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Why is Pork Haram in Islam?The fundamental principle of the Muslim is to obey Allah’s commands and abstain from what He forbids, regardless of whether the reason is clear.

A Muslim cannot reject any Shari’ah ruling or hesitate to follow it, even if it is unclear why. He must instead accept the rulings regarding halal or haram as they are shown in the text. This applies regardless of whether he understands why. Allah speaks (interpretation):

This discussion is not meant to offend our non-Muslim brothers and sisters who eat pork. Simply, I want to make it clear why pork is prohibited or “haram” in Islam. This discussion has led me to urge Muslim lawmakers, religious leaders, and civil society provocateurs to heed my call to ban pork barrel or Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF).

Let’s first look at what the Holy Quran (holy text of the Muslims) has to say about pork. There are four verses in the Qur’an that prohibit pork consumption. Pork is prohibited in Suratul Baqara Verse 173, Suratul Al Maida Verse 3, Suratul Al Anman Verse 140, and Suratul An Nahl 16.115.

It is sufficient for a Muslim like myself to read the verse saying that pork is prohibited.
You are forbidden to eat dead meat, blood, swine flesh, or any other name than Allah’s. [Al-Qur’an 5:3]

It has both a scientific and spiritual basis for why pork is forbidden in Islam. However, pork may be permitted in extreme circumstances like when you have no food to eat for your survival. Based on the fact that pork was repeatedly mentioned as haram in the Holy Quran, it is clear that no amount of interpretation will change the message.

According to scientists, pork is rich in micro-organisms such as Helminthes. These include roundworm, pinworm and hookworm. Taenia Solium is one of the most dangerous worms. It is also known as tapeworm. It lives in the intestines and can be very long. Its ova, i.e. It can enter the bloodstream and reach nearly all organs. It can cause memory impairment if it reaches the brain. It can cause a heart attack if it gets into the heart. If it gets into the eye, it can lead to blindness. It can damage the liver if it gets into it. It can cause damage to almost all of the body’s organs.

While some may argue that cooking the flesh of swine will kill micro-organisms, a US research project found that 24 people with Taenia tichurasis had cooked their pork well. This shows that the ovas in pork don’t die when cooked at normal temperatures.

Pork is very low in muscle building material and has a lot of fat. This fat can build up in the vessels, causing hypertension and heart attacks. Sources: Islamic Research Foundation, Mumbai (India)

According to cultural beliefs, the pig is the dirtiest animal on Earth. It thrives on dirt, muck and feces. It is God’s best scavenger. People excrete in open areas where there aren’t any toilets. Pigs are often able to remove excrement.

Corruption is also associated with pork. Thus, we now have the pork barrel scam. Both corruption and pork consumption are not allowed in Islamic Jurisprudence. The Holy Quran is mentioned in Chapter 288:

“And don’t consume each other’s wealth unjustly, or send it [in Bribery] to rulers in order [they might aid] [you] [to] consume a part of the wealth of people in sin while you know [it] is unlawful.”

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Why is Pork Haram in Islam? – This hadith does not refer to eating pork, but rather compares gambling (haram) with eating pig meat. This analogy shows that Muslims who gamble are just as guilty as eating pig meat.

Another hadith is found in the At-Tirmidhi book of business. It deals with selling skins from dead animals and idols. Jabir bin ‘Abdullah narrates this story:

He heard the Messenger of Allah (saw), while he was in Makkah during the Year of the Conquest, saying: “Indeed Allah, His Messenger, unlawful the sale of wine and dead carcasses, the pork, and idols.” They replied: “O Messenger of Allah!” What about fat from carcasses? It is indeed used to coat ships and skins are oiled with. People use it for lamps.

He replied, “No. It is illegal.” He then said: “May Allah curse (curse?) the Jews!” They melted the fat, sold it and ate its price. [Abu ’Eisa stated:] The Hadith about Jabir is Hasan Sahih Hadith. This is followed according to the knowledge of the people. Grade : Sahih, Darussalam Reference : Jami-at-Tirmidhi 1297 In book reference : Book 14, Hadith 999

Although pigs may be considered haram, that doesn’t mean they should be abolished. Allah created them for a reason. The following hadith reported it:

Adh-Dhahabi : Fudayl Ibn Iyad may Allah be pleased with him said, “By Allah it is not legal for you to hurt a dog or an pig without a justified cause, so how could you harm a Muslim?” Source : Siyar Alam Al-Nubala’ 8/427

Why is Pork Haram in Islam? – It seems that corruption and bribery have become so commonplace in Philippine politics and governance. It is part of our world, and we participate in it without thinking. This is WRONG! It’s a major sin in our religion.

5 Reasons Why Muslims Do Not Eat Pigs

  • Allah (SWT), Orders Muslims Not To Eat the Pig
  • The Pig is A Filthy Beast
  • Pigs are Full Of Diseases
  • Humans Cannot Digest Pig
  • Pigs are useless to the human race

This article will explain why Islam forbids the consumption of pigs, what filthy pigs are, and which meats Muslims can eat.

1. Allah (SWT), Orders Muslims to Not Eat the Pig

Why is Pork Haram in Islam? – According to the Holy Quran, eating pigs is an sin or filth ( rijsun). Muslims should avoid it.

It doesn’t say why.

Instead, Allah ( SWT), only informs believers that the eating of pigs ( pork ) is forbidden ( Haram ) and that they should abstain from eating it.

Is there a place in the Quran that says not to eat the pig?

Four verses of the Holy Quran specifically forbid pig meat consumption are cited by Muslims.


  • The Cow (Al-Baqarah).
  • 2. Spread Table (Al-Ma’idah).
  • 3. The Cattle (Al’An’am).
  • 4. The Bee (Al Nahl)

To hear Arabic verses and to read English, Spanish or Arabic translations, click on the numbers in the table.

Muslims can’t eat Carrion (Road Kill), blood, the Pig (Pork), or food devoted to Allah (SWT).

Why is Pork Haram in Islam? – Each verse prohibits Muslims eating carrion ( Al Maytah), eating (flowing) blood ( SWT ), or eating pig meat (or any other animal dedicated to Allah ( SWT ).

The Surah The Spread Table (Al-Ma’idah 5,:3) also contains prohibitions regarding the method of slaughtering animals.

Other than the pig, animal blood, and carrion ( Al Maytah), any other animal that has been killed in these ways is prohibited from being consumed. The Other animals that have been:

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What Do The 4 Surahs Say About Prohibiting Pig Consumption?

1. The Cow (Al-Baqarah).(2:173)You can’t eat roadkill, blood, carrion, or pig meats, nor any animal dedicated to it.
Allah alone.
2. Spread Table (Al-Ma’idah).(5:3)There are no dedicated vegetarians, vegans, or pigs who eat carrion, blood, pig, or other animals.
Allah alone.

Strangled or suffocated
Push or topple
Gored by other animals
Partially consumed (by other animals).
3. The Cattle (Al’An’am).(6:145)Carrion, blood or other fluids should not be eaten by pigs, poultry, or other animals.
dedicating to Allah alone.
4. the Bee (Al-Nahl).(16:115)There are no dedicated vegetarians, vegans, or pigs who eat carrion, blood, pig, or other animals.
Allah alone.

Muslims are prohibited from eating the pork.

Why is Pork Haram in Islam? – Pigs are a disease-ridden, dirty animal that can really harm the human body. It will eat anything, and it can also ingest dirt and mud.

Pig meat is high in bad fats and cholesterol. This can cause obesity, rectum and colon cancers . This can also lead to scabies and allergies, stomach ulcers, and

Tapeworm Infections

When they eat pork, people can easily become infected with lungworm, tapeworm and microbes . Tapeworms can become up to 4-10 m long inside our bodies and emerge from the rectum.

Tapeworms are a species that mate and then spread to other parts of the body, such as the eyes, brain, tissues, heart, and blood. If left untreated, it can lead to high blood pressure and heart attacks.

Round Worm (Trichinosis) Infections

The trichinosisparasite is transmitted from the pig to humans by eating uncooked pork meat. Even at high temperatures, the roundworm eggs that are in the meat cannot be destroyed.

Consuming pork infected by eggs of the roundworm can cause it to hatch in your intestines and become hair-like nematodeworms.

They begin to reproduce and multiply after a few days. Roundworm cysts may form in muscle tissue, brain tissue, heart tissue, lungs, kidneys and kidneys. Infections can cause exhaustion and anemia, and nerve problems.

Infections of brain and cerebral membrane cause severe cranial pressure. This can lead to headaches and epilepsy as well as paralysis , madness, and paralysis .

Why does Islam consider Carrion, Blood, and the Pig to be unlawful?

Why is Pork Haram in Islam? – Allah ( SWT), forbids Muslims to eat these foods because of two main reasons: spiritual and physical health.

Physical Health

Any of the four above foods can lead to health problems as they are high in disease.

Spiritual Health

Consuming pig meat can also affect the moral and emotional nature of people. Muslims believe that after eating a pig, people acquire the characteristics and appearance of that pig.These include promiscuous or indecent behavior and a lackluster sense of honor.

Allah ( SWT), does not approve (accept) animals Muslims kill without having spoken the name of Allah ( SWT_) over them.

If they don’t allow the blood to drain from the carcass after slaughter, the same applies.

Why is Eating Carrion or Dead Animals Illegal ( Al Maytah )

Why is Pork Haram in Islam? – Muslims cannot eat animals that have died naturally, in sickness or from an accident. The way that the animal died is what makes the meat harmful to the body.

The animal’s blood is left behind, and the flesh becomes infected by harmful bacteria. But, Muslims can consume dead fish and locusts . They are allowed.

Prophet Mohammed ( SAW), spoke of sea-water

Water (fresh or sea) is clean (for ablution) and dead animals are allowed ( ) to eat.

Prophet Mohammed (SAW) – Saheeh Sunan al-Tirmidhi 69

Fish die naturally when they are taken out of water. They can be eaten ( Halal). Fish and other animals that drown in water are not allowed to be eaten. (Haram)

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Is it illegal to drink the blood of animals?

Is it illegal to drink the blood of animals?

Why is Pork Haram in Islam? – The Quran doesn’t mention why Muslims shouldn’t drink blood. It simply states that it is not permissible ( Haram). Drinking large quantities of blood can be very toxic for the body.

High levels of iron are found in blood. It can cause hemochromatosis (iron overload) which damages the liver, lowers bloodpressure, dehydrates and causes disorder in the nerves. Soon after animals are killed or killed, blood quickly becomes infected with harmful bacteria ( pathogens).

Why is Islam against the killing of animals that have been strangled, beat, toppled, gored or partially eaten?

What is Lawful Slaughter?

Certain conditions must be met in order to allow the killing of an animal to become permissible ( ). They can’t be fulfilled if an animal is strangled , beat, toppled or partially eaten to death by other animals. The person who slaughters the animals must be a mature and sane adult. Before cutting, he/she should first position the animal so that it faces Mecca.

The knife must be sharp. The knife should be very sharp and must be used in a single or two swift motions to cut the throat. The cutting action should be strong enough that it can sever the trachea and esophagus as well as the jugular veins and blood vessels simultaneously. Some slaughterers use this quick motion to remove the entire head and neck.

 It is crucial that the animal doesn’t suffer.

The animal will become unconscious after the cut and then die in a matter of seconds. This is due to cerebral hypoxia, not blood loss.

Because the structures at the neck’s front are completely severed, the animal feels no pain. These include the trachea and esophagus as well as the carotid arteries and jugular veins.

The parts that are cut with precision and speed do not get stimulated. Not felt It is an instant, complete loss of consciousness with no pain.

Additionally, blood that is flowing to the brain immediately stops and blood that is flowing away from it leaves it quickly. The cut causes consciousness to cease immediately and the animal feels no pain.

The Islamic method does not have a gap between the killing and stunning of the animal, unlike the non Muslim/ Kosher methods. It is a far more compassionate and kind form of meat production.

These cases, in which animals were strangled or beaten, pushed and gored, or partially eaten by slaughterers, do not indicate that the conditions were met. Even if the slaughterer has spoken the name of Allah ( SWT ) over the animal.

Muslims are prohibited from eating this type of meat.

2. The Pig is a Filthy Beast

Why is Pork Haram in Islam? – My children love the animated cartoon Peppa Pig series, starring Peppa Pig and George, their beloved pig siblings and their mommy and dada.

It shows a fun, happy-go-lucky pig family that talks and snores in perfect British English. They follow them on daily adventures. The cartoon makes me laugh too. The pig is actually quite the opposite.

Pig Habits

Pigs Love to Eat All Things, Even Fecal Matte

They are omnivorous which means that they will eat both meat and plants. They will eat anything you give them. They will eat calories-rich food, such as leaves, roots and nuts.

They will also eat any kind of food scraps, leftovers, or rotten meats, as well as old cakes, sweets, or chocolate. Pigs can also eat rodents and reptiles, roadkill, human bodies, and even their own feces. Muslims consider pigs filthy since they eat unclean filth.

Pigs Sleep a Lot, Even When They’re Not Eating

Pigs can sleep from 9 to 11 hours a night if they don’t eat slop. They sleep for 7 hours at night and then nap for 2 to 4 hours during the day.

They are so heavy they can’t lie down straight on the ground. So they either prop themselves up against large objects, or they bundle them together into tight sleeping groups

Pigs don’t eat

People often say that they are sweating like a pig. Pigs don’t sweat. Perspiration and sweating evaporate water from the skin, which cools the body. Pigs don’t sweat so they can only cool themselves by rolling in their diseased feces.

3. Pigs are full of diseases

Domestic and Wild Pigs Have More than 70 Known Diseases

There are so many. The most common ones for pig farmers are skin infections ( greasy Pig), intestinal parasites and respiratory diseases. Mastitis (infected teats) and parvovirus ( PV) are also possible. Breeders use many vaccines and antibiotics to keep the pigs healthy and happy. For them to be able to live, they must have a comfortable and dry environment

Pigs Inflict Terrible Diseases on Humans

The Zoonotic (Easily Spreadable Diseases) that can be contracted by humans from pigs

Humans can easily become infected by the many diseases of pigs. Children love to play with pigs. Many people purchase micro-pigs in the UK as Christmas gifts and to keep as pets.

These consumers were urged by the government to take strict hygiene precautions to prevent zoonotic disease spread to humans from their pets.

It warns of the possibility that these pigs could spread a skin condition called Erysipeloid and a bacteria called Streptococcus Suis . These bacteria can cause deafness and meningitis.

Zoonotic Diseases from Pigs

Some diseases are not specific to pigs. They can be devastating if they spread to humans.

This is a comprehensive list of diseases humans can get from pigs.

DiseaseDefinitionHow It Spreads to Humans
RingwormThis is a highly contagious parasitical fungal skin infection that causes hair loss in areas with scaly, circular appearances.Contact with dogs and pigs by touching & skin to skin

Highly contagious Not worms, but fungus
Or Roundworm
Parasites in wild boars and domestic pigs.Eating undercooked pig meat.

The Trichinella cyst is released into your stomach, exposing the parasite. The larvae enter the small intestine wall, where they become adult worms.

They travel through your bloodstream and are found in tissues and muscles.

Diarrhea, vomiting, stomach pain, fatigue, nausea and vomiting are all possible causes.
ErysipelasLocal skin inflammations (openings), caused by a bacterial infection in pigs.Via skin abrasions. The organism is also found in the feces of pigs.

Strains can lead to mild or severe diseases.
LeptospirosisA bacterial infection in pigs can cause serious reproductive problems, but not in humans.Direct contact with urine, blood or pig tissue via skin, mouth or nose.

Infections can cause fever, headaches, muscle aches and muscle pains. They can also lead to liver/ kidney failure or meningitis.
StreptococcosisHighly contagious respiratory disease in pigs.

In the genitals, digestive tracts, and in the lungs of animals, septicemia, meningitis and endocarditis, as well as pneumonia and arthritis.
Contact between skin and skin can lead to septicemia, shock, meningitis, or other less common infections.

These are common in pig workers in China and Vietnam who eat raw pork meat.
CampylobacterosisProtozoal disease that causes diarrhea in pigs, but sometimes with no symptoms.

Humans can experience severe allergic reactions.
Contact with skin-to-skin and tissue contact, as well as the possibility of ingesting fecal material or eating tissue from infected animals.

Persistent abdominal cramps, watery diarrhea, vomiting.
SalmonellosisProtozoal disease that causes diarrhea in pigs, but sometimes with no symptoms.

Humans can experience severe allergic reactions.
Contact with skin-to-skin and tissue contact, as well as the possibility of ingesting fecal material or eating tissue from infected animals.

Persistent abdominal cramps, watery diarrhea, vomiting.
CryptosporidiosisProtozoal disease that causes diarrhea in humans and pigs.

Humans can experience severe allergic reactions.
Touching, accidental swallowing or eating any of the millions (oocysts), of crypto organisms (oocysts), found in the feces and urine of pigs or other animals.

Persistent abdominal cramps, watery diarrhea, vomiting, weight loss and fever lasting up to 2 weeks.
GiardiasisProtozoal disease, one of the most widespread and prevalent intestinal parasites in humans.

Humans can experience severe allergic reactions.
Contact with infected animals through skin-to-skin and food.

Persistent abdominal cramps, watery diarrhea, vomiting.
BalantidiasisProtozoal disease which infects pigs and rarely transmits to humans.

It is found in tropical countries such as Brazil, New Guinea, and Iran
Consuming tissue from infected animals, fecal material and infected water.

These symptoms can range from mild to severe, and may include persistent abdominal cramps, diarrhea with water, and vomiting.
Pathogenic E. ColiThis is a protozoal disease that has been embedded in pig pen pigs and cannot be treated.Contact with skin-to-skin and tissue contact, as well as the possibility of ingesting fecal material or eating tissue from infected animals.

Persistent abdominal cramps, watery diarrhea, vomiting.
InfluenzaPigs are susceptible to H1N1, H1N2, and H3N2 influenza virus.

Only variant viruses can spread to humans.
Although pig-to-human infections are rare, respiratory and skin-to–skin infection are common.

It can cause fever, stuffy or runny nose, body aches and headaches, as well as body pains such as cough, muscle aches, headaches, nausea, and body aches. You may also experience vomiting or diarrhea.

4. Pigs are not easy to digest by humans.

Pig meat is high in cholesterol and fat. This filthy meat is difficult to digest for our bodies.

Some evidence suggests that pork leftovers can stay in your body for up to two weeks. Pig fat is difficult to digest and use for energy. It is often stored in the body, where it can be converted to human fat.

Obesity, heart disease, and intestinal cancer can also be caused by eating pig fat.

Pork meat-eaters suffer from persistent digestive disorders and have pimples , boils, cysts on the skin. The parasitic infections listed above can lead to m ental diseases, pneumonia, bleeding in the lungs, madness and even death. Patients can go blind or deaf as a result.

Hepatic cell tumors can be caused by nitrates that are added to pork or related products in the production process. Consuming pig meat is extremely dangerous for our health and morality. We take on the appearance of pork when we eat it. They are promiscuous, indecent, and lack honor.

5. Humans are a poor race if they have pigs

Human beings are not benefited by pigs in the same way that cows, sheep and goats or camels are. The pig cannot be used for plowing, carrying people or to carry heavy loads.

They are used primarily for making pork lard and meat. They are also used as secondary by-products for leather, glue, fertilizer and many other medicines. Some exceptions may apply. There are some exceptions. In France, people train pigs to find black truffles .

This is a food delicacy. They can also be used to remove animal dung and garbage, which they will happily eat. Worst, they can harbor vermin such as rats and mice, parasites and deadly bacteria.

Similar Questions

Can Muslims eat any other part of the Pig than its meat? No Quranic prohibitions apply to meat, tissues, bones and skin as well as every other part of the pork.

Can Muslims eat pork if they are starving? Yes! Yes! Three Surahs of the Quran allow Muslims to eat pork in three situations. 1. Unintentionally 2. Not sustained In extreme cases of hunger, where only pig meat is not available, Muslims can eat it.

What’s wrong with the Pig?

It won’t sweat You can cool it off by rolling in mud or feces It becomes more soiled at higher temperatures It is home to worms (trichinosis, tapeworm). There are many types of it It requires rivers and fields It doesn’t produce milk (for people) . It doesn’t produce skins . It can’t be used for plowing. . It can’t carry heavy loads . It will eat anything that is the same as human food

Are there any other animals that are prohibited (like the Pig)? Yes They include all carnivorous animals, such as cats, dogs and rats, mice, felines or birds of prey, as well as felines and felines.

What Kinds of Animals are Permissible for Muslims to Eat? They are herbivorous animals. These animals include cows and sheep, as well as goats, cattle, sheep, deer chickens (deer chickens), geese, birds, and other fowl. Muslims are allowed to catch most aquatic creatures, including fish, from rivers and lakes. You can eat them provided that the fish are removed from the water by fishermen who allow them to drown. They can also be eaten if they are brought up to shore and allowed to die there.

Can Muslims Eat the Flesh Of Animals Other Than Slaughtered in Islamic Fashion?

No! If they are: .Strangled .Beaten To Death .They are pushed to their death .Gored .Wild Animals eat wild animals and are killed .Killed in the road . Surat Al Ma’idah 5 :3 to see the prohibition.

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Why is Pork Haram in Islam? – Are Muslims allowed to eat animals that have been killed by hunting dogs? Before you send the hunting dogs off, you should say the name of Allah (SWT), ‘Allah’ or In the Name Allah- This (slaughter is from and to YOU’.

Muslims can still eat and cook the flesh of the animals even if they kill them. It is not permissible for other dogs to join the hunt or kill the game.

Are Muslims allowed to eat animals killed by bullets and arrows? Yes The bullet or arrow must penetrate the skin of the animal and lodge in its flesh. It should also be the reason for its death. Muslims should not eat any flesh from this animal if it is killed by bullets or arrows.

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