la ilaha illallah Meaning in English Full Dua

There’s a wonderful Hadith that the Prophet mentioned: “Whoever says: there is no God and ALLAH is the only God, then ALLAH goes to Paradise. It’s easy for us to affirm this. We should however feel it through our bodies before we say La Ilaha IllALLAH.

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La Ilaha IllALLAH Full Dua Details

La Ilaha IllALLAH is also mentioned in Chapter #26, Surah Muhammad, Verse #19 as well as Chapter #23 Surah A-Saaffat Verse 19.

The full dua is La Ilaaha IllALLAH Mu’hammadur-Rasoolullah

English Meaning: There is no God but ALLAH Mu’hammad is the Messenger of ALLAH.

Roman English/Urdu Meaning of La Ilaha IllALLAH Mu’hammadur Rasoolullah:

ALLAH ke siwa koi ma’abood nahi Muhammad () ALLAH ke Rasool Hai.

Let’s look at the meaning of word to word from La Ilaha IllALLAH.

La Ilaha IllALLAH Word-to-Word Meaning & Concept

The Arabic word “La”

A. The Arabic word “La” refers to a negative word. In Arabic we use it to mean Harf-e-Nafiwhich signifies negation, or refusal or denial to something.

The person who speaks the word “La” meaning ‘there’s no’ and denies the existence of it.

The Arabic word “Ilaaha”

It is believed that the Arabic term ‘Ilaaha’ refers to a masculine singular accusative noun that refers to God. In Arabic, we say it ‘Ism-e-Mansoob’. On which the verb is used to perform. For i.e. we deny is an adjective.

The person who says the phrase “La Ilaaha’ which means “there isn’t a God is also denying that there is any God in all of his beliefs.

The Arabic word “Illa”

It is believed that the Arabic word “Illa” is a word used to define a restriction particle. In Arabic we call it “Adaat Hasar’ which means restricting or restricting. Whoever says this is limiting himself to one God that is ALLAH.

The person who says the phrase “La Ilaaha” that means ‘there’s no God but also denies there is any God and believes that there is no God ‘apart from’

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ilaha meaning,la ilaha illallah muhammadur rasulullah meaning in arabic ,what does la ilaha illallah mean  ,la ilaha illallah wahdahu la sharika lahu lahul mulku meaning ,subhanallah alhamdulillah la ilaha illallah allahu akbar meaning  ,eshedu en la ilahe illallah meaning,la ilaha illallah al malikul haqqul mubin meaning

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The Arabic word “ALLAH”

It is the Arabic word “ALLAH”is a proper noun that has nominative meaning. It is the subject of the verb. In Arabic, we say it ‘Lafz Al-Jalaalah Marf’oo’. The person who accepts this as a sign of acknowledging that the proper noun of the nominal noun which is ALLAH is the only God.

The person who uses the phrase “La Ilaaha, It is an ALLAH’ that means “there’s not a God but ALLAH and denies the existence of God and believes that there is no God other than ALLAH.

The entire statement discredits all other gods that are known as the false, human-created Gods. It also focuses on the One and only true God That is ALLAH.

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Looking at the benefits and virtues that come from La Ilaha IllALLAH within the authentic Hadith.

Virtues and Benefits of La Ilaha IllALLAH

It was said by Abu Hurairah that the Messenger of Allah declared:

‘urge your dying ones to say La ilaha illALLAH.”

Sunan Ibn Majah 1444 | Grade : Saheeh: According to a modern researcher William Chittick, Sufi beliefs regarding the distinction between what is real and the Real originate in an understanding of the traditional Muslim confession of faith, called the Shahada.

In the phrase “There is no god but God,” it is a judging of things that are and things that isn’t–as regards an unreality and a fact. Based on the logic behind the argument God exist in a manner that is distinct and exclusive. Sufis defined this unique form that exists by defining it as Absolute Reality. 

The quality of existence in an Absolute, in a unique and unique, belongs exclusively to God the Only God. The fact that Si God is the only one who has Absolute Reality, all other reality in the universe is that realm known as the Unreal or non-absolute or the relative world.

A single of the frequently cited texts supporting this theory of God’s Absolute and thus unique way of being can be found in that of the Quranic passage “Everything is perishing except His (God’s) face” (Quran 28:88). The verse is interpreted as an evidence that the universe as we see it today does not last, it is not absolute, therefore it is not in the end Real.

The only thing real is God (here represented by the expression “God’s face”) and that is why God will be the one Reality that will last after all Unreality is gone. This dualistic theory, which oscillates between Real in addition to the Unreal and the Real, is also evident by the poems of poet and mystic Rumi whom has written ” God turns you from one feeling to another and teaches by means of opposites, so that you will have two wings to fly, not one.”

In addition, based upon the Arabic language used in The Quran also is the notion that all the world offers believers is a sign. The verses in the Quran are identified in the text as the word ayat which means the word “signs”.

So although the world is only a little real, inside it the Christian can find differences among the many manifestations that occur that occur in the world, each of which could be a sign, or ayah or ayah, given from God

Different phenomena reveal different aspects and levels God’s interaction with humans. For instance, a prophet for instance, is able to reflect and communicates God’s reality in a way that is more significant than people of average age. The idea of discerning what signals are significant is one of the aspects that those who follow this mystical manifestation of Islam refer to as “walking the Sufi path.

In the same way, the second part of the Shahada, ” Muhammad is the Messenger of God,” illustrates the importance of all living beings throughout the world, but ultimately acknowledges the fact that God is the only Absolute. By focusing on Muhammad and making an assertion of faith in the status of Messenger, one recognizes that God uses the people of all of the earth to meditate on and speak concerning Himself. 

The revelation given by Muhammad comes from God and is a signification of God’s omnipresent Being. When the Sufi applies this spiritual view of Shahada begins to discern in between Unreal as well as The Real, she/he can later be able to discern between the Divine and human aspects of all things and individuals who live in this world.

With a rigorous and consistent practice, and the perfection in the spiritual realm (called tazkiyat al-nafs) In this way, the Sufi practitioner aims to reach an accurate comprehension of what the universe is. At this it will be possible to see the one and only Ultimate Realm, God. The practices involve invocations, prayers, and gatherings.

They may also involve sup rogatory (i.e. that is, outside of Ramadan) or sup rogatory Ramadan) the practice of fasting. Through becoming enslaved to physical or bodily demands of our earthly existence, this training aids the Sufi in removing a preoccupation by the self-material, or the nafs. After which, it ceases to exist and, in turn, allows the Sufi to be able to focus on God.

It is crucial to emphasize that the larger cosmic framework in which Sufism operates is not distinct from the general Islam. This is due to the fact that Sufism is not a religion or a sectarian association that is similar to Sunnism or Shiism.

 It is more of a Sufism is the mystic manifestation of the Islamic spirituality that isn’t solely Sunni and Shii. Therefore, Sufis also believe, as all Muslims believe in the fact that God created the universe, and that God sent prophets and messengers like Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad with scriptures and messages to direct humankind. This is in line with the mainstream Muslim faith.

Sufis don’t so much differ from or add to the tradition of Sufis, but they do add to what is considered to be traditional practice with an extra layer of personal and inner-directed spiritual concern. The reason for this additional dimension is to build an intimate relationship with God which is based on specific Sufi guidelines of abstinence as well as spiritual education. In the above paragraph but Sufism isn’t an exclusive or general prescriptive system which means that each Sufi is an Muslim and not all Muslim should be Sufi. Sufi.

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La ilaha illa ‘llah, Muhammadun-Rasulullah

The Verbal Essence of Truth and Knowledge

For the Sufi, the most meaningful words in creation are “La ilaha illa ‘llah, Muhammadun-Rasulullah.” We claim unequivocally that this phrase is the Origin of all Knowledge, the Sun of all Meaning, the Source of all Truth, and Health, Warmth and Healing to the heart.

Let’s examine the phrase in its two components, “La ilaha illa ‘llah“, and “Muhammadun-Rasulullah“.

Part 1. La ilaha illa ‘llah

” La ilaha illa ‘llah” is the essence it is a straightforward but powerful outline that outlines the “Knowledge of God”. It is the basis (and application) of the elimination of the falsehood. It is both an affirmation about Divine Truth, and a guide to understanding it. It is a reminder that there is only Allah and shows that the most efficient method of “know” the Unity is to deny everything else.

” La” signifies”nothing,” negating of what follows, signalling the negation and implied the illusion of the appearance of whatever it’s that it is referring to ( which, paradoxically, has to first “exist” (in the mind) in order to be debunked and denied, or reduced to zero importance).

” Ilaha” is an incredibly fascinating word, and is worthy of serious contemplation. It is a reference to god (little “g” meant), deity, worthy of worship and deification. It also means edification, edification respect, subordination the rules of service, attendance, attention. In a nutshell, all that is derived out of your (individual) thoughts ( mindset, way of thinking) and everything that we care about (our worries) or think “exists”.

“La ilaha” can therefore translate to “nothing exists”, i. that is. there is nothing that merits attention unless it stands in its own right and is not worthy of consideration. How do we identify the Being? By removing our conscious (mind) everything else that could be eliminated, including and not including any mental notions (of God), until there is nothing but pure existence flowing across our entire bodies, and running throughout our bodies.

The reason is to suggest that “Knowing” of God is founded on the rejection of everything else. In actual practice, that negation is founded on the sole affirmation of The only possible permanent reality, God Alone. After that “Knowing” is known, it is all-inclusive and complete. There is no further negation needed, or even possible as everything is an assertion of truth of the world of reality.

In Sufism the term ” annihilation” is a reference to mental faculties ( giving no credence to). There is no doubt about the existence of reality outwardly, only the rejection of any other reality that the One True Reality The Only True Reality(That which remains when everything else has gone). See how even the most vile dictators operate according to this law, trying to physically eliminate their foes and only succeeding in self-defeating. But the principle remains the same – finding the truth through a process of elimination.

” Illa” refers to only one thing, but, in the absence of any other, it means only.

‘llah” means Allah, Al-lah! (Arabic) The One. The Conscious Oneness. The Unity. The Divine, The Beyond-Comprehension. The Self-Aware, Who Comprehends All. Existing, Knowing, Seeing, Hearing, Speaking, Willing, The Source of Power. Perfection in and of Itself. More than that, there is no. Who is left when everything else has gone.

This Being requires both intellectually comprehended and physically experienced. The Divine “Does” Itself. The totality of the Truth that is this Truth is the object in “Quest”. The concept of it in our heads is easy, but convincing our bodies requires the practice of physical and verbal affirmations. The process transforms this knowledge from a thought into an actuality.

Part 2. Muhammadun-Rasulullah

Muhammadun-Rasulullah is a profound summary of the knowledge of creation.

” Muhammad” is the most complicated and profound word, which requires the study of lengthy exclamations to begin understanding So let’s summarize. Indeed, he was the perfect personification of Truth and the Reality and thus is the best way to reach this goal too.

Let’s begin from the beginning.

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The Divine Being by itself perfect shouldn’t the very first of Its creations be flawless?

At the beginning the beginning was not there There was Allah Alone Pure, undiluted, undifferentiated Oneness. The Divine, the Self-Aware the source of power. Then He’s back exactly as He was. Without any change in His Oneness, He made. His Will and manifestation are the same and He wished to be known, so that His Will was realized in the beginning of His Creation and a complete Self-Knowing.

However, Knowing was not by itself, without a knowing as such, the knower was the self-awareness that was the first thing He created in His Creation. However, the Knower existed without an the existence of a name, an entity and an environment that was suitable, so the name was Muhammad (Arabic one of the most highly praised name) and the surrounding was Creation within all four dimensions.

Why should it not be this the way it is? Creating to be acknowledged, shouldn’t God make Knowing first? Humans possess that knowing inherent in them, therefore as potential “knowers” do we not have considered to be the “Crown of Creation”? There should be an unbeatable prototype or role model in the sense that we could be a model and follow in our own quest for the perfect (read the perfect destruction)?

Rasul Rasulmeans messenger. Messenger refers to a methodMessage is the way to teachg and Messenger is the method. What the messenger does can be done, the person who receives the message is able to do. Indicating that the message is the origin and return to the source that sent the message. In this instance, Allah. “‘ullah'” signifies to affirm that the – (messenger) to Allah.

Evidence comes from Hadith Qudsi (traditions that were spoken from Allah himself).

  • ” I created to be known
  • ” I was Alone and wished to be known so I created Creation“.
  • ” The first of my creations was Muhammad

“The best of my creations is ` Aql” (Intelligence and consciousness, as well as reasoning, cognition, awareness, intellect. Each of these words is connected to Arabic Aql.)

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A sufi tale | dhikr of la ilaha illa Allah

Once , a sheikh (sufi master) arrived in Istanbul and visited the authority that governs the city to request permission to establish an sufi lodge or tekke. When asked about the number of members of the dervish community they have and the answer was one, as was the master himself.

The authorities were puzzled by it however, an old and dingy structure was accessible and was given to them. The Sheikh, with a single demure took it on with a hearty smile.

Soon there was a huge lighting coming from inside the building. The the sound of Dhikr could be heard throughout the night, and large crowds would gather.

The authorities of the governing body were interested in knowing what this man was up to to draw thousands of people to him, and also what was this light source that was reported to be coming out of the former building. The Sheikh was therefore summoned.

The officials added, “We are the educated ones and we want to question you to make sure you are doing things correctly.”

— “All right”, was the simple answer.

“What is the meaning of la ilaha illa Allah?” They asked.

  • “Do you want the meaning as you understand it, or do you want the meaning as I understand it?”
  • “We are aware of how we can comprehend it. Please tell us what you think you know about it.”
  • “For this I need my one dervish, the one I brought with me first time I came to this building.”

They all agreed to sit in a chair while he and the dervish began to prepare the dhikr. When he said ” la ilaha“, his dervish disappeared. If he said “illa Allah”he appeared. After he said ” la ilaha” again, they both disappeared. After saying ” illa Allah” they appeared.

The the last time he spoke, ” la ilaha”the entire room vanished. When he said ” illa Allah”everyone appeared.

He turned to face officials and stated, “This is how I understand the dhikr.”

La ilaha illa-Allah and Advaita | Supreme Oneness

The most revered and deeply cherished holy formula is: La ilaha illa-Allah (also could be described as La Ilaha illallah) in its exoteric interpretation is a reference to the fact that There is only One God.

This is to bring all humanity together to oneness and removing all distinctions. Disparities in the names of God need to be eradicated as was the purpose of this message across all times. A way to tell humanity in general that whatever name or form you’re using to refer to God, the Essence is the same..

In esoteric terms the formula is believed to contain an esoteric meaning, the Secret of Secrets. It then reveals something that is that is truly bizarre, something that because of the nature of the incredible world is difficult to comprehend. It’s something that endless Sages after Sages came to realization, many after a full lifetime in retreat, others after 40 years of retreat, some following a long and arduous religious practice and academics. But they all recognized this.

It is not a duality, only Supreme Unity

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There is only Oneness. There is no duality.

This is the most important instruction of every sacred path and religion, which includes that of the great teaching that is Advaita ( not two or many, but one, non-dual) from Vedanta which is a part of Hinduism. If you study the doctrines of Buddha and you will see the entirety of his work in the “nothing” aspect of the teachings. You look at the Christian cross and you’ll find the eradication of the tiny ‘i’, which is the Self.That’s a way of removing the root of duality. Only after the most profound realization of this secret Jesus could declare, ‘i and father are one’.

In the Quran even with all this focus on Oneness, God declares Himself to be We. Why?!

Esoterically, this means that all things are His essence. Everything and ‘We’ are His and is only He.

Everywhere you turn, you can are able to see the face of God.

The formula that is sacred holds the Ultimate Secret, which is the reason why Prophet Muhammad stated it is on the one hand of the Divine scale, if you place this sacred formula and then on the other side all that is created however La Ilaha in Allah is more significant according to the things it holds within it.

What is Nonduality?

Nonduality is “not two” or “non-separation.” It’s the idea that everything is interconnected and are not distinct, while at the same time, all things maintain their own distinctness.

We tend to see the world as comprised of separate, almost separated “entities.” By entities can be defined as anything: people and political parties, religious beliefs nations, things in nature, and, most importantly, your own personal self.

Experience of Nonduality

However, there are a many instances where you, your own self — is absorbed in the background of an encounter. You recognize that you are not separated from the experience and neither are the apparent entities of the experience distinct from the experience or you. All of it -the experience, you as well as the participants that make the experience are in essence the same thing . . . almost like a nightmare.

This could occur due to being outdoors or enjoying music or arts or being deeply involved in a passion or job. It could be noticed as sexual activities. It can happen when walking through the park, when surfing, dancing, or drinking a few drinks with some great individuals.

The feeling of nonduality can be felt in yoga, meditation or by the reading of something that blows your mind.

The nondual moment could occur without any reason It could be that you’re sitting on your deck while geese fly past or maybe you’re driving your car and everything changes, or maybe you just awoken from a nap.

Most likely, you’ve had at the very least one non-dual event in your life and most likely, several.

The result of the experience may be a rare and genuine feeling of happiness. However, this experience can also alter your perspective to the point that it’s not the same ever again as you now see the world, not as distinct entities struggling to survive instead, as a singular moment of totality. . . . Again, it’s a lot like an unrealized dream.

The Pursuit of Nonduality:

If experiencing nonduality is important to your (and no law stipulates that it must be so, then you could be in the position of needing to know more. If this experience has changed the way you live, then might be forced to learn more about what transpired.

The search for answers could lead you to various sites and online communities, books, and individuals who could give you direction and guidance. You could engage in with spiritual practices, go to meetings with nondual instructors or take part in retreats. Whatever you do, what happens to you through this endeavor will be unique to you.

The quest could start at any point. If you’ve had an incredibly powerful experience that was not a dual one years ago, yet you didn’t research the subject thoroughly, you can begin your research now. But, don’t spend the time and effort looking for “bring back” a past memory. Instead, concentrate on the experience and the things that it triggered.

What are the best ways to begin the quest for nonduality? Many suggestions can be offered. But, there’s a wealth of information available online. The most important thing is that you are your existence. It is possible to begin right here in this moment and be aware of the awareness that you exist. “I am aware.” . . . “I am.”

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How do I become better focused and concentrate on Tawheed?

1: Correct our Niyyah:

Intentions and actions are only a reflection of intentions. Therefore, we must constantly renew our intent prior to, during and after action to ensure that we perform our actions solely for the benefit of Allah.

2: Sincerity:

It is important to keep in mind and focus on our hearts and souls to find out what we’re really doing our best to please Allah.

3: Remember: It is Haqullah

The Haqq right or right of Allah that we do not worship anyone but Him. Recite “La ilaaha illallah” often.

4: Speech

Be aware of the words we speak. When we say or call out to Allah We must be aware that we are calling only to Allah, and not to anyone else who has died or to any person in the grave.

5: Action:

When we perform your Ibadah (Salah, Saum, Hajj and so on) It is our goal to keep in mind and make the conscious effort to keep in our hearts that we’re doing this only for Allah’s benefit.

Any error that is found here is mine as well shaitan as well. Allah as well as His Messenger are safe from it. Allahu A’lam.


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