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Dua After Adhan – What should you do if you hear an adhan (call to pray)- We are able to hear Adhan every day five times, but unfortunately, we do not respond to the demand of the Prayer.We are able to pray salah(namaj) but during adhan we often continue our chats.

Many people don’t even comprehend the meaning behind adhan.Islamic prayers aren’t just repetitions, every verse contains an wisdom.In Allah’s name, in Allah after having read this, we will be able to answer prayers in the manner that is as commanded by the sunnah Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). prophet(PBUH).

Allah SWT has created Islam an extremely appealing and simple religion that is accessible to everyone Muslims. Salah is among the most important foundations of Islam. It is mandatory for each Muslim to practice Namaz five times in a every day.

So, in order in order to remind Muslims of the exact moment of prayer it is the obligation of the muezzin to offer Adhan which is a call to pray. It is believed that each person who says the words in the Adhan will be able to feel their hearts filled with pure and divine grace. Learn further about dua following Adhan and the significance of it within Islam.

What Is the Adhan?

Dua After Adhan – Originating by an Arabic word, the term Azan (also known as Adhan literally refers to “to listen, to be informed about, or announcement.” In Islamic terms, Adhan is the “call to prayer.” Adhan is recited five times per daily (Fajr, Zuhr, Asr, Maghrib, and Isha) by the muezzin in order to call out for Muslims in the Muslim Ummah and ask the Muslims to gather to pray.

Although it’s not that lengthy Although it’s not too long, the Adhan contains all the basic elements of the faith and explains the importance to being a part of the Islamic ritual in the form of Salah (Namaz) through warning people to abandon everything and pray as Allah SWT commands them.

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What Is the Importance of the Adhan in Islam?

Dua After Adhan – Reciting the Adhan before praying is an act of Sunnah from Allah SWT, the Messenger (PBUH) from Allah SWT. It is believed that one should be able to recite Adhan even when they pray alone. Prayer’s call is testimony to the unity that is Allah SWT and confirms the fact that prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has been the final Messenger.

Adhan is also a reminder to Muslims to remember that Salah is obligatory and that we must be ready to respond whenever we are asked from Allah SWT. It is important to understand the importance of Adhan in Islam is best appreciated by studying this list of Hadiths:

  • “The person who recites it will get Syafaah (Intercession) of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)” (Sahih Bukhari)
  • “Making dua after reciting it is never rejected.” (Sunan Abi Daud)
  • “It is Sunnah to answer the Adhan.” (Sahih Muslim)
  • “Reciting Salawat after Adhan is mandatory.” (Sahih Muslim)
  • “Dua made between the Adhan and Iqamah is never rejected.” (Sunan Abi Daud)

Dua After Adhan in English

Dua After Adhan – Jabir bin Abdullah (RA) told the story of how prophet Muhammad (PBUH) declared, “Whoever after listening to the Adhan says, ‘Allahumma Rabba hadhihi-dda` watit-tammah, was-salatil qa’imah, ati Muhammadan al-wasilata wal-fadilah, wa b`ath-hu maqaman mahmudan-il-ladhi wa`adtahu,’ then my intercession for him becomes binding on the day of resurrection.”

English translation of the prayer that follows Adhan: “O Allah! God of the perfect prayer (perfect in not appointing your partners) as well as of the daily prayer that is to be established, grant Muhammad the right to intercede and fame and bring him back to the most heavenly and most heavenly place in Paradise You assured him (of)and my prayers on behalf of him shall be accepted at the Day of Resurrection”. (Sahih Al Bukhari, 614)

When asked how to say in the dua following Adhan, Amr Ibn Al-as told of hearing Muhammad (PBUH) from Allah SWT saying “When you are hearing”the Muadhin (caller to pray) then repeat as you hear him say, and send me salutations (once after the Adhan is over, as during the Adhan the person is responding to the Adhan in itself), as the one who requests Allah to bring peace and greetings on me. Allah will send ten blessings on him.

And then ask Allah to give me Al-wasilah A place in Jannah It is fitting for one slave to Allah I pray that I am that slave. If anyone seeks Allah for the blessing of Al-Wasilah (my) prayer (for him) is legally inviolable. (Muslim)

Dua After Adhan in Arabic

Dua After Adhan – After answering on an Adhan, Muslims are directed to recite the following adhan:

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How to Recite the Adhan

Dua After Adhan – In Arabic The Adhan (call to pray) is easy and simple to remember. All you have to do is pay attention to the Adhan repeatedly throughout the day, and then repeat it following the muezzin (the person who summons Muslims to pray from the mosque’s minaret). Do you want to know how to say the Adhan? Check out the following verses:

  1. Allahu Akbar (recited 4 times)
  2. Ashhadu an la ilaha illa Allah (recited 2 times)
  3. Ashadu anna Muhammadan Rasool Allah (recited 2 times)
  4. Hayya ‘ala-s-Salah (recited 2 times)
  5. Hayya ‘ala-l-Falah(recited 2 times)
  6. Allahu Akbar (recited 2 times)
  7. La ilaha illa Allah (recited once)

English Translation

To learn the prayer of the Lord ( Adhan) by heart, one has to be aware of the meaning behind it. Its English interpretation of Adhan is as follows:

  • Allahu Akbar (recited 4 times)God is Great
  • Ashhadu an la ilaha illa Allah (recited 2 times)
    I swear to the fact that God is not a god but the God of One.
  • Ashadu anna Muhammadan Rasool Allah (recited 2 times)
    I swear by the fact to the fact that Muhammad is the messenger of God.
  • Hayya ‘ala-s-Salah (recited 2 times)
    Get ready for pray (Rise up to pray)
  • Hayya ‘ala-l-Falah (recited 2 times)
    Get ready for success (Rise up to Salvation)
  • Allahu Akbar (recited 2 times)
    God is Great
  • La ilaha illa Allah (recited once)
    God is not a god other than the God of all Gods.

Etiquettes While Listening to the Adhan

Dua After Adhan – Muslims are required to gather together to pray every day five times or 1825 times per year. Did you know that like any ritual Islamic ceremony there is an Sunnah from Muhammad (PBUH) and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) concerning what to do during Adhan. The proper manner to listen to Adhan are like this:

Response in response to Adhan by repeating it after the Muezzin

While you are listening to Adhan the most effective way to listen is to repeat it after the muezzin. Many of the companions mentioned that the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was known to repeat the prayer after the request to prayers in response for the muezzin.

“The Prophet (PBUH) of Allah SWT said “Whenever you hear the Adhan, say what the Mu’adh-dhin is saying.” ( Sahih al-Bukhari 612 in-book Reference Volume 10, Hadith 10.)

“Some of my friends told me that Hisham was a prophet who said, “When the Mu’adh-dhin said, “Haiyi `alassala (come for the prayer),” Muawiya replied, “La hawla wala quwata illa billah (There is neither might nor any power except with Allah)” and added, “We heard your Prophet saying the same.” (Sahih al-Bukhari 613 Book Reference Book 10 Hadith 11)

“When you hear the Mu’adhin calling for the prayer, repeat his words then ask Allah’s blessings upon me, because the one who asks Allah’s blessings upon me once will be rewarded ten blessings by Allah.” (Muslim)

Abdullah bin Amr bin Al-As told the story: “I heard the Messenger (PBUH) of Allah SWT saying : “When you listen to the Adhan Repeat the words of the Mu’adhin. Then , ask Allah SWT to elevate my name because anyone who mentions it will be granted as reward ten from Allah SWT.

In the meantime, beg Allah SWT to grant me the Al-Wasilah (which is mentioned in the above dua) that is a high position in Jannah suitable for only an Allah’s slaves and I pray I’ll be the one to receive it. If anyone wants Al-Wasilah to help me, it is my duty to pray for him.”‘ (Sahih Muslim)

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Be Considerate

The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) by means of his hadiths and Sunnah advised Muslims in hearing Adhan, (call to prayer) it is imperative to stop all their activities and pay attention to the Adhan. When listening to what Adhan is being offered the listener must not be distracted by things. You may find these guidelines useful:

  • If you’re talking to another person on the phone, stop the call
  • Change your phone’s mode to silent
  • Turn off the TV
  • Pause
  • Don’t laugh

While there isn’t any hasith that proves it however, certain Islamic scholars believe that speaking in the Adhan is not more than a sin. Thus, one should quit whatever it is they’re doing (including the recitation of The Holy Quran) and listen to the prayer’s call.

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What Do You Say During Fajr Adhan?

In the Fajr Adhan, the muezzin utters:

Assalatu khairum-minan-naum.

“Prayer is better than sleep.”

In accordance with in the Sunnah from Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) We have to declare:

“Idha sami’tumun-nida’a Faqulu mithla ma yaqulul- mu’adhdhin.” (Bukhari Kitabul-Adhan)

“Whenever you hear the Adhan, say what the Mu’adhdhin is saying.”

So, when you hear the Adhan then, you must be sure to repeat the entire phrase word for word. But, if the muezzin says ” Hayya ‘alas-Salah and Hayya ‘alal-Falah,” you must say ” La haula wala quwwata illa billa-hil ‘aliyyil ‘Azim” that means there is no strength nor power other than from Allah . (Muslim)

After hearing the Adhan you should then repeat the Kalima and then As-Salawat Al Ibrahim and the dua following Adhan.

Wa ‘anaa ‘ash-hadu ‘an laa ‘ilaaha ‘illallaahu wahdahu laa shareeka lahu wa ‘anna Muhammadan ‘abduhu wa Rasooluhu, radheetu billaahi Rabban, wa bi-Muhammadin Rasoolan wa bil’islaami deenan.”

“And I also swear that no god is entitled to be worshipped except Allah SWT the sole God, Who does not have any partners in addition to the fact it is true that Muhammad is His servant and Messenger. I am content by Allah SWT for being my Lord and along with Muhammad (peace be on his name) for my messenger, and as a follower of Islam for my faith.”

“Allaahumma salli alaa Muhammadin wa alaa aali Muhammadin, kamaa sallayta alaa Ibraaheema wa alaa aali Ibraaheema innaka Hameedun Majeed. Allahumma Baarik alaa Muhammadin wa alaa aali Mohammadin kamaa baarakta alaa Ibraaheema wa alaa aali Ibraaheema innaka Hameedum Majeed”

“O ALLAH, bestow Your favor upon Muhammad and his family Muhammad just as You given Your blessing to Ibrahim and families of Ibrahim You are praiseworthy and most glorious. O ALLAH Bless Muhammad and his family of Mohammad in the same way that You blessed Ibrahim and his family of Ibrahim You are awe-inspiring and most praising.” (Al-Bukhari, The Book of Stories of the Prophet, Hadith 3370)

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What Is the Dua for Parents?

Dua After Adhan – from every culture and faith have the status of a noble person. Children owe everything within their life to parents, who have sacrificed many times to provide for their children.

At the time they were little anything more than embryos. Their mother nurtured the babies in her womb. She endured a lot of pain and agony in order to bring them into the world. Even then she raised her children with compassion and taught them to be good citizens. Fathers also sacrifice their time and energy times to give their children the essentials and anything else they would like.

Children must therefore be respectful of their parents, honor them as well as treat them with respect and affection.

The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) previously suggested that the best method to care for your parents is to keep them in mind when you remember them during your prayers. In the Messenger (PBUH) from Allah SWT advised members of the Muslim Ummah to pray for parents . He said “When a person dies, his deeds come to an end, except for three: A continuous charity, knowledge that others benefited from, and a pious son who (continues to) pray for him.” (Sahih Muslim)

Allah Swt. Surah Al Isra tells us the dua we must beg for the forgiveness of our parents:

“Rabbirhamhuma kama rabbayanee sagheera”

“And lower to them the wing of humility out of mercy and say, ‘My Lord, have mercy upon them as they brought me up [when I was] small.'” (Holy Quran, Surah Al Isra, Ayah 24)

A different dua for parents can be described like this:

“Rabbi ighfir lee waliwalidayyawaliman dakhala baytiya mu/minan walilmu/mineena walmu/minatiwala tazidi aththalimeena illatabaran”

“My Lord I beg you to I beg forgiveness of my parents and me and anyone who enters my home an apologist and believers, both women and men. Don’t increase the evildoers, save for ruin.” (Holy Quran Surah Nuh Verse 28,)

If it’s in the lives of our parents , or following their deaths in our lives as Muslims are required to pray for their longevity and a healthy life, and for the absolution of any sins and to see them granted the highest position in Jannah.

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Summary Description Dua following Adhan

The Adhan is recited in the presence of Muezzin five times per day, Adhan is an invitation to everyone Muslims to gather to take part in Salah (Namaz). The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) had instructed his Ummah to pay attention to the Adhan to repeat each word as instructed, and to repeat the dua prescribed following Adhan.

Benefits of reciting Dua After Adhan

This dua is full of advantages. Be certain to repeat it because it’s extremely fruitful.

  • Anyone who recites it can receive Syafaah (Intercession) that was made by Muhammad PBUH. Muhammad PBUH. – Sahih Bukhari.
  • Reciting the dua is not a problem. – Sunan Abi Daud.
  • There is Sunnah to respond to the Adhaan. – Sahih Muslim.
  • Recite Salawat following Adhan is obligatory. – Sahih Muslim.
  • Dua that is made between Adhaan the Adhaan and Iqamah is never denied. – Sunan Abi Daud.


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