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Backbiting Definition – Islam teaches us to respect others and honor them. A Muslim who describes his Muslim brother in a negative manner, whether it is explicitly or implicitly, is one of the most serious sins. BackbitingGheebah is basically to speak negatively about your Muslim friend in a way that would make him/her resent it.

 It can be about the individual’s physical defect, family, conduct, manners, faith, or even his house. The person is called Mughtaab, or backbiter. Gheebah was mentioned by Holy Prophet (SAW), in one of his hadith. “A man may speak without considering its implications, but because it is, he will plunge deeper into Hellfire than the distance between east and west.” (Sahih Bukhari).

Hadith and Holy Quran mention backbiting as the most serious sin. Holy Quran speaks out about backbiting Allah Almighty. “And Allah knows, and you don’t know,” (Quran 24:19).

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Backbiting Definition – Another verse from Holy Quran describes the penalty of backbiting with these words: “Oye, who have believed. Avoid much [negative] assumption. True, there is no sin in making assumptions. But you should not backbite or spy on each other. Would you like to eat your brother’s flesh ?”? (Quran 49:12). This Holy Quran verse describes the fate of the backbiter in eternity. Allah Almighty has made it clear that anyone who backbites about another person should be punished as if he had eaten the flesh of the same person.

A Muslim should not spread rumors or backbite another person. This is why Islam stresses the importance of treating others with integrity, respect, and it is a sign that you are a believer. Muslims are warned about the sins committed by the tongue when backbiting is the first. It is evident that those who guard their tongues will make fewer mistakes. Allah Almighty said in Holy Quran: “Don’t worry about things you don’t know.” Verily, all your senses, hearing, and heart will be held accountable” (Quran 17:36).

Abu Hurayrah told the story that Messenger of Allah SWT said these words about backbiting

Backbiting is also a form of making fun of someone. Even though it is common in His family, our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW), was against backbiting. Hazrat Alisha (RA) once received a visit from a woman. When the woman stood up to go, Hazrat Abiga (RA), making a sign with her left hand to indicate to the Prophet (SAW), that the woman was not tall enough, chastised her immediately. She was immediately chastised by the Prophet (SAW), who said, “You have backbitten strong>” (Tirmidhi).

We will be discussing below how to avoid backbiting (Gheebah). Recognize that Allah Almighty is able to see and comprehend everything beyond what we can understand and visualize.

Recognize that no one is perfect and we all have our flaws. If you don’t speak up, it is best to keep silent.

Keep gossip and rumors about people to yourself. If they gossip, remind them not to do so. Allah Almighty loves this action in Holy Quran Allah SWT says “If people hear gossip, then they walk away” Quran, 28.55

Spying is a form of spying that fuels the exchange of secrets and misinformation, which eventually leads to a climate of distrust.

The most important thing is to forgive Allah Almighty for any mistakes you make and to ask for forgiveness from the person who has hurt you.

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Backbiting Definition – The hadith of Abu Dawud4874 asks Prophet Muhammad () a question about Ghibah (“backbiting”). One of his companions said, “What if my brother’s statements are true?”

Prophet Muhammad () responded, “If you are right, then you have slandered him.” 

Abu Dharr reported Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ) as saying that Allah, the Exalted and Glorious, said: My servants, I have made oppression unlawful for Me and unlawful for you, so do not commit oppression against one another. 

In another hadith, upon passing a grave the Prophet (ﷺ) said the person of this grave is being punished for committing a major sin. He went on to say, that the person was being punished for making false and defamatory statements and made friends into enemies. 

What is bankruptcy? We may think it is having no cash, or owing more money to debtors or creditors than that which we have in our own accounts. No, this is not real bankruptcy.

According to the hadith Allah subhanahu w ta’ala, the bankrupt person is one who has exhausted all of his good deeds on the day that he is raised. He did not donate or pray, but rather because he “reviled other people, brought calumny against others, unlawfully consumed the wealth of others’, shed the blood of others, and beat others.” [4]


Backbiting Definition – After reading this, I’m sure you will reconsider your backbiting habits. While backbiting temporarily may offer temporary relief, it is possible to harm yourself by continuing to backbite.

According to the hadith, the punishment for backbiting will be that Allah will wipe out your good deeds from your account and give it as compensation to the person you have hurt. [5]

Think about it. The person you dislike is actually gaining from your inability control your emotions. Not only are you giving them your attention, time, and focus but also your good deeds. What are you really going to gain?

You might think that your parents or mothers are the only people you would want to backbite. ?

The flip side…

Backbiting can make you feel guilty. Protect your character when you feel it is being threatened, but do so with integrity. Don’t fall for the same trap as your opponent. These petty disputes can be overcome by discipline and emotional fortitude.

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Allah Knows best.

He will reward us for being morally upright.

Gheebah, or backbiting, is a serious sin in Islam. Gheebah is a serious offense in Islam, as mentioned in Holy Quran or Hadith. Anas tells us that the Messenger of Allah, PBUH (Messenger of Allah) said that he passed by people with copper nails and were scratching their chests. 

Jibreel asked me who these people were. These are people who used the flesh of other people (backbite them) and defame their fellow citizens” (Abu Dawood). We ask Allah (SWT), to keep us from this grave sin and forgave us all. Ameen!

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