Complete Story of The Prophet Yusuf (عليه السلام)

Yusuf (Joseph) was the beloved child of prophet Yaqub (Jacob) He also had 11 sons. Binyamin the youngest, was born to exactly the same family as Yusuf and the other sons were older half-brothers.

Yusuf who was still a small child, awoke one wonderful morning, enthralled by a wonderful dream he had just experienced. The boy ran towards his dad with exuberance and declared, “O my father, indeed I have seen eleven stars and the sun and the moon; I saw them prostrating to me.” Yaqub was overjoyed to realize that his beloved son was indeed selected by Allah to receive the title of Prophet. 

But, Yaqub was concerned about his sons’ older brothers’ potential reaction to this story although Yaqub treated them in the same way and treated them with respect, they were jealous of Yusuf. Yaqub therefore advised Yusuf against sharing his dream to his brothers lest they plan to bring him down.

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With time The hatred within the hearts of Yusuf’s brothers continued increasing. They admired Yusuf because they felt that he was unique and they weren’t. In a state of emotional turmoil, they devised a strategy to rid themselves of Yusuf and tossed him into a pond. 

Then, one day, they contacted their father with the idea that he invite Yusuf to accompany the group on an excursion. The very reluctant Yaqub told him, “Indeed, it saddens me that you should take him and I fear that a wolf would eat him while you are unaware.” However, their brothers insisted they’d ensure that Yusuf was taken care of and also that Yusuf would have fun.

The following day Yusuf left with the brothers. They traveled a long distance seeking a well deep enough for them to throw their brother into. Once they reached the well, under the pretense of drinking water, they led him there and grabbed him before they took off his shirt. 

Yusuf was fighting and begged to them to let go. The brothers eventually dominated Yusuf then threw him over the well before rushing to their homes.

The brothers ran for their father with Yusuf’s shirt, which was splattered with blood of a sheep. They cried out, “O our father, indeed we went racing with each other and left Yusuf with our possessions, and a wolf ate him.

 Yaqub was skeptical of their tale He in his heart believed that his son was alive, and they were probably enticed through Shaitan (satan) to commit evil. He said that the wolf had been kind to eat his son without breaking his shirt! He endured the loss with a sense of calm and was praying for his son’s safety return.


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While Yusuf was able to hold to a ledge of stone, praying fervently to Allah to give him salvation. Soon, a van bound to Egypt stopped at the well to collect water. The water drawer emptied his bucket, and was shocked by the handsome young man holding to the rope. The caravan’s people immediately tied Yusuf and carried him to Egypt. 

In Egypt, he was auctioned and sold as slaves for the most expensive bidder. This was the treasurer Al-Azeez. The new master of Yusuf, who was not married was totally enthralled by Yusuf. He instructed his wife to be sure that they took treatment of Yusuf and that they could employ him as a slave or give him as an son.

Yusuf did not just grow up to be a gorgeous young man, but also was blessed with a wealth of understanding and wisdom from Allah. His integrity won the hearts of Al-Azeez who put Yusuf as the head of his family. In this time, Yusuf was confronted with his second trial. Zulaika the wife of Al-Azeez, who sat with Yusuf all day long was beginning to feel passionate about Yusuf. Her love for him grew to the point that she was determined to satisfy her dream.
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A few days ago, while her husband had gone away at home, she shut the doors and welcomed Yusuf to come to her. Yusuf, fearing Allah, replied, “[I seek] refuge in Allah. In fact, Allah is my master and has helped me to settle in my place. 

The wrongdoers won’t be able to succeed. .” Zulaika pursued him , desperate for help. She grabbed his shirt from his back and caused his shirt to tear. The door opened , and Al-Azeez was the first to enter. Ashmed ran towards him and demanded , “What is the recompense of the one who intended evil for your wife but that he be imprisoned or a painful punishment?” Yusuf was confused. He denied the claim of his mistress, saying “It was she who sought to seduce me.”

Al-Azeez was a gentleman. He was in a state of confusion and uncertain about who to believe. He consulted his wife’s friend for guidance. “If his shirt is torn from the front, then she has told the truth, and he is of the liars,” said the cousin. In this way, the innocence of Yusuf was proved. Al-Azeez apologized for his wife’s indecency , and took vows to Yusuf to keep her secrets.

However, the story of the chase by Zulaika was widely circulated. Some women started mocking her personality. Devastated, Zulaika planned to prove to them her indifferent reaction to the stunning beauty of Yusuf. Therefore, she invited these women to a meal at her home the next day. They were served fruit together with knives. As the ladies were chattering away while cutting fruit, Zulaika summoned Yusuf. 

The women stared at Yusuf. Bewildered by his beautiful beauty the women cut their hands, without realizing that they had. Zulaika was quick to declare that it was this man who was responsible for her misfortune. She also advised Yusuf of the fact that should he did not listen to her again , he’d be detained and Yusuf responded, “My Lord, prison is more to my liking than that to which they invite me.” In the evening, Zulaika made her husband believe that the best way to preserve her honour and prestige was to put him in prison Yusuf. This was how Yusuf was imprisoned.

While Yusuf was in prison He was blessed an ability of interpreting dreams. Two of Yusuf’s cellmates fascinated by his religious zeal and devotion to God, contacted him to have his dreams clarified. One of them dreamed that he was serving the King wine while the other one was wearing food on his face, which was being eaten by two birds. 

Yusuf initially directed the birds to Allah before interpreting, “O two companions of prison, for the one, he’ll serve his master a glass of wine, but in the case of the second one, he will be executed while the birds be eating off his head. The decree has been made to you by Allah. You are both able to inquire .” and he advised the one believed would be released, “Mention me before your master.” However, Shaitan caused him to forget the reference to his master and Yaqub was imprisoned for a few years.

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One day , the King of Egypt was awoken by an unusual dream. He summoned his soldiers and stated, “Indeed, I have witnessed seven fat cows being devoured by seven slim, and seven green spikes of grain] and some that were dry. O noble ones, describe my vision should you be able to interpret the visions .” The King sent his cupbearer in prison to talk to Yusuf and discuss the strange dream.

Yusuf was overwhelmed by seeing his friend and was convinced that this was in fact the intention of Allah. He told him “You will plant seven consecutive years; and the harvest you make will be left on its spreads with the exception of some of which you’ll consume. 

After that will be seven difficult years that will consume the things you have advanced (saved) to them, with some of which you’ll keep. Then , after that, will be one year, in which the people will receive rain, and they press grapes and olives ].”

Astonished, the king ordered Yusuf to appear before him. Yusuf however, was unable to leave his prison until innocence was proven. The King therefore summoned women in relation to the incident. The women who had had their hands cut, spoke about Yusuf’s innocence to the King “Allah forbid! We have no knowledge of his wrongdoing .”

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She was the wife Al-Azeez was caught. She told his King that “Now all the facts have been made clear. I was the one who attempted to lure him into a trap, and in truth, he’s honest. .”

So, the innocence of Yusuf was established. After being released from prison, Yusuf appeared before the King, thanking for his kindness. The King who was impressed by the honesty of Yusuf’s mannerisms and pleasant manner of conduct made him a candidate as the storekeeper for the stores across his territory.

Yusuf harvested and stored his crops in the fertile seven seasons. Then came the time of famine, which also was felt by the family that belonged to Yaqub who lived in Canaan. Yaqub took all his sons, with the exception of Binyamin in Egypt to buy food items. Yusuf immediately recognized his brothers and arranged to them,

however he kept his identity hidden. He asked concerning their relatives. Brothers informed storekeeper about their home in Canaan as well as their brother and father back home. Yusuf advised the brothers to take their brother with them the next time or else they will not receive any more food items. The man also put the cash they spent on their food and supplies as a reason to bring them back.

The brothers went home and told their parents, “O our father, the measure was refused to us, therefore we must send our brother so that we can be granted a measure. In fact, we are his protectors .”> Yaqub was furious. How could he be sure of their trust after they’d failed him horribly with Yusuf earlier? 

After a while but their demands forced Yaqub to have Binyamin join them to get more food. He took their solemn vow to secure him. When they arrived in Egypt, Yusuf drew Binyamin away and whispered in his the ear, “Indeed, I am your brother, so do not despair over what they used to do [to me].”

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The next the next day Yusuf was able to fill his brother bags with grain. He then hidden the golden bowl of the King in Binyamin’s bag.

As they were leaving their brothers encountered King’s soldiers, who were searching for the cup that was missing from the King’s palace. The brothers’ bags were searched and the cup that was missing was recovered from the bag of Binyamin, the younger brother Binyamin. The soldiers shouted, “O caravan, indeed you are thieves.” 

The brothers were stunned! They immediately thought of their father who was sick back home and their promise to protect Binyamin at any price. They requested the soldiers to let go of their younger brother and release one of them, however, the soldiers were unable to agree. The oldest of the brothers stated, “I will never leave this land until my father permits me or Allah decides for me.”So the other brothers went to Egypt leaving the oldest behind.

When Yaqub learned of his eldest son’s plight, Yaqub wept and wept until the blindness of his eyes began. He turned to prayer for comfort as he knew only Allah could alleviate his suffering. Then, he advised his sons to return to the land of the King and inquire about their brother.

The boys went back to Egypt for the second time. They had a meeting with Yusuf and begged him to stop the tragedy that was afflicting them. Yusuf then addressed them in their own dialect, “Do you know what you did with Yusuf and his brother when you were ignorant?” It wasn’t long before the brothers to realize it was indeed their long-lost brother, and they began to shake in anxiety. However, Yusuf assured them that, “No reproach on you this day, may Allah forgive you.” Then he said, “Take this, my shirt, and cast it over the face of my father; his eyesight will return.”

According to the instructions as instructed, the brothers threw the shirt of their father’s over his face, and Allah magically restored the vision! They pleaded with their fathers to ask for forgiveness from Allah for their father. All of them set off for Egypt where Yusuf graciously received them. Yusuf lifted his father to the throne and spoke,

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“O my father, this is the explanation for my dream of the past. The Lord has brought it to real. It was certainly a blessing for me, when He brought me out of prison and took you here from the life of a bedouin after Satan created [discord] among my brother and me. In fact, my Lord is Insensitive to what He wants. Indeed, it’s He Who is one who knows and the wise.” So, Allah has brought father and son together.

The lesson: Prophet Yusuf from his childhood dream believed that his destiny was to be great however, that at every turn in his life , he was confronted with challenges and obstacles. He was snubbed by his brothers, sold as a slaves, and unfairly imprisoned. Yusuf could have opted to be angry and questioned Allah with the words,

“I thought you had ordained for me greatness”. He could be tempted to complain and asked “why do these things keep happening to me”. However, he was wiser than that because he was aware that Allah had a plan in mind for his life and he was required to keep his faith. Yusuf realized that by making sure he was doing the best that he could be, giving people the right treatment and respect, and doing more than the requirements to ensure that Allah would be taking his care.

“There was definitely in their tales an instruction for those with knowledge. The Qur’an the creation of a narrative it was merely a confirmation of the previous knowledge and a comprehensive explanation of everything and the guidance and mercy of those who believe.”
Surah Yusuf Ayah 111

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Story of The Prophet Yusuf (عليه السلام)

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