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To be persistently repetitive, insistent, or tenacious. intransitive verb . To hold firm and steadfastly to a goal, state, or undertaking, despite any obstacles, warnings or setbacks. intransitive verb To continue in existence; to last. intransitive verb

Continue to act steadily and firmly in a state, course, or pursuit, even in the face of opposition, remonstrances, etc. persevere with some degree of stubbornness.

To be firm; to remain fixed; to not move; to keep going; to persist; — Sometimes conveying an unfavorable idea, such as stubbornness or obstinacy. intransitive verb

  • To persist or be determined. verb
  • To repeat an expression. verb
  • To continue to exist. verb
  • To make permanent; cause to persist. verb
  • Stay behind verb
  • Continue to exist verb
  • Keep going, don’t stop speaking
  • To persist or to be determined.
  • To repeat an expression.
  • To continue to exist.
  • To remain; to continue.
  • To make permanent; cause to persist.

Keep your convictions or stubbornness in a position or course of action, despite opposition or failure, no matter how difficult or frustrating. Continue to be persistent in your drinking habits. “Contact your doctor if symptoms persist for longer than a few days” synonyms: continue.

A person who continues to pursue someone even though they have been blown off several times. Urban Dictionary

It is the act of continuing to pursue a female interest. Not giving up. The pursuit of a female “dime”, even after many rejections. Urban Dictionary

Relentless. The act of pursuing a goal despite many failures. Urban Dictionary

Someone who is unstoppable, never gives up. Ceaseless. This is not to be confused with Erich, who actually fails in persistence. Urban Dictionary

Continue to act despite opposition or difficulty by persisting firmly or stubbornly. Urban Dictionary Similar to persistence but for people who can’t spell. Urban Dictionary . Common misspellings for “Persistent”.

Matt H. Someone who is unwilling to fail

An uncle surfs the urban dictionary all day, while his cousin watches cholo adventures and does their homework. Urban Dictionary

  1. In Examples sentences, the word “persists” is used.
  2. Related words

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Example sentences using the word “persist”

How do you use persist in a sentence Examples of sentences that include the word persist. How to use persist in a sample sentence. How can you spell persist in your sentence?

“If Harris and Elliston continue to resist, after the remonstrance that I requested you and Mr. Kinnaird make on my behalf and which I hope will suffice — but _if_ they _do persist_ then I ask you to _present in-person_ the enclosed letter to Lord George Gordon Byron Byron (1806).

However, the notion that we can afford to allow this downward spiral to continue is a huge “No Way JosA(c)” (2009)

The primary reason conspiracy theories continue to be popular is human nature. Unknown (2009) . Some people retain significant amounts of fetal hemoglobin into adulthood. Unknown (2010) . One of the main reasons that minority college students drop out is “they’re just running out money.” Unknown (2006) . The belief that Israel is a proxy for America, and that Israel’s power is directly related to American power, is what persists. Unknown (2002)

So is the way these little bodies are kept: Caroline Augusta Foley Rhys (1909).

It is possible that there must be a more significant difference between romantic and classic, as the terms are still used and found useful. Unknown (1886).

Spanish austerity measures * Euro loses bid because doubts about the long-term persist * Unknown (2010)

Terence’s suggestion could allow a single title to persist across multiple slides and transitions. Unknown (2008)

This apparatus allows you to examine the history of words in a language to determine if they are still spoken from the original ancestral form of the language, if their meanings have changed over time, if new nuances of meaning were added, if they were traded in for new words, which may have been introduced to the language during interaction with a different community of language speakers, etc. Unknown (2008)

Why do intelligent and sensible pundits Matty and Ezra Klein continue to treat the defiantly unsophisticated Jonah Goldberg as if he were a serious individual? Unknown (2007)

Steele may soon be without a chair as long as Steele is not removed from office. Charles D. Ellison (2010) . If calls continue, the number must be changed at great personal expense. P. J. Bracegirdle (2010)

Israel formed an international investigation committee to investigate the flotilla case. However, there are still calls for an outside inquiry. Unknown (2010)

The longer government attempts to slow down the process and protect losers, the more pain will continue. This is not to suggest that Uncle Sam should not be involved in infrastructure projects to boost trade, such as port, highway and bridge expansion, or in tax incentives for new technologies like thought helmets. These are a way we can quickly provide global leadership vis-a-vis our merciless Asian rivals. Ann Althouse (2008)

Continue to allow “the minority of drivers that persist in drinking” to continue to exist. Nikkinicole420 (2017) I’m hoping that the dude’s perseverance pays off, and Miss McDonald’s goes out with him. I.m. Urbanized (2016)

That dude persevered for 3 years and finally got miss Mcdonald. He wore her down, and she now loves the “mantention” that he gives to her. Boom! I.m. Urbanized (2017)

This dude must love Miss McDonald. He keeps trying to get her, even though he has been blown away multiple times. I hope that his persistence pays off! I.m. Urbanized (2016)

Erich, persistence is not your strength. It is easy to give up. Never Give Up (2011) . Benter (2013): “rain will continue to affect many areas” . Message-Persistance, is where I store all my messages. PatteDaKing (2019). . He was so persistent He was so persistent Qwebf (2010)

“Matt H.! If I looked up persistent in the dictionary, I would find your name!” Matt Y. H (2008) First cousin: Hay, what are you doing? Second cousin: You know…PERSISTENCE! Pilataxi (2013)

“Persist” is a Related Word

You need synonyms for persist. Here are some synonyms for persist from our thesaurus. Are you trying to find another English word for persist? Our thesaurus has 7 synonyms for persist in different contexts. We have arranged alphabetically all related and similar words for persist.

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Words that are spelled the same way to persist:

  • Persist
  • Persis
  • Persism
  • permit
  • Resist
  • Desist
  • Perish
  • Persists
  • persian
  • Persia
  • Purist
  • Persant
  • Peronist
  • Tersest
  • Perlis
  • perkiest
  • Permission
  • Persica
  • Peris
  • Pervis
  • Pernis
  • verist
  • Perfit
  • persicot
  • herbist
  • Salt
  • prist
  • Persil
  • Terrist
  • Persic
  • Persico
  • spermist
  • preist
  • Perses
  • Perit
  • persius
  • Permission
  • pertest
  • perosis
  • Persi
  • Sensist
  • Perris
  • Parsism
  • Persid
  • periost
  • Parsis
  • perdis
  • Pesis
  • Persill
  • Persing
  • pepsis
  • Permission
  • Permission
  • Persika
  • Nerist
  • Persist
  • persso
  • pesit

Words that are strongly associated with the word persist (or words that are triggered by it)

  • Adulthood
  • Persists
  • Indefinitely
  • Persistence
  • Symptoms
  • Persistent
  • chronic
  • Infection
  • Extinction
  • Withdrawal
  • Generations
  • soil
  • Diagnosis
  • Infected
  • Seed
  • environment
  • longer
  • fruit
  • Viral
  • It happens
  • Seeds
  • syndrome
  • decades
  • Disorder
  • Weeks
  • Pain
  • Tissue
  • Months
  • Recovery
  • Dry
  • Belief
  • habitat
  • Cells
  • Treatment
  • Lifetime

Words that rhyme and persist

  • List
  • Just
  • Turn
  • Gist
  • Cyst
  • Assist
  • Existence
  • mist
  • Try it
  • Consist
  • Insist
  • Resist
  • Desist
  • In the middle
  • Enlist
  • fist
  • grist
  • Subsist
  • schist
  • Checklist
  • Watch
  • whist
  • Cist
  • Coexistence
  • podiatrist
  • Blacklist
  • Missing
  • Oculist
  • Wist
  • Recipient
  • Nativist
  • liszt
  • Proctologist
  • Deleted
  • Pissed
  • Kist
  • Numismatist
  • Rist
  • Baptiste
  • Dissected
  • nist
  • Delist
  • Backlist
  • Quist
  • Lindquist
  • Kissed
  • Preexisting
  • frist
  • Reminisce
  • visit
  • Shist
  • Short list
  • rehnquist
  • Hissed
  • List of sick
  • crist
  • Bolshevist
  • sebaceous cyst
  • waiting list
  • pilar cyst
  • Frost mist
  • Ovarian cyst
  • sechrist
  • Free list
  • Class list
  • Mailing list
  • Price list
  • Snow mist
  • sunkist
  • Fist clenched
  • Stock list
  • Hemorrhagic cyst
  • Krist
  • Blood cyst
  • sundquist
  • Blomquist
  • lundquist
  • hist-
  • seaquist
  • cyst-
  • ahlquist
  • dahlquist
  • holmquist
  • rundquist
  • Sandquist

These adjectives are used often to describe persistent:


The adjective is often used to describe nouns.

  • Mode
  • Firm

Persist words sound like:

  • Persist
  • Persists
  • Persis
  • prist
  • Press
  • Purchase
  • Processed
  • Preparation
  • Prust
  • Purse
  • priest
  • Following
  • Purses
  • Price
  • preist
  • Proust
  • prost
  • Perses
  • prossed
  • Persist
  • brist
  • %
  • Possession
  • Percept
  • per cent
  • Persant
  • Percussed
  • pussiest
  • Breast
  • Pissed
  • Continue
  • pursued
  • prissy
  • Pist
  • Persisted
  • The poorest
  • brest
  • Prance
  • pris
  • Protist
  • priss
  • Persisting
  • Skip to the end
  • Pursued
  • Follows
  • Pruitt
  • Brust
  • Prit
  • persaud
  • pritt
  • prewitt
  • perseid
  • prissie
  • piscis
  • priciest
  • Price list
  • Poshest
  • persius
  • prewett
  • Pesis
  • perkiest
  • pissis
  • breste
  • persad
  • pilar cyst
  • Uprist
  • Keep at it
  • Persistency
  • Tersest
  • Bassist
  • Braced
  • Narcotics
  • arist
  • Brast
  • Berceuse
  • Brost
  • Brassed
  • Surrender
  • Pest
  • oppressed
  • perseus
  • Posthaste
  • Posset
  • precess
  • appressed
  • personate
  • Paresis
  • Preface
  • Persa
  • Pestle
  • perosis
  • perus
  • Passus
  • pre test
  • Parsis
  • piast
  • pre-test
  • paresseux
  • pearliest
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What does it mean to persist?

What does the meaning of persist? Our online dictionary contains synonyms, antonyms, and the meaning of persist. You can find words that start with persist as well as anagrams for persist. You are looking for the online definition of persist in our dictionary? Persist explanation free. What is persist? Meaning of persist term.

When and how to use the word “Persist”

Next, we will be looking at when and how to use “persist” within a sentence. We must explain the meaning and purpose of the word, as always.

The nature of the word is what we have highlighted with “insist”. “Persist” is a verb. It conveys that a sentence has completed an action. This is the place where the meaning of the word plays a role. What meaning does “persist” have?

Persist means to be steadfast, or to continue on a path despite obstacles and difficulties. Negative feedback about an action can be dissuasive, but they do not lose heart. This word conveys an individual’s determination to accomplish something.

To understand the meal, you can trace the word back to its root word. The Latin words “per” (or “sistere”) are the exact same thing. This combination usually means to stand through, stand continually or steadfastly.

This word is used to indicate that a person has achieved something or should achieve something regardless of obstacles. It is clear that it differs from the meaning of the word “insist”. Here are some examples to help you better understand their use.

I encourage you to keep trying to get your license to practice law, even if it means you face financial hardships. It is a worthwhile venture.

You might need to work hard to reach your goals.

A man who perseveres in reaching their goals, no matter how difficult it may seem, is rarely as strong as the one who has set his mind to do so.

History has shown us that perseverance is a key to being in the company of great men who have had a positive impact on society and the wider world.

Understanding Differences Between Words

Both words are distinct, as it is clear now. Although there may be some similarities between the two verbs, their actions are quite different. You might be wondering what causes confusion when you use both words.

This is because persistence can come from insisting on something. Persistence can lead to persistence in the same way. In the first example, if you insist that you will work hard, it can help you get the degree you want, regardless of how difficult.

You can insist on a certain behavior by being persistent in your support of your friend. It is easy to lose sight of the point when you are using both words.

It is easy to follow the above discussion. This knowledge is key only if you are able to fully comprehend it, retain it, and use it correctly when writing.

What do you need to know to make this happen?

It refers to assertiveness or a strong belief in something. This word must be used when someone needs to do something. The word “persist” refers to overcoming circumstances or situations.

While the word “persist”, implies action, its core purpose is to get out of a situation or circumstance. It is used to describe the act of getting out of a difficult situation. It is a different meaning of “insist” which refers to an action that requires the action of another person.

To describe an unwavering desire to take action, you can use the term “insist”. To the contrary, the word “persist”, which is a persistent action to get things done, can be used.

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It is not difficult to see that confusion is possible. All of a sudden, however, you see the possibilities. This may seem annoying to some, but it should not bother you. It now is easy to recognize when and how to use both words.

This article is the reason. We’ve discussed the nature and meaning of each word, as well as how to use them in sentences. We also discussed how to distinguish the two words.

You can have fun writing correctly, so read on! WhatsApp +923017363500

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