Complete Story of The Prophet Lut (عليه السلام)

Prophet Lut (عليه السلام)“Lut said: ‘I do detest your doings.

O my Lord! Save myself and my entire family members from doing such actions that they do! ‘

Then we gave the family and him-and all. The only exception was an old lady who remained on. The rest of us devastated completely. We poured down the shower (of Brimstone) and then evil took the shower that fell on those who were warned (but did not listen). This is surely an indication.” (ash-Shuara, between 168 and 174)

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Prophet Lut (عليه السلام) Hz. Lut (pbuh) is the son of Harran, who is Hz. Ibrahim’s brother. He is among the first people to believe in Hz. Ibrahim.1

Hz. Ibrahim was torn into flames as he attempted to deter his people from worshiping idols and stars. But when Allah Almighty ordered the fire, “O fire! Be coolness and peace”, the fire didn’t go out and burn. Ibrahim and then became cool. After being in the fire for an entire week at a time, Ibrahim was Hz. Ibrahim left in peace and security.

 After he was taken out of the flame He began to relay messages from Allah once more. He reminded the nation of the terrible consequences of worshiping idols in the afterlife. He warned his people that they’d go to Hell in the event that they didn’t quit worshiping idols. Only Hz. Lut within his nation took this message and request of Hz. Ibrahim’s. The other people believed in the polytheism of Islam and were not convinced in him even though they had received his messages and witnessed that the fire didn’t burn him.

Thereupon, Hz. Ibrahim was able to move from Babylon together with wife Sara along with his niece Hz. Lut. Then they headed to Harran. Hz. Ibrahim was there for a long time. Hz. Lut traveled on a trip to Sodom as well as Gomorra. 2 Then, he appeared as a prophet for the inhabitants of Gomorra and Sodom.

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The inhabitants from Sodom as well as Gomorra were extremely morally deviant and unclean. They committed an act of deceit that no other nation had done prior to the time. The males preferred men to of females for sexual interactions. They went to the extreme and did it in public They were even proud of it. They would lie on the road throwing stones at pedestrians and ridicule them. If a rock struck someone then they would attack the person.

Actually, this behavior was against the nature of man. Because, the desire for the desire for lust was a gift to mankind to sustain the humankind It was a minor cost for marriage between males and women. In the event that this cost (lust) were not paid, the people wouldn’t have taken on the marriage responsibility; they wouldn’t have gotten married. This would have led to humans to go on the road to becoming extinct.

However, taking lust out of this motive and attempting to satisfy it with a variety of illegitimate and illegal methods reduces the man’s status to a lesser degree than animals. Because even animals are not guilty of homosexuality. But, the people of Lut became habituated of doing this horrible act. Allah Almighty had sent them Lut as prophets due to the behavior.

* Sodomi (Homosexuality)

Prophet Lut (عليه السلام) The creation of women and men was to be together. The physical and spiritual structure of the two genders was designed so that they will always depend on one another. The survival of the humanity depends on this alliance. Thus, they naturally incline towards one another.

Allah Almighty made the marriage of a man and woman legal due to this natural inclination. The reason for the attraction between women and men was conceived and why marriage was recognized as valid is due to the continuing human race.

The natural attraction between females and males and the lust for love makes these two genders acquaint one another. It allows them to put up families and have children. So, this sense of human nature is legitimately satisfied and the survival of the human race which is its main purpose is assured.

As we’ve said before, Allah Almighty did not limit the human feelings of living beings in the beginning when He made them. Lust is just one of the most common. The main characteristic that distinguishes man from animals is the numbness of his emotions.

Allah Almighty has limited the feelings of those He did not restrict by His creation, but through the prophets and religions He chose to send; and He established the boundaries that are legitimate through these. In addition, the mysterious nature of testing is here. The feelings that are inherently infinite and unrestricted in nature can be organized and restricted in line with the rules and regulations imposed by Allah. In other words, if Allah Almighty had limited the man’s feelings to animals, then passing, or not passing the examination according to the individual’s preference wouldn’t be in question. It wouldn’t be in accordance with God’s will.

Allah Almighty has authorized the usage of the emotion of Lust that He did not restrict in the creation. This was reflected in the union of men and women since the time of Adam. Adam. Man should fulfill his desires by marriage. He shouldn’t engage in untrue ways.

The Lut nation Lut was the first nation that departed from this legitimate manner and in the worst of ways.

“The Prophet (pbuh) declares within a hadith “May Allah damn those who commit the thing that the nation of Lut did!” According to the majority of Islamic scholars, homosexuality is considered to be a sin, just like fornication. The penalty for fornication is also applicable to sexual relations between homosexuals.

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Hz. Lut Lut, appointed as an angel to people from Sodom and Gomorra began to lead people to truth, and to the proper route.

Then, he informed them that the prophet was his name and commanded them to follow his commands:

“O my nation! I am to you a messenger worthy of all trust. So fear Allah and obey me. Protect your souls from sins. ” 3

When he declared his prophethood in the manner of this, Lut started to give his followers advice to deter them from the sins they had committed:

“O my nation! You commit lewdness such as no people in creation ever committed before you. How can you do it without being ashamed and disgusted? How dare you do it? How do your mind and feelings condescend to satisfying your lust with men instead of women? Is this not a big sin? You are an ignorant nation that go astray and oppress both your own souls and others.” 4.

In those words With those words, Hz. Lut attempted to inform his people in relation to three points:

l — He pleaded with them to abstain from the sin of homosexuality and freely and without shame. 5 For anyone who commits many offenses attempts to commit sins and sins in secret. They feel ashamed when they are aware of the evidence. Only those who are entangled in debauchery don’t feel embarrassed when they engage in sins publicly.

2. He reminded his people that they had committed the crime even though they were aware that it was unclean since there was no other nation who had committed the same act prior to them. In addition the logic, reason humanism, religion, biology and the biological human structure reject this act. 6

3. He advised the people to learn from the events that took place to prior nations since those who disobeyed prophets in previous nations were defeated. They were aware of this fact.

But, the people of Lut was not willing to believe in the truth or follow the proper path, no matter how. In the meantime, Lut started to intimidate his countrymen by reminding his people that they could be punished by God:

“O my nation! If you continue acting like that, you will be destroyed. I am showing you what is good for you in this world and the hereafter. Do not think that I am doing this duty of conveying the message of Allah in return for any material interest. I do not ask any reward from you for it; my reward is only from Allah. ” 7

It is a standard practice of prophets to not accept items of material value from people. If someone makes the idea of changing social order, the initial thing that arises is whether he’s engaging in this for a financial motive or not. All prophets stayed clear of this condition which undermines trust and declared that they did not seek any kind of reward or financial gain from their country and that their reward came from Allah.

It is obvious that today when those who attempt to spread the message of Islam of Islam to others are often accused of using Islam for personal gain it is imperative to be according to the principles of the prophets.

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Prophet Lut (عليه السلام) The entire nation of Lut came together to come up with a solution for the warnings from Hz. Lut. They discussed it and took the following decision:

“Let us deport Lut and those who believe in him from this city. They do not like what we do and claim to be clean and chaste people. They cannot keep up with us. Then, we must not let them live with us in this city. They must leave. We cannot get on with them from now on.” 8

They informed the Hz. Lut regarding their decisions according to:

“O Lut! If you keep condemning what we are doing, we will deport you from our land.” 9

The deportation of people they disliked was the norm in this country. They were able to do the same similar thing to Hz. Lut because of his frequent warnings.

This is the deportation of people who aren’t liked by an entire nation or who are considered harmful to society is a practice which has been in place throughout when it was the First Age.


After having told the Hz. Lut that they would be preparing to remove Lut from their territory They added:

“O Lut! Bring us the wrath of Allah if you tell the truth. We do not believe in you. Bring us the wrath you have been threatening us.” 10

The words of the nation of Lut proved that they weren’t going to be a believer in the Hz. Lut in any way. Hz. Lut also realized it was not possible to improve these.

The President addressed his nation for the final time in this manner:

“O my nation! I do detest your doings and condemn what you do. I never approve of what you do.” 11

Then, he prayed for Allah Almighty’s blessing to protect his family and fellow believers to be free from the evils of his country.

“O Lord! Save me and my people from their evil deeds.” 12

No prophet wished to curse his country before he gave up hope of making them better.

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Prophet Lut (عليه السلام) Allah Almighty has accepted the prayer of the Hz. Lut. Three angels were appointed by Lut to the destruction of his country. He assigned his angels into Lut dressed as three attractive young men. The angels were to meet Hz. Ibrahim and bring him the joyous news of the son dubbed Ishaq before heading to the people of Lut.

Angels of Wrath appeared at noon. Hz. Lut was within the field the time. He noticed that three people were approaching Lut, he asked them:

“I do not know you. Why did you come here?” They claimed they were hoping for him to have them as guests.

When Lut noticed those who were his guest were attractive young men 13 years old He was frightened. He was afraid that his country could rape the three. What could he do to stop them from doing so if they were to commit a crime like that? He thought to himself “This is a distressful day.” 14

He isn’t yet capable of comprehending the fact that those who came to him were actually angels. It was very difficult for a prophet such as his to turn down guests who were able to come to him. Thus, he was unable to turn them away.

Hz. Lut was unable to see any connection between the young men and those who lived in his country. It was clear that they were not natives. Thus the way he addressed them was with the following words to indicate that his nation was not normal:

  • “O guests! Do you know about the situation of the people of this city?” They asked,
  • “What are they like?” Hz. Lut said,
  • “There are no people worse than the people of this city in the world.”

Based on this word from Hz. Lut, Jibril said to his acquaintances,

“Witness it.”

Allah Almighty made it an obligation to destroy the people of Lut to allow the nation of Lut to be witness for four times to them. It was the first time that Lut was witnessing. Jibril told it to the other angels. After Lut saw his nation’s enemies three more times, punishment was inevitable for his country.


Prophet Lut (عليه السلام) Hz. Lut brought the guests to his residence in secret without telling anyone. Hz. His wife, Wahila, informed the Lut nation Lut on the occasion of the visitors.

Wahila was never a believer in the frequency of. Lut. She claimed she believed, however she covered her skepticism. She informed the citizens of Lut about guests, and also paved the way for them to be harassed by the guests.

According to the research, the husband-wife relationship as well as high characteristics like that of being the wives of prophets don’t play any role in the battle between belief and doubt. Even the marriage bond that is the most strong bond, fails to work. In other words, everyone is tested on their own in the world today. Actually Noah’s wife Waila was also a liar to Noah (Nuh) She was an unbeliever, even despite being living in the home of a prophet. She also was buried as an unbeliever.

Both of them enjoyed the midst of a huge bounty, and they would have been able to enjoy happiness in this world as well as the afterlife. They were both wives of two adored Prophets from Allah. But, they were unable to enjoy this reward because of their treachery. 15

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Prophet Lut (عليه السلام) When Hz. Lut’s wife told the world about her husband’s visit to Lut guest’s appearance, word was quickly spread. They shared with one another information concerning the visitors. They were very exuberant. They raced to Lut’s residence. 16 They were in the house and demanded Hz. Lut to get out. They requested him to take their guests.

Hz. Lut was in trouble when he was able to hear the things they were looking for. He tried to convince them with tips:

“They have been my guest. Don’t make me look bad. If you do and I betray you, you’ll betray me too. Do not be afraid of Allah and let go of this idea. Keep yourself from doing wrongs. I am aware of your obscene reputation, but don’t allow my guests to know about your shame.” 17

Hz. Lut offered advice to his nation soliciting their help and trying to convince them. However, this was not successful.

They appeared not to listen to anyone. They replied with anger:

“O Lut! We have told that you should not interfere in our company. What can you do to stop us from doing that? Didn’t we prohibit you from hosting guests? You could be kind and honorable, but you could not be doing what we do, however, you must not interfere with our work. Our sins are ours. It’s not your responsibility.” 18

The people of Lut had previously compelled him not to interfere with their affairs and to not entertain guests. They threatened him with the words, “We will deport you from this city if you do so.” They informed him of their decision after Lut determined to prevent the guests from being harassed by them.

When Hz. Lut discovered that he was unable to stop them this way, he tried to stop them from using a different method He told them:

“O my country! My daughters are your women. I am similar to your father thanks to my prophetic ability. Utilize these by marriage to them. It is legal to take advantage of these and is safe. It is ethically and religiously prohibited to have sexual relations with another male. Do not be afraid of Allah and don’t disgrace me before my guests. Is there not a rational person in your group who can know what I’m saying?” 19

But, the people of Lut did not pay attention to the words of Lut. They claimed,

“O Lut! Do you know us for so long? We don’t require our ladies. We know what we want.” 20

Hz. Lut was in a weak condition and was concerned. He was unable to speak. following words:

“I wish I had the power to resist you now or I could take refuge in a strong castle; I wish I were not in such terrible state.” 21

Hz. Lut was not from Sodom or Gomorra. He moved to Gomorra afterward. There was no one to assist him. There were individuals who believed in his cause, from the community who lived in Sodom and Gomorra but they were small; they were poor and weak. He was not wrong to lament his isolation and insufficiency. Actually prophets like the Prophet (pbuh) declared, “After Lut, Allah did not send a prophet that wasn’t from a powerful nation. .”(*)

When the angels realized that they could see that. Lut was so scared that they decided to inform Lut about their own experience. They told him,

“O Lut! We are certainly the representatives of your Lord. Do not worry. There is nothing they can do to us. Your nation is adamant about their sins and their abnormality. It is impossible to change the situation. It’s useless regardless of the amount of advice you give them. They can’t stifle you any longer. Let them into.” 22

In response to these words of angels, the angels echoed. Lut made the doors to the full. The gang rushed in. Hz. Cibril flapped his wings in front of them and the group were in blind. 23 They were unsure of what to do or which direction to take. They began to shout and shout. They told them there was a magician using the frequency of Hz. Lut. They didn’t even think of being a believer in him, even in that moment. Hz. Lut took the men out of his house.

When they left they said the angels to. Lut:

“Leave this town to those who trust in you. You can walk for a long time in the night. Do not allow any Christians to wander behind you. Let them walk ahead of you. Do not allow them to look in the back. Get out of the area immediately before the wrathful wrath of Allah is upon us. Don’t take your wife with you. Her destruction will come by your brutal nation. You will destroy them by the dawn.” 24

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Hz. Lut said,

“There is plenty of time to go until the morning. I would like the gangs to be destroyed faster.” Jibril said,

“Is the morning still not here? It’s near.”

It is common for people to have a desire that they want to be accomplished as quickly as they can. Hz. Lut was subject to oppression by his nation quite a bit and was disgusted by the terrible acts they did. Thus, he wished for the nation to end their oppression immediately and get rid of the nation.

It is evident that It is evident that. Jibril instructed Lut to complete four things:

1. To leave to bed at night. It was because it was important to let them leave the city without being seen by his people. If they had gone at the time of day they might have repressed him.

2. He was required to follow behind those who believed in his faith:If he had walked ahead of them, they may have been wondering about the events behind them and may have been looking. In addition those who walked in the back may have been worried that they might be impacted by the anger. Hz. Lut was told to leave the scene to protect all those that believed in him fear. The role of Lut was to. Lut was to guard the people who believed in his faith. It was possible to protect more effectively by keeping an eye on the people from behind.

3. They were not allowed to be aback: Those who left the city Lut owned relatives properties worth a lot of money and even children who lived in the city. They lived there all their lives and shared many connections to the city. If they had not looked back the city, they might have felt an impression of pity for the oppressors who were wiped out in the name of Allah, which is not the will of Allah.

To feel compassion for those who are in need of destruction or anger is to challenge the divine wisdom. To show compassion and mercy to those who have deserved to be punished is considered to show acceptance of their circumstances. This requires the exact same punishment.

This is how Allah Almighty cut off all of their ties in this manner.

4. Moving in the direction Allah directed and to escape the reach of anger.

After Hz. Lut was given these instructions He began to prepare for his departure from the city along with the other believers. Lut was unable to convince his wife to join Lut. She was keen to remain. Then, they left.


Prophet Lut (عليه السلام) When Hz. Lut left the city along with the believers, Jibril’s anger of the Lord came at dawn. Jibril created an earthquake by his wings and destroyed the city. (*) Stones baked in the oven rained down on the people. The stones falling from the sky sounded as rain drops that poured down continuously. while they listened to the sounds of a distant source:

“You denied the wrath and threats told you by Lut. Taste that wrath now. Know that Lut was telling the truth!”

The destruction continued all day long until dawn. At dawn, the lusty nation of Lut was destroyed. Meanwhile the it was Hz. Lut and all those who believed in Lut were saved and received the kingdom of God. 25

According to the verses, the Bible, the people from Lut was destroyed because of their inhumane treatment and sins. It doesn’t matter if the oppression affects their souls or the lives of others. Justice brings bounties. In the same way oppression brings misfortune as well as anger.

Also, there was a significant threat to the Qurayshi polytheists within those verses.

Allah’s Messenger Allah (pbuh) requested Jibril regarding the oppressors in the passage, and Jibril replied,

“The oppressors of your ummah are also included.” In a different verse it is said: “There is a lesson for believers in this event.” 26

It is believed that it was reported that. Lut along with those who were a believer in him traveled in Egypt, Damascus or Jordan after they left their home. The area they traveled to had a righteous population.

The cities in which the people of Lut was based are referred to as “Mu’tafikat” 27 in the Quran. According to reports, around 400 people resided there.

The location where this wrath struck is known as al-Bahr al Mayyit (the Dead Sea) or the Sea of Lot (Lut) in the present day.


Prophet Lut (عليه السلام) These explanations were available in the magazine Bilim ve Teknik regarding the issue:

The event took place about 4000 years ago. That is, in the early part in 2000 BC and, according to estimations, during the period of 1900 BC. The German writer Werner Keller explains and mentions about the devastation of both cities in great detail in his book entitled, “The Bible is right after all” that is based upon geological and archeological research as well as studies. This cult book by Keller is translated into 22 languages and has sold million copies!

Based on the explanations of Keller in the narratives narrated in The Torah (and other holy books) and the extensive investigations and excavations conducted by American geologists and archeologists the demolished sites in the city in Sodom as well as Gomorrah are located in the vicinity that surround the valley Siddim and the bottom of the Lut Sea. It is also evident through excavations that there was an extensive settlement in these places.

The researchers were disappointed after not being able to locate the cities in Sodom or Gomorrah after searching with great hopes and the likelihood of locating the sites in these two cities are no longer in doubt at this point; since these cities are located beneath the earth’s surface as explained in the following.

Keller describes this massive destruction that was the cause of the terrible incident, as well as the geological conditions of the region prior to the destruction, as follows: 28:

A tongue similar to the one in the eastern region of Lut Sea, forms an island and extends into the interior of the ocean. Arabs identified this region as al-Lisan, which means “the tongue”. There is a sharp, but apparent bend within the bottom of the water, which almost divides it into two sections. While the base located on the right side on the peninsula can be about 400 metres deep, but the lower side of the peninsula is extremely small. 

According to the calculations that have been conducted in recent past and the findings of scientists, it has been discovered that the area is just 15 or 20 meters. If you travel to the lower end of the Lut Sea on a boat at a time when sun’s rays reflect onto the water in the right direction, they will be greeted by an incredible scene. The forest trees begin to emerge in the water about a couple of miles above the shoreline. They are those saved by the high salt content of the lake.

The tree trunks and their remains visible in green are likely to be quite old. In the past those trees’ leaves turned blossoming and green it could be to be that prophet Lut (PBUH) was able to feed his herd! The past was when this mysterious tongue that was found in Lut was the Sea of Lut. Sea of Lut was the valley of Siddim.

The cause of devastation of Sodom as well as Gomorra is evident from the findings of geologists. American geologists initially explained the reason the bed of the river Jordan is extremely stiff. Actually it is because the Jordan River flows on a length of 190 km bed that has an elevation of 190 metres. This as well as the Lut Sea’s elevation lower than sea level at 400m is due to an enormous geological event that took place in the region.

It is believed that the Jordan River valley and the Sea of Lut is made up of the crack or rift that runs through the surface of the earth. The extent and condition of this crack in the Earth’s crust was recently discovered. 

This crack is located at the slopes of the Taurus Mountains to the south part of the southern coast of the Lut Sea and stretches over the Arabian desert to the Aqaba Gulf. From there, it runs through to the Red Sea and ends in Africa. It is believed that in areas that this long-lasting destruction goes on, there was a lot of volcanic activity. Black basalts are found as well as lavas in areas like Galilee Mountains and in the the top of the Jordan plateaus as well as the Gulf of Aqaba.

It is possible that at one time there was a huge collapse and a massive earthquake that took place, along with explosions, thunderboltsand fires and natural gasses. This caused the devastation of Siddim Valley as well as cities like Sodom as well as Gomorrah into the bowels the earth. The cracking and collapse of the earth’s crust caused sleepy volcanoes to roam freely. Additionally, extinct volcanic craters are found within the valley that is higher up Jordan In these regions, you can find huge lava masses as well as basalt masses that are on lime masses.

One interesting thing to note is that even though there is no mention of earthquakes throughout the Torah, Ahmed Cevdet Pasa has mentioned one in the book called Kisas-iEnbiya 29;that is in the History of Prophets. Ahmed Cevdet Pasa states the following: “Lut, the son of Harran who is his brother Hazrat Abraham, travelled along with Abraham between Babel from Babel to Damascus and was later taken to the Sodom area. 

The inhabitants of the region were sinners, unbelievers. Their actions were illegal, and they were prone to prostitution that was never ever before seen in any country. Hz. Lut offered them the path of truth, but they didn’t listen. He offered advice to Lut but they refused to take him up on his offer. Allah Almighty hurled they with stone and destroyed homes with an earthquake. They were destroyed by Allah Almighty. The only survivors were Lut along with his loved ones survived after departing the scene at night.” (Ahmed Cevdet Paza, Kisas-i Enbiya, I. Cilt, Milli Egitim Basimevi, Istanbul.)

The cities and the environs in Sodom and Gomorra were the victims of the divine destruction and following a massive catastrophe that took place four thousand years ago these cities Sodom and Gomorra fell into the bowels of the earth. 30

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The Dr. Haluk Nurbaki gives the following explanation for the floods that devastated Lut’s entire population: Lut:

“At time of August 1945 there were two islands in close proximity to each other. They were two clean and green islands. The major cities on these islands were named Hiroshima as well as Nagasaki. Early in the morning they would be the chosen as the victims of a major conflict. They were subject to an act of annihilation that was recorded in their fate , and was to be debated for the rest of time by all human beings.

But, no one knew the most intriguing aspect of what took place between these cities.

Hiroshima and Nagasaki both, which were extremely hot, turned into hell after the atomic bombs fell. The residents who did not suffer a fatal injury in the first blast ran out onto the streets to breathe more easily. They enjoyed the rain that was thrown down by the dark clouds which suddenly appeared in the sky. However, the true death was caused by the rain falling from these clouds that were fueled by radioactive Krypton. A majority of the 200.000 people who died within these towns were killed by the raindrops.

We don’t say that the cities were afflicted with divine anger. However, the mystery behind the verse of the Quran was revealed.

It is believed by all scholars of Tafsir that the country of Lut was devastated by rain, but it was not a flood. Only the faithful believed in the possibility of a death-sprinkling rain, but the deniers shrugged it off until the event that occurred in Hiroshima.

The radioactive rains which were not even considered by the people who created the nuclear bomb, silenced those who mocked the Quranic verses.

If Allah would like to wipe out an entire nation, He will send their wrath because He is the holder of infinite power which is unknowable to us or science. We would not like to suggest that the nation of Lut was destroyed by the rain of radioactive clouds. But, it is evident that all Quranic verses are based on scientific research. The rain that comes from the radioactive krypton cloud is known as an ominous rain and serves as a great illustration of the destruction of the people of Lut through rainfall.” 31


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