in a myriad of veiled forms and diverse manifestations and areas, the sciences and achievements and arts attain their ultimate perfection and are realized. They are not a sloppy shadow that is deficient and unfinished.” [26]

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Allah the Lord was angered by the arrogance, arrogance, and arrogance Iblis:

“Get thee down from this: it is not for thee to be arrogant here: get out, for thou art of the meanest (of creatures). ” [2727. He said to Allah and removed him.

In expelling Iblis, Allah reminded Iblis that He was the sole possessor of all superiority and superior quality and could make the person He wanted and degrade the one that He desired whenever He chose. Iblis was punished severely for the sin for not understanding his limitations. [28]

Iblis recognized that there was no justification for superiority from what elements they were created, following Allah the Supreme’s angry message to him.

He was in a state of despair because he believed that Allah could kill him due to the error that he’d committed. He could not even consider apologizing due to the sting the pride he had. As a last resort the man demanded Allah for something:

“Give me respite till the day they are raised up (the day of resurrection).” said the prophet. [29]

In his desire there is another aspect which demonstrates his satanic qualities.

Iblis sought respite until resurrection day because the thought was to avoid death. He was referring to the moment when the Sur (pipe or the horn) will be blown to the ground for the first time. But, he didn’t say it clearly, however, he attempted to achieve his wish with a clever request for rest until when the resurrection day came around. This was because it would be the date that marked the day of “coming into life.” The day after that it would be impossible to experience death any more. He had planned to avoid the suffering of death by avoiding his Day of Judgment.

But it is because Allah knows even the tiniest of secrets in people’s hearts, knew that the plan he had devised, he answered his request for mercy in the following manner:

-“Be one of the people who have a respite.” [30]

Thus, Satan will live till the Day of Judgment and, after suffering the pain of death, like other creatures, he’ll be raised again to answer.


Iblis was extremely content to receive the peace Iblis wanted. Instead of spending his time in repentance and gratitude and attempting to escape the degrading fate Iblis resisted his rebellion, and he told Allah:

If You caused me to stray to degrade and then turn into a pervert I will endeavor to make humankind stray. I will abide by your straight path and lay in ambush in that path of faith and right direction which leads us to You. I will force them off the straight path by attacking them from their back, front left, right and on all sides. I will try my best to disorient them. You will not see many people who are obedient and grateful to You. I can only see few of them. They are Your faithful servants. [31]

This is why Iblis declared his hatred for Adam as well as his generation clearly. He was determined to take revenge by disadvantaging people away from the path of Allah. And he was extremely hopeful in that regard. He was optimistic because he knew the his natural disposition and character Adam was born. Adam’s natural disposition and temperament was created. Messenger of Allah expressed the matter in the following manner:

“When Allah created Adam in Heaven and then left him to his own for a few days, Iblis started to wander about him and try to determine what he might be. When he finally realized that he was not himself He realized that he was born with the natural state of being and cannot be able to control the tendencies of lower-self.” [32]

When Iblis exposed his sins regarding Adam Adam, he was removed from mercy yet again after being exiled from the mercy of Allah. He was banished from Heaven and was forbidden to enter Heaven for ever.

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Allah also told him:

— O Iblis Be pestering Adam and his descendants with all the force and power you can muster. Utilize all the devilish slyness and tricks. I promise that whoever of humanity abandons my path and clings to you I will fill the hell with you and those who follow. But the True servants of Mine whom you claimed you could not be deceived, never stop praying to earn my blessing. Whatever you attempt, you will never be able to control them.” [3333

It is believed that, there will be people in the near future who Satan cannot be able to divert them from the path of truth. However, Iblis’s attempts to deceive them will only lead to their goodwill.

While a diamond of few grams is less than tons of coal but it is far valuable and superior to coal. Those who Satan is unable to fool will be sufficient to safeguard humankind’s honour and proving that humans are worthy to be the vicegerent of the universe. The wisdom of Allah and reason in establishing humankind will be confirmed with the help of diamonds.

The fact that those who Satan is unable to deceive are not numerous in number, but that they are extremely precious has led to the humankind’s creation regardless of their rebellion and mischief. This is also the main reason Allah allowed a large-scale battles and conflicts between humankind and Satan. If the war between humans and Satan was not permitted the holy servants Allah exalted wouldn’t be seen and the humankind’s efforts will be wasted.


After the ban that prevented Iblis the entrance into Heaven, Allah created Eve as his wife and lifetime friend in order to protect Adam from loneliness and facilitate the reproduction in the earth. As per a well-known narrative, Eve was created from Adam’s left rib bone. The majority of Quran interpreters have interpreted the verse translated as “O mankind! Take care of your obligation to the Lord of your life, who created you from one soul (Adam) and then made its partner (Eve )…” [3434]in the same way as this story.

There are however some scholars who do not agree with that interpretation. In fact, Abu Muslim Isfahani interpreted the phrase “from it created its mate” in the 1 1st chapter an-Nisa in the sense of “from the same kind of it”.

Another hadith that states the woman was made from rib bone was not believed to mean that woman was created physically by the rib, according to certain experts. By this saying it was intended to mean that women are fragile, aggressive and violent in her normal behavior and she is unable to be a good man to obey. In this regard, males must accept their female counterparts just as they are and to treat them as gentle as possible , and to stay clear of inflicting harm on them.

Another story by Bukhari is in support of this perspective. In this account Bukhari, the Prophet states:

“Woman is similar to the woman is like the. If you attempt at straightening her up, you’ll damage her. If you’re trying to connect with her and feel happy then you can only profit from her acceptance of this reality” [35]

Whatever the case, whether Eve was made from the same clay Adam was made or through his ribs, the truth is that we don’t know anything about the true story about the origins of Eve.


Prophet Adam (عليه السلام) – The story is told that Adam as well as Eve were seated in Heaven with an throne of gold and in garments made of divine light. In that moment, Allah addressed them:

“O Adam! You and your spouse are in Heaven. Profit from the blessings of Heaven in abundance” [36]

Furthermore, they were informed that they would not be thirsty or hungry in Heaven and they will have a home and clothing, so in essence they would not experience any kind of hardship or poverty. [37]

Allah was also adamant about Adam and Eve by stating that Satan was a major foe of theirs. Satan can deceive them and cause them to rebel and ultimately cause them to be banished from Heaven. On earth, they faced a lot of difficulties and trials were in store for them. This is why they needed to guard against Satan’s lies.

Based on the story by Bukhari When Adam was taken to Heaven, Allah ordered him to visit angels and greet them and take note of their response. Allah said that it was a sign of salutation for him as well as the generations to follow from him.

Adam took the order in obedience and then saluted the angels. The angels then were quick to say “Assalamu alaike wa rahmatullahi” in reply to him. [38]

This is the reason behind the significance of salutations in Islam and also the reason why it became the symbol of Islam.

Adam Eve and Eve were free to do whatever they want in Heaven and enjoy all the benefits of Heaven. There was only one caveat to this wide-ranging freedom: Adam and Eve were not allowed to walk close to the tree in Heaven and to eat its fruit. This prohibition was the first obligation Allah assigned to Adam and Eve. Apart from that they were at liberty to do whatever they wanted. Allah instructed Adam Eve and Eve that should they not abide by His rules that they would be considered unjust people and would be thrown out away from Heaven. [40]


Allah God, the supreme being had put Adam as well as Eve in Heaven for a time. Adam’s stay in Heaven wasn’t for the duration of eternity. The possibility was to discern it from Allah’s message to them at the time they entered Heaven. [41]

Iblis was waiting for the perfect chance to fool Adam and calculating which method he could trick Adam since Adam was already in Heaven. He was thrilled to learn that the tree of Heaven was forbidden to Adam. This was the chance that he’d been looking forward to. The moment he realized it, he began to plan his baffling technique. He wanted people to come near the tree and then eat its fruit by some means.


When Adam as well as Eve were wandering about in Heaven and Heaven, they would occasionally get close to the gates of Heaven. Even though Satan was thrown out of Heaven however, he was not taken to the earth at the moment. Satan was looking at them from outside Heaven and was wandering about in the outside of Heaven. [42]

He got the chance that he’d been waiting for and finally.

It was at this time that Adam and Eve were nearing the gate of Heaven. Iblis came to them from outside and asked that they should come closer to him. He began to make up stories to convince them to consume the fruit of that tree:

– O Adam! Do I want to give you how to remain in Heaven forever and enjoy an unending sovereignty?

What’s the matter? Display that…

Satan stretched his fingers and pointed it towards the tree that Allah had prohibited. Adam knew that Satan was trying to trick them. He was scolded and sent him off. However, Satan did not seem to give up. After a time the two of them came to him again. He said this time:

Why do you think the Lord has forbidden this tree to you? The tree is one of eternal life. If you consume its fruit it will keep you in Heaven for eternity.

Then you can become angels. What are you to be waiting for? Take a bite of its fruit and be in Heaven for eternity. [43]

Adam and Eve didn’t pay at all to those words.

– “Go away! Are you trying to trick us? Allah has forbidden the tree to us. Our obligation is to follow Him.” they declared.

Iblis’s strategy was not conclusive initially. But, he did not give up on his dreams. He would repeat the same phrase every time the two of them appeared. Adam as well as Eve. He assured them that they would remain in Heaven temporarily, and said “If you want to stay in Heaven for ever, you do not have any other choice but to eat that fruit.”

He even claimed that he was telling truth and that all he desired was the happiness from Adam Eve and Eve. [44] Satan knew that he was able to fool Eve more easily following a time. The devil realized his advice affected Eve. It is possible to trick Adam by using Eve.

In that way, he targeted his campaign on Eve. Actually the result was. He was able to convince Eve to believe in him. Then Adam was looking for Eve to convince Adam.

Everything went just as Satan desired. Eve managed to convince Adam. She convinced him to walk to the forbidden tree and take a bite of its fruit to be in Heaven for eternity and enjoy an endless joy. [45]

Satan discovered the temptation in the human heart to live in perpetual pleasure. [46]He succeeded in triggering that natural attraction in humans through constant efforts and a fervent campaign.

When Adam and Eve consumed the fruit of that forbidden tree divine clothing they were wearing disappeared. They were naked. They were ashamed and attempted to cover themselves with the leaves of trees. They recognized their error. But the time was now, they had defied Allah by following Satan. It was the first time Satan had a victory over mankind.


Prophet Adam (عليه السلام) – Their Lord spoke to the two of them “Did I not forbid you that tree, and tell you that Satan was an avowed enemy unto you? ” [47Then, they were astonished. After hearing that, Adam and Eve were embarrassed of their own actions. They acknowledged their sins and acknowledged it and declared that they regretted the things they did: “Our Lord! We’ve sinned against ourselves and our souls. If Thou does not forgive us and do not bestow upon us Thy Mercy, we will definitely become lost.” [48]This repentance they made was acknowledged later on after their return to Earth.

The purpose of Satan’s plan to have Adam and Eve consume the forbidden fruit on the tree was to bring them to disobeyance, that would rob them of Heaven for eternity. He believed that they would be thrown out of Allah’s mercy Allah and would be denied eternally as he was in that way.

But, he never imagined of the fact that Adam and Eve would repent of their sins and receive forgiveness for their repentance. The main goal in inciting every believer to rebel against Allah is to emulate the Prophet and to follow his example of the path of disobedience. He does not think that individuals will repent and will be granted forgiveness. If he had known that they were going to repent, he’d be adamant about the issue. To be honest He hopes that the believers will no longer enjoy the faith they have in their lives, being snuffed out by the consequences of their sins.

They will lose their faith forever due to their persistence in their sins. However, when a person who believes is saved from sin by a genuine repentance, Satan feels wrecked because of his anger and disappointment. In actual this was exactly like the case in his own also, and finally Satan failed to reach his goal.

Allah has previously warned Adam and Eve prior to their time and warned Adam and Eve that they would be thrown out of Heaven in the event that they were to follow Satan. This is why Allah repelled them from Heaven and brought them to Earth due to their sins.

The new life was about to begin for the people of Adam and Eve. The next generation of Adam and Eve would live in the Earth for a period of time before the Day of Judgment and were expected be able to enjoy the blessings and blessings that were bestowed to them throughout the time. Eventually, they would end their lives. But, death did not be a complete loss of existence. They will be raised again one day and be rewarded for their goodness, and also suffer from the punishment for their savage acts in the Earth. It was a requirement of Allah’s eternal wisdom.

As they were sent down to Earth, Allah called unto them: Adam, Eve and Satan together:

“Get ye down, with enmity between yourselves.” [49]

This means that the conflict and enmity between humankind and Satan would continue on the Earth too, as Satan believed it was the work of man that caused him to revolt and be removed from the grace of Allah. Thus, he felt hate with his entire existence toward humankind, and was a sworn enemy to the human race. Of course, he would try to fool people, draw them in and cause them to rebel against Allah.

Man was temperamentally weak and was prone to fall prey to Satan’s tricks and delusions. Furthermore, there were weaknesses in his personality, like the inability to remember, the impatience, and emotionality. It was also possible for him to guard himself only by constant guidance and instruction. It was the Divine Mercy, of course would not allow someone with this kind of mental state on its own. He would not let it go without support from an intruder like Satan. In reality, He didn’t abandon without any support. Allah The Glorious had warned Adam and Eve regarding the matter as He sent them onto the Earth:

“Get off of here. If you are sure that you receive guidance True Faiths and Prophets from me, whoever adheres to My direction is bound to have none of fear nor will be in pain. However, those who deny Faith and deny the signs of our Lord, they will be a part of the fire They will be a part of it. “ [50]

Adam as well as Eve were sent down to different locations in the Earth. Adam was sent to an island known as Ceylon located in the south India as well Eve was sent to Jeddah. [51]They were separated from one another for a long period of time. They were taught to repent of their sins before being taken to Earth. 

They repented of their sins on Earth according to the instructions they received. In the end, Allah accepted their sincere and appropriate repentance and forgiven them. They were able to live together in the same place. [52]According the narrative Adam’s repentance is accepted the tenth day in the month of Muharram which is also an important Day of Ashurah.

Allah taught Adam how to earn money, specifically through farming, in order they can meet their daily necessities. [53]Thus Allah’s warning about suffering and misery “O Adam! It is true that this is an enemy of thy wife. Therefore, don’t let him get you from the Garden to the point that you is thrown into suffering.” [54] was clearly stated. While this was meant to mean that both, Adam and Eve, were to be thrown out of Heaven but the suffering and difficulties to endure in the Earth were put on Adam only. From this, it was concluded that it was the duty of men to make a living, not only for themselves but also for their wives and, eventually, the struggle of earning money was not only for men.


Christians exaggerated their crime of eating forbidden fruit tree to the point that they claim it’s a sin that cannot be forgiven and a permanent taint that made the human race been cursed, exiled from Heaven and sent into the Earth. The belief in the original sin has lasted for centuries in the Christian world. There are numerous positive outcomes and helpful wisdoms for people who are affected by this phenomenon that is allegedly unfavorable.

a. Adam was sent down to the Earth not to be cursed when he ate the fruits of the tree forbidden according to what Christians considered. It was actually for the worthiness of humankind and their distinction from other species, which was still a possibility to become a reality. Numerous prophets, saints, and other righteous individuals, who were worthy of Heaven lived on the Earth and was the site of trials because of Allah’s wisdom. event.

This incident was not any kind of attack on humanity.

However, it proved as a boon for humans; the world was improved and is now the basis for many civilizations as a result of it.

“The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) states in a hadith,

“The most holy day when the Sun sets is Friday due to the fact that Adam was born on that day. Adam was enshrined in Heaven on that day , and He was snatched away from Heaven the next day. This is the Day of Judgment is going to take place on Friday, too. .”[56The day of Judgment is Friday.

As is evident, Adam’s deportation from Heaven was one of the causes that made Friday a holy day according to the Hadith.

In reality eating the forbidden fruit of the tree is not a sin that occurred randomly or an unimportant event. It was the consequence of the wisdom and understanding Allah had, and his decision that was in line with the judgment of Fate and brought numerous benefits.

The ability to understand it through both hadiths as well as Quranic verses. A hadith is told in the following manner:

“Prophet Adam and Prophet Moses conversed with one another in the realm of spirits. Moses told Adam: “O Adam You are our father! You made us dispersed from Heaven and to be in poverty.” Then Adam told Adam: “And you are Moses; Allah made you superior through the way He addressed his words (Book) towards you. He wrote a book by His own hands to you. What can you say to me for something that Allah was able to decide for me for forty years prior to when He made myself?” Moses was persuaded and silenced by these words.” [57]

Based on the information gleaned by the Hadiths, this incident was the result of Fate’s decision and in accordance with the approval and decision of God’s Divine Wisdom. What Allah was expecting from human beings was fulfilled only when Adam was delivered onto Earth through Heaven. Naturally, Allah could not expel Adam and Eve from Heaven and place them in the places He had placed them, without any justification. This was evidently a reason that led to this divine choice to be fulfilled.

In truth If Allah didn’t want Adam to be thrown out of heaven, He wouldn’t allow Satan fool humans at all. It is also not His intention to allow just one tree to be forbidden for them, and leave the rest unaffected; therefore, He wouldn’t give Satan the chance to fool people by using the tree that is forbidden.

Bediuzzaman describes how the exile from Heaven caused the divine wisdom that Allah enacted in his creation of humanity to manifest in the form of:

Answer: What wisdom is it that comes from Adam (Upon whom should peace be) being removed from Paradise?

Answer: The wisdom of it is the fact that it relates to the assignment of duties. Adam was charged with a responsibility that the unfolding of the entire human race’s spiritual growth and the unveiling of humanity’s full potential and man’s fundamental nature, which is an all-encompassing reflection of all The Divine Names, are the result of it.

If Adam was still in Paradise and remained there, his position would have been set like the angels’ rank his potentials wouldn’t have come to fruition. However the angels with their unchanging ranks and are vast, there is no reason for man to participate in this type of worship. Since Divine wisdom demanded a realm of accountability that was suitable to the man’s potential who could go through infinite levels, he was banished from Paradise due to his most well-known sin, that sin being a human nature’s requirement as opposed to angels.

In other words that, just as Adam being kicked out of Paradise was pure mercy and wisdom and pure mercy, it is fair and appropriate that non-believers be condemned into Hell.” [58It is a pity that they should be sent to Hell.So Adam’s exile out of Heaven can be described as both sign of wisdom and an act of mercy.

b. In this particular event there are some significant lessons that can be learned from the human race, in the story of Adam of Eve as Adam and Eve were aware of this particular event they saw that human beings were not perfect and were prone to be deceived by Satan. vulnerable to being manipulated by Satan and consequently they had to be in the company of Allah every day.

They understood the fact that adhering to Satan can put human beings in such a mess. They learned the consequences of doing the will of Satan could mean for them, and consequently they realized to not fall for his tricks repeatedly. In the event that Adam and Eve were to have been sent to Earth in a direct manner, but without remaining in Heaven for a while, and had they not been subjected to the first deceit of Satan, they would not have learned all the information correctly. 

Even though they received the divine guidance and warnings but they wouldn’t be aware of how easily following Satan can affect one’s life and the extent of Allah’s fury it could bring. The incident was a valuable lesson for them , and it gave them many things. It revealed the true nature and the dangers that is Satan clearly. A well-known saying is: “One trouble teaches better than a thousand advices.”

The following are the words that appear in the Quran following the incident which occurred during the battle between Adam as well as Satan is told:

“O ye Children of Adam! Do not let Satan lure you like He dragged your parents to leave the Garden and stripped off their clothes to show the shame of their lives .”[59”

Allah welcomes everyone to learn from this admonition-based event to ensure that they are vigilant for the tricks of Satan.

c. Perhaps, the most significant outcome of this significant event is that it opened the door for humans to be repentant. Human beings are not able to escape the consequences of their sins and errors because of their nature. Being able to have this attitude and repentance is a major benefit. With it, they’ll be cleansed from their faults and sins and receive forgiveness from Allah and mercy.

The Most Holy Prophet expressed this issue in the following manner:

“Man always commits mistakes. The most moral person is one who is not adamant about their sins , but repents right immediately …”

Another hasith states:

“One who repents for his sins becomes as if he had never sinned.” 60

The following quote from Abu’l-Hasan Shazali is very thought-provoking

“What an honorable fault it was to elevate the faulty one to the rank of vicegerency and to enable repentance for people to come till the Day of Judgment.” [61] “[61The purpose of this was

This saying is not intended to praise the error, but rather to praise Adam for coming into the Earth and becoming an unjustifiable person there, and to acknowledge the wonderful blessings as repentance.

The following hadith explains clearly what a major blessing and the means to be saved repentance means:

“The Honorable Messenger once stated that there were believers who would be accepted into Heaven due to their transgressions. The Companions, upon hearing this, requested him to explain this in the form of: How could you explain it an omen, Messenger of Allah? Allah’s Messenger said: Allah declared: A true person who is a believer doesn’t forget his sins and this causes the fear of Allah within his soul and is able to seek refuge in his Lord with sincerity. So, he can become an acceptable servant to Allah.” (622)

Abu’l Jawza says: “A servant (of Allah) commits a mistake and is overcome with regret within. He then goes to Heaven. When Satan appears He complains that I wish I hadn’t allowed him to sin. …” (63He then says, I wish I had not made him sin [63


Prophet Adam (عليه السلام) – Following the time that Adam and Eve were reunited on Earth and the human race began to reproduce quickly. According to Tabari’s History of Tabari, every time Eve had a baby she was blessed with twin babies that were girl, with the other boy. Due to the necessity of humans to increase their numbers, the marriage of siblings was not banned in the past. 

However, a girl as well as boys born simultaneously could not be married, but they could marry those born before or after. This requirement was eliminated as the human population creatures reached a specific point. The marriage of siblings was banned in the very first instance during the law of Noah. This ban was continued throughout every religion after Noah. [64]It is believed that the number of human beings was forty thousand at the time Adam passed away. [65]

Allah has made Adam both prophet and father to allow people to descend from Adam. He was thus honoured as the first human being as well as the one who was the first prophet. [66]

Adam performed the duties of prophethood till his demise. Furthermore, Allah had sent him an order of ten pages that outlined his commands and the prohibitions. In light of these guidelines, the most crucial aspect of his responsibility,

Adam taught them to his sons in a word. He explained to them Satan’s hate for humans and the methods of defending from him, and about the time he was deceived by him and was being thrown out of Heaven for a specific period of period of time. In addition, he explained that this life was a temporary state of life , while the actual life was in the afterlife He also advised them to not fall for Satan’s tricks. He also told them that they’d receive either punishment or reward for their actions on this Earth.


Prophet Adam (عليه السلام) – According to linguists and linguists, Kaaba can be described as a name that is derived from the root Ka’b. Ka’b is a word that means to be tall with four corners and to flower.

As a technical term it is a holy construction that has evidence of being constructed by the Prophet Abraham near the center of Makkah Valley, which is rectangular in design and is enclosed by haram walls, and that is made to those who can afford it and have the physical strength to go there only once in their life.

Based on the claims of Islamic historians according to the statements of Islamic historians, according to the statements of Islamic historians, the Kaaba was damaged and rebuilt eleven times up to the present day.

According to the narrations that the Kaaba was built first by angels. It is believed that the Kaaba can be described as an image located on the Earth that is part of Bayt al-Ma’mur, which is an area that is between the seven heavens and beneath the Earth and constantly being circumambulated (tawaf) with angels. Bayt al-Ma’mur as well as the Kaaba as well as being called Baytullah is situated in the same direction with the former located in the sky, and the other situated on the Earth. 

Bayt al-Ma’mur is a place where angels can circumambulate and are the ones who reside in the sky. 70.000 angels come to Bayt al-Ma’mur and do daily circumambulations around it and after one angel completes a circumambulation, they have had no further opportunities to repeat the circumambulation till the Day of Judgment. And Baytullah is the principal site of circumambulation for people, all the inhabitants on the Earth.

Adam constructed his Kaaba with the aid of angels following the angels sent him down to the Earth. The Kaaba was built by Adam survived until after the Flood of Noah, having been restored by Adam’s sons times to time. Kaaba was damaged when the Kaaba was destroyed by Flood without a trace. Flood and was never found. Then, then it was revealed by the Prophet Abraham in the form of a revelation of Allah and was rebuilt. [67]

It is proven from the declaration from the Quran that the Kaaba is the very first place for worship on Earth and was constructed through the Prophet Abraham. Because of this, many believe that it was the Prophet Abraham who built the Kaaba. This verse is a good way to understand this significance. There are however many sources that say that it was built first through Adam with the aid of angels, despite being fragile.

A reliable account claims that there was a forty-year interval between the time of construction of the first site of worship on Earth which is known as the Kaaba and the second that is Masjid al-Aqsa, [68Itsupports the weak narrations.

As per those who believe the idea that the Kaaba was constructed by Adam prior to Adam, Abraham has been the man who constructed Kaaba Kaaba at first following Noah’s Flood. Flood in Noah.


Adam Adam, the first human being and original prophet the first prophet who died from the world after having lived for more than a thousand years.

His sons were buried with Adam at the foot that is Abu Qubays. Eve passed away two years later than Adam’s death. They laid her to rest close after him. [69]

According to the narrations that tell of the day when death was looming for Adam and he cried out in front of Allah: “O Lord! My adversary, Iblis, will be pleased and mock me if I see him dying, because he’s going to be alive until the day that comes for Judgment.” and Allah told him in his response: “O Adam! You will enter Heaven again. But, he’s likely remain on Earth and experience the pain of death numerous times as the amount of souls to be redeemed up to Judgment and, eventually, he’s going to be buried in agony. The date of his death was delayed due to this reason.”

When he hears the news, Adam asks Allah to explain to him how Iblis will be able to live through death. Allah starts to explain but Adam is unable to bear it and cries”O Lord! This is enough! And then he goes to sleep in peace. [70]


First funeral prayers on earth was prayed for Prophet Adam. According to Ubay bin Ka’b in waiting for his death in his bed the Prophet Adam stated: “My sons! I would like to taste the delicious fruits of Heaven I yearn to be there.

” His sons searched for them, to retrieve their father. They saw angels. Angels had shrouds and scent as well as a spade and pickaxe to Adam along with them. Angels told Adam”O the children of Adam! Where are you going , and what are you seeking? They told us: “Our dad is sick. He wants to eat the fruit of Heaven He requested us to harvest the fruits.” The children of Adam returned with angels. They came close to Adam.

Angels have taken Adam’s soul.

They then washed and draped the man. They put a scent on the grave and dug it. One angel came forward, and the other angels walked alongside him. The brothers of Adam were also there. They offered the funeral rites. Angels entered the grave to place Adam in the grave. They covered Adam’s grave in mud brick. They sat on the grave and declared: “O sons of Adam! This is precisely what you should do to the dead of your individuals.” [71]


Prophet Adam (عليه السلام) – There are a few motives and wisdoms that explain the truth that Adam and the other early people lived for a long time. They can be described as follows:

The conditions of life at the time that humankind first began to settle on Earth and began reproducing were different from those present day. The climate on the Earth was quite different. The earth was unaltered. The people of the time were in a battle against the elements. Their capabilities in this fight were very restricted. 

One could say that they had nothing more than physical strength in the fight against wild nature. This is why the people of the time were a bit taller and bigger than the people the present. They ate mostly the natural food sources. Their food was simple and simple things. They breathed in air which was clean It was clean, free of microbes, and without poison. it was fresh. All the physical requirements to live long, be fit and healthy were at hand.

If we take into consideration that some people can live to 150 years old in the natural world, whereas the average lifespan of the average adult is 60-70 years old, we will comprehend the impact of nature on the life span of human beings.

2 2 Another reason that ancient humans lived for so long is the necessity of reproduction. Construction of cities on Earth as well as establishing states and civilizations was possible for humans only when they lived for a long time. This is why Allah allowed their lives to be lengthy.

3Technological capabilities of today have transformed the world into a village. Things that used to be accomplished in the midst of lengthy and difficult efforts centuries ago, can be accomplished in a very short amount of period of time today. For instance, journeys that took months to complete in the past are now completed within a few hours in the present. 

Mountains that were thought to be impossible to conquer are now a reality now and destinations that appeared to be inaccessible are easily accessible. It is possible to connect with the entire world simultaneously. Today’s people may be less years but in terms of the benefits they receive from the planet, they have an existence that is comparable to the lives of thousands of years. The modern generation is in a better position to accomplish more in their brief lives than the ancient people who had in such long stretches.

4Allah created people to be responsible to worship as long as they can. He bestowed the vast amount of thawabs that ancient people earned through praying throughout their entire lives, and also to those today, who live shorter lives. Allah did this in order for the increase of thawabs that are earned through worship to ensure an equality and fairness between worships that are performed during the length of a shorter life.

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Eve gave birth to two sons . One was named after the other called Abel Cain and Cain. [72]Abel was one year older than Cain.

The years passed, and the two children of Adam became adults. They were old enough to assist their father at the work. While Abel was older than Cain He was more powerful than his older brother, Cain. But he was quite gentle, soft and compassionate. And Cain On the other hand, was very sassy angry and savage.

Adam split the work among his sons. Cain was the farmer, while Abel was the one who tended to the cattle and sheep which he enjoyed quite a bit.

Their caves were left prior to sunrise. Sunrise and Cain went to harvest fruits from the trees and cultivate seeds or harvest, and Abel took over herding the animals. Adam also Adam found food for the family through hunting.

A little more time went by. Abel and Cain developed into two strong, young men. It was now time for them to tie the knot.

As we have mentioned before, Adam and Eve had twins at each birth, one being a boy and the other a girl. Twins were not able to be married, but they could marry the sibling who was born prior to or following their birth.

Abel and Cain had twin sisters born simultaneously together, too. In this regard, Cain was going to marry the twin sister of Abel, and Abel was planning to marry Cain’s twin sister.

However, the woman Abel was planning marry Aqlimah is more attractive than the girl Cain was planning to marry. This caused the jealousy of Cain’s heart. He wished to marry Aqlimah.

Adam explained to Adam that this was against Allah’s command but Cain did not agree with his father’s opinion by saying “It is not Allah’s order, it is your opinion” and continued to insist in his decision.

When Adam realized his words and counsel did not influence Cain He left the issue to Allah. Adam wanted his sons to offer sacrifices to Allah. The person whose sacrifice was to be accepted was to get married to Aqlimah.

The sacrifice is a gift that is that is offered to Allah to gain His blessing. The sacrifices offered to Allah were formerly placed on summit of the mountain. If Allah liked the sacrifice, He’d create a fiery blaze like lightning out of the sky, and make the sacrifice burn. If Allah did not approve of that sacrifice will remain unburned while the appearance of the person who offered the sacrifice was dark.

Since he was a herdsman Abel selected the largest of the animals he had herded and then sacrificed it. He placed it on summit of a mountain. Since Cain is a farmer He put some of his produce and vegetables in a basket, and placed them near Abel’s sacrifice.

The next day, they went to the mountain’s top with their father , to witness the sacrifice that was accepted. The only remains were ashes left where Abel’s sacrifice had stood today. The sacrifice of Cain was in place as it was yesterday. It was the reason Cain’s dream to wed Aqlimah was denied by Allah.


Prophet Adam (عليه السلام) – While Abel was content because the sacrifice he made was accepted, and the sacrifice was accepted by Allah, Cain was writhing in jealousy and anger, and Cain was arguing with his father, declaring:

“Allah accepted the sacrifice of Abel because you offered to supplicate for Abel. You didn’t supplicate for me. You do not love me. You always support Abel …”

And Adam tried to soothe him by instructing him to show his satisfaction at Allah’s choice.

The incident increased Cain’s hate and jealousy towards Abel and doubled his fury. This was a perfect chance for Satan. He went to Cain immediately and began whispering that demonic idea in his ears:

“Why you are still waiting? Get rid of your brother. Get rid of him …”

Cain tried to dismiss the idea initially. But, he eventually attracted by Satan’s charms and the intense anger and jealousy that he felt within. He slowly embraced the idea of murdering his brother. He began to look for the most suitable moment.

One day, he discovered the opportunity he’d been looking for. He discovered Abel standing alone on summit of the mountain. He ran towards Abel. In fury and hatred, he told him:

“Say your last prayer! I’m going to kill you!”

Abel was astonished. He was staring at his brother’s older brother with wide, astonished eyes:

“Why are you going to kill me?” asked the man. “What wrong did I do to you?”

Cain replied with a grin, gritting his teeth

“What else do you have to do? Father is more loving than I do. He prays for you. And Allah accepted your sacrifice…”

Abel stated, in an easy voice:

– “The fact that I am dead will not alter any thing. Furthermore, if someone kills me, you’ll lose the love of your father forever. Then you will face Allah’s curse and wrath. You’ll be sent through Hell.”

However, Cain was not going to give up and he was unable to silence the anger that was brewing within him. Cain yelled to his son:

“I will not relax, I will not find peace if I do not kill you; do you understand?” Abel responded with a soft voice:

“Brother! You’ll never be able to have peace if you kill me. You must fear Allah and be satisfied by His choice. Also, know that I will never be defeated even though I’m more powerful than you, because I trust Allah God, the Lord of the Universe.” [73]

Abel was slow to return after uttering the words. He left his brother. Cain was sitting there as if frozen. He kept telling his self: “I am going to kill him.”


Cain couldn’t sleep through the night until morning. Satan was repeating his demonic suggestion to Cain:

“You will not find peace on the Earth unless you kill your brother.”

He was already deciding his mind when the dawn broke. He was determined kill his brother with a vengeance this time.

Abel was off with his sheep , and she was shearing them through the grasslands in the early morning. He appeared calm and joyful and this was what made Cain even more furious.

He retrieved a huge piece of stone, and quietly was able to approach his brother from his back. He was trying to capture the man, even though he wasn’t aware. He leapt onto him abruptly and began to beat himself with the stones. The beater beat, and beat… He pounded on and continued until Abel fell to the ground, lifeless. 

All over was blood. Thus, the first crime on Earth was committed, and humans’ first blood dropped on the earth. The blood that was shed on the ground wouldn’t be stopped. The vile people with the same character as Cain will continue to shed the blood of innocent people such as Abel up to the day of Judgment. This terrible movement was started by Cain who was the brother killer.

In a hadith that The Prophet (pbuh) exaggerated the magnitude of Cain’s cruelty and sin [7575 by declaring: “More sin is added to the sins of the first son of our father Adam with every human being cruelly murdered because he is the pioneer of those who made murdering a tradition.” [74]

The first battle on Earth occurred in the name of a woman. Likewise, it was the very first crime executed on behalf of the woman.

Cain was terrified in the presence of the bloody corpse. He was able to get himself back together after a time. He realized what was a awful and horrible action he’d taken. What did he gain from this? What was he gaining by killing Abel?

He was overwhelmed by anxiety, sadness and grief. He was as if everything alive and non-living was shouting at him:

– “Murderer! Murderer!”

He jumped in awe. But he was unable to get up and fell to the ground in the midst of his brother’s body.


When Cain was contemplating what he would decide to do with his brother’s body when he saw an owl. The dead bird was close to it. Cain began to observe the crow’s actions.

It was digging into the earth with its claws and beak, hoping to create an opening. When it was done digging its hole threw the dead crow inside the hole, and covered it with soil again making use of its beak and claws.

Cain was able to watch it all with awe.

He whispered to himself:

“Shame to me. I can’t accomplish what a crow could do.” He got started digging a hole straight away. When the hole was dug and he dug the body out into the hole. He covered it with earth. [76]

The body was concealed and he was feeling a little at ease. While Adam was at work, Adam was looking for his sons, as they were not home.

Cain noticed his father coming up towards him from a distance , and immediately he became scared and anxious. He fled away. When Adam was able to see Cain running away in terror He was concerned. There was a clear indication that something was wrong.

Then he noticed his blood drip onto the floor, and the freshly coated hole. Then he realized the incident. He began to cry. He yelled, as high as he could at his son who was in the process of running:

“Cain, what did you do to your brother?”

Adam’s voice was loud enough, Cain believed that the entire world could hear the sound. The fear he felt grew. He ran down the mountain and kept moving away, not looking back.

Adam was still shouting at him:

“Cain Beware, you will never be at peace! You’re cursed, unwelcome man from now on. .” The curse of Adam’s destruction destroyed Cain’s life.


1. Exaltation of Humankind:

The account of Adam in the Quran clearly demonstrates the importance and worthiness of humanity to Allah. The human concept of philosophy or ideology or social school has ever achieved the level of exalted in relation to the value of humankind as mentioned within the Quran.

The human race’s exalted status comes from knowing that humans were created to be the vicegerents of Earth. Allah provided all the means through that their vicegerency could be fulfilled and He gave them all names, meaning to say, all the information and understanding they require as well as the methods of understanding things and discerning the truth. Another aspect that suggests the awe of human race is that the angels were instructed to bow before Adam in reverence.

The respect that is attributed in the Quran to Adam is not just for Adam self, but for the generations that will follow Adam. It is clear in the Quran in the verse that is translated to:

“We have honored the sons of Adam; provided them with transport on land and sea; given them for sustenance things good and pure; and conferred on them special favors, above a great part of our creation.” “ “[77]

Contrary to the exalted status of humans in the Quran Many modern western philosophical systems consider humans to be the least superior and most vulgar of all creatures. In reality, according to J. P. Sartre Human beings are “a dirty worm and an inferior insect living in the trash of life.” According to Nietzsche Human beings could be “a monkey which God created as a toy in a long term of evolution.”

However, the Quranic way of looking at human life gives the person a superiority, nobility as well as honor, sublimity and dignity but these philosophical concepts destroy any ideals within him and makes him the victim of weapons of despair as well as pessimism.

2. A result of arrogance

One of the most significant lessons to be learned from the life of Adam is that arrogance can lead to ruin.

In reality, Satan was cursed and removed from the mercy of Allah as well as from Heaven for his arrogance. Human beings should avoid arrogance to avoid having to suffer the same fate as Satan. Always be humble and humble.

3. A warning to guard ourselves against the evils of

In the tale of Adam, Allah tells about Satan’s hatred toward Adam and the way Satan deceived Adam by causing him to consume the forbidden fruit tree, which forced him to be a be rebellious against the Lord in the end, and Adam as well as Eve were thrown out of Heaven because of this.

These all prove it is those demons (Satan with his army) who cause all the mischief, evil and destruction around the world.

The Christian must be aware of Satan’s tricks and delusions. Whenever there is a inclination to evil, he should be aware that this is the deceit of Satan and try to eliminate this by seeking shelter in Allah.

The best way to be safe from the tricks of Satan is to be a true servant to Allah. Satan admitted to himself that he couldn’t fool Allah’s honest and trustworthy servants.

Another method of defeating Satan and avoiding the attacks of Satan is to repent following every sin and error that is a result of being misled by Satan. Recognizing and acknowledging one’s own mistake is another form of repentance.

The repentance and regret of the desire to be good have triumph over the urge to evil. This is a way to defeat Satan who is the one who encourages and concocter of evil psychologically.

4. Jealousy is not a good thing:

Jealousy was the first sin both on earth and in the sky, which Allah was averse. The one that is in the sky represents the jealousy Satan experienced in his heart for Adam and the jealousy on Earth was the jealousy Cain experienced for Abel.


Abu Muhammad Marwazi says:

Satan was shattered due to the following five facts:

  • He didn’t admit and confess his guilt.
  • He did regret his decision to rebel.
  • He has never once criticized himself.
  • He didn’t make a confession of his sins.
  • He lost his faith in Allah’s mercy.

And Adam was saved by five facts that follow:

  • He admitted his error.
  • He was sorry for his transgression.
  • He criticized himself.
  • He confessed immediately.
  • He has always believed in God’s favor. [78]

Hasan al-Basri says:

“Allah directed Adam to get four characteristics and stated that all good things stem from these four features. Adam stated: “One of them is mine, the other is yours, and the third one is mine and yours. The 4th one belongs to you, and others:

  • The first one is: Do not attribute the worship of Me to anyone else.
  • : Your deeds. I’ll give you reward for your good deeds during the most difficult of times.
  • Third: Supplicate to me and I’ll be able to answer.
  • Fourth:Treat people the way you would like to be treated. [79]

“The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) stated:

“I am the most similar to Adam out of all the people. The one that is similar to me most in terms of morality and character among everyone else is Abraham.” [80″[80

According to a narrator in the Bible, Prophet Noah collected a couple of all species of animals and put the Ark. One day, he noticed an old man sitting on the Ark. He was unable to be sure of his identity and asked him:

Who are you? Who allowed you to board the Ark?

– I am Satan. I took the ark to trick your people”, said the old man.

– You must leave the ark, you wicked! Noah said.

I am aware of five things I can use to trick people. I’ll reveal three of them if you allow me remain on the Ark”, said Satan.

Allah has said to Noah:

You can leave those three things and let him show you the two other things.

Based on that, Satan said:

I brought people to ruin by combining two elements that are greed and jealousy. Additionally, I was a cursed Satan due to jealousy. In terms of the greed factor, Allah created everything from Heaven available to Adam however, He prohibited one tree. I also amused Adam by his greed and love for the tree. …” [81(81).

Moses, the Prophet Moses offered a prayer for Allah: “Lord, You created our father Adam with your own might and You endowed upon him this and that… How did he give thanks for all of them?” And Allah responded: “By knowing that all of them came from Me, and never forgetting this or that …” [82]

It is a way of accepting the fact that blessings, all of them blessings originate through Allah is a form of spiritual gratitude.

It is said that Prophet Adam stated: “Allah endowed 4 superiorities and means of respectability to adherents of Muhammad (pbuh). They were not bestowed even upon me.

1 1 He acknowledged my repentance only in Makkah Yet He accepts the repentances of Muhammad’s followers from all over the world.

2 2 I was dressed. When I made a mistake, I became naked. The people who follow Muhammad do not obey when they are naked, and Allah dresses them in a beautiful way.

33 When I erred, Allah made my relationship with my wife to end. But, Allah doesn’t exactly do the same to those who follow Muhammad. They do not obey, yet He doesn’t force their marriages with wives break up.

4.I committed a blunder in Heaven and was exiled from Heaven. But, followers of Muhammad have faults that are not in Heaven and, when they repent, Allah accepts them into Heaven. [83]

Awn bin Abdullah went up to Fadhl bin Muhallab. At the period, Fadhl was the governor of the city known as Wasit. Awn was adamant to Fadhl:

I’d like to offer you some tips.

– Go ahead, said Fadhl.

Do not be arrogant. The first rebellion against Allah was due to arrogance. “We advised angelsthat “Bow before Adam” And they did. However, Iblis turned his back and was arrogant He was one of those who disbelieve in Faith.” (al-Baqarah 34, al-Baqarah)

Do not be greedy. It was greed that drove Adam from Heaven in the place Allah placed Adam. He ate the fruits of the tree, which Allah prohibited and He was banished from Heaven.

Do not be jealous, for Cain killed Abel because of his insecurity. [84]

Qalshandani says:

“It is said that the person who came up with all sorts types of writing was Adam. He wrote all of them on the ground of the earth and then baked them over the fire. This was about 300 years prior to when his death. At the time that Noah’s Flood of Noah occurred on the Earth the entire tribe decided to choose the words of the Flood.”

“And it is also said that all kinds of writing were sent down to Adam written on 21 pages.” [8585

Hasan al-Basri says: “Before Adam made the well-known error the deeds of his accomplices were behind him, and his demise was in front of him. After the mistake, things changed. He hid his actions in front of him and put his death in the past.” [86]

In a hadith that the Prophet had said:

“Allah the Supreme showed Adam thousands of arts and crafts, and told Adam:

“O Adam, tell your children to study these crafts and other arts, and make a living from using them. However, they shouldn’t try to make a living by relying on religious beliefs. …” (87)

Based on what is reported by Abu Huraira, the Prophet (pbuh) declared:

“Allah created” Adam in a gorgeous human body, which makes him the size of a 60-zillion zira’ (1 zira’ equals to 75-90 centimeters) tall. Because Adam is the ancestral father of all humankind, every person is going to enter Heaven in the gorgeous shape of Adam. The people who came after Adam were reducing in size since Adam’s creation. The decrease in stature came to an end with the people who were of Muhammad.” (88″88

According to Ibn-i-Haldun in Ibn-i Haldun and Farid Wajdi Adam had a height of 60 millimeters height in Heaven. Adam was given a height of normal that was appropriate for the earthly circumstances when Adam was sent to the Earth along with Eve.

In a different narration in this hadith it is stated that is stated: “Allah created Adam in His own figure.” In a different narration, it is stated “Allah created man in the figure of Rahman.” The way in which Adam and thus humans, came to be in the image of Rahman is explained in the following manner:

“One purpose of the previously mentioned Hadith is that “Man has a form that reveals that the divine name of the all-Merciful throughout its entirety.” Absolutely that is the case, as we’ve explained earlier in the same way that The Divine Name All-Merciful appears evident through the rays of thousands and one Names in the entire universe, and becomes evident through the numerous manifestations of Allah’s absolute power across Earth, then too is the full manifestation of the name All-Merciful visible in a tiny amount in the man’s entire form as well as on the earth as well as the surface of all the world. 

Another indication is this the evidences for the Necessarily Existence One of the manifestations of God such as man and animate objects which are evidences of and mirrors of the All-Merciful and compassionate One They are so sure evident, clear, and unambiguous that, just as it could be said about a glowing mirror reflecting the sun’s image:

“That mirror is the sun,” which indicates the brightness and clarity of its evidence, it is stated and could be saidthat “Man is in the form of the All-Merciful One,” which indicates the clarity of his evidence and the completeness in his relationship. As a result of the mystery the most moderate believers in the unity of being and the unity of existence’ claimed: “There is no existent but He,” to express the apparent clarity of this evidence and the perfect the connection.” [89]

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Do you have an idea?

1.What do you think the Prophet Adam Be called in Paradise?

Answer:Prophet Adam `alayhi lsWalam will be referred to as Abu Muhammad in Paradise. 1

Question 2.How many angels are there to offer Salah each day at Bayt al-Ma’moor (the Qiblah for angels)?

Answer:Seventy thousand angels. 2.

Third Question:On Which day was Allah’s Almighty to created angels?

Answer: Wednesday.[3]

4.Who refers to himself as muTimu Tayri LsWama (the person who provides food to the birds in the skies)?

Answer Sayyiduna Abdul Muttalib raDia llWhuanhu, the great grandfather of Prophet SalWallWhu alayhi Walih wasalWam, is referred to by this name. It is because he used to even serve birds on the table he sat on. [4]

5.Which person who was the prophet’s companion SalWallWhu wasalWam was akin to the Prophet Isa alayhi lsWalam’s appearance?

Answer: Sayyiduna Urwah Bin Mas’ood raDi~a llWhu `anhu.[5]


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