Dua For Fasting | Dua For Ramadan in English & Arabic

Dua For Fasting | Dua For Ramadan  – You can perform the Niyyah by studying the Dua for keeping fast not during Ramadan (Without Ramadan Dua) and also in Ramadan. Ramadan is right across the horizon. We’re here to inform you on everything to do with Ramadan along with Fasting. Fasting is done by performing Niyyah ( Intention or Niyyat).

Typically, Muslims observe a fast in the holy month of Ramadan. But, they can also fast during other months in order in order to gain the pleasure of Allah and the Prophet. This is why you will see both Dua for keeping fast during Ramadan and other months than Ramadan.

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Dua for Keeping Fast in Ramadan

The Dua for keeping a fast during Ramadan is recited to demonstrate the intention to fast with the verbal confirmation. When you have recited this Dua it is prohibited from eating or drink during time of fasting.

Fasting Dua in English:

O, Allah! I will beg You to forgive me and ask You to forgive me for my past and future mistakes

in the name of Allah Most Merciful Most Kind.

Dua For Fasting | Dua For Ramadan  – The praise and the thanks go to Allah The Lord of the universes. The peace and the blessings of Allah be with our Prophet Muhammad as well as his family and his companions.

Islam is founded on five pillars which must be adhered to by all Muslim. One of them is the fasting practiced throughout the months of Ramadan. Fasting means abstaining for a period of time from drinking, food and sexual activity between dawn and dusk, in the hope to seek Allah’s blessing.

It is mandatory for everyone Muslim who is puberty and has a sound mind to observe a fast during Ramadan. However, there are some exceptions , such as nursing mothers, pregnant women and the sick, old and the disabled.

Three Ashras of the Ramadan month

Dua For Fasting | Dua For Ramadan  – According to Hadith the practice of fasting isn’t sufficient to be able to take advantage of Allah’s blessings. Being in control of the amount of sina , and praying all the time is essential for creating the spiritual bonds with Allah. 

Ramadan is broken down in 3 Ashras (stages) which last 10 days. The dua that is recited during each Ashra is for various reasons and advantages. It is possible to recite the the first Ashra dua to thank Allah for Allah’s mercy at the beginning and the second one is to seek forgiveness, and the third Ashra duas are to pray in prayer to Allah to save a person from Hellfire.

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Ramadan Dua to mark the beginning of Ashra

The first Ashra is a sign of the grace of Allah that is shown in a variety of ways during this month. The most important Dua for the first Ashara is: Rabbi ighfir warham wa anta khayrur raahimeen

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Day 1 Ramadan dua and meaning

Allahumaj al siyami fihi siyamasaa imina wa kiyami fihi kiyamal kaa imina wa nabhini fihi an naumatil gafilina wahabli jurmi fihi ya ilahal almina wafu anni ya afian anil mujrimin

What does it mean? Allah today, make my fasts the ones who truly fast and also my standing up in prayer for those who stand in prayer. Get me out of my sleep uninformed and forgive me for my wrongs. Oh, God of the universe, accept my forgiveness, God of the worlds who forgives sinners.

Day 2 Ramadan dua and meaning

Allahuma karibni fihi ila mardatika wajanibni fihi min sakhatikawa nakima tika wa wafikni fihi likiraa ati ayatikabi rehmatika ya arhamar rahimin

The meaning is: Allah on this day lead me to your pleasure, shield me from your wrath and punishment Give me the chance to read your verses with your grace, O God of mercy. most compassionate.

Day 3 Ramadan dua and meaning

Allahumar zukani fihizzih nawat tabiha wabaidnifihi minsafahati watawihi wajaali nafsiban minkuli khairin tunzilu fihi bijudka ya ajwadal ajwadina

Definition: Allah on this day, grant me wisdom and understanding and keep me from pretension and foolishness and grant me a portion in all blessings you pour down, through your generosity, or perhaps the most generous.

Day 4 Ramadan dua and meaning

Allahumma kauwini fihi alaikamati amrica wa azikuni fihi alawati zikrika wa auzini fihi li adaai shukrika bikaramika wajfazani fihi bihifzika wasitrika ya absaran nazirin

The meaning is: Allah on this day, help me in executing your instructions Let me feel the sweetness of your memory and grant me, by your generosity, that I thank you. Guard me by your protection and covering with your most sensitive of all who can see.

Day 5 Ramadan dua and meaning

Allahuma jualni fihi minal mustagfirina wajalni fihi minibadikas salihinal kanitina wajaalni fihi min auliyaa ikalmukarrabina bira u fatika ya arhamar rahimin

The meaning is: Allah, place me among those seeking forgiveness this day. Include me in the company of your righteous and obeying servants, and put me among your closest family members, because of your kindness, you are the most compassionate.

Day 6 Ramadan dua and meaning

Allahumma latakhzulni fihi litarrudi masiyatika walatadribni bisiyati nakimatika wazhazini fihi min mujibati sakhatika bimannika waayadika yamuntaha ragbatir ragibin

The meaning is: Allah in this moment, do not allow me be degraded by committing your disobedience. Do not hit me with your whip of punishment. Keep me safe from the root that provoke your anger. With Your power O Allah the supreme, fulfill the desire of those who want.

Day 7 Ramadan dua and meaning

Allahuma ainna fihi alasiyamihi wakiyamihi wajanibni fihi minhafawatihi wasamihi warzukuni fihi zikraka bidawamihi bitaufikika yahadial mudilina

Definition: Allah on this day, assist me in its prayers and fasts, and shield me from the sins and errors of the day. Allow me the memory of you and keep going through the day with your aid, O guide of those who wander.

Day 8 Ramadan dua and meaning

Allahumar zukani fihi rahmatal aytami waitamata amiwa ifshaa asalami wasuhbatalkira mibitau lika yamal jal amilina

Significance: Allah on this day, I will have mercy on the orphans and provide food to the hungry and promote peace and company with noble-minded people O the shelter of the hopeless.

Day 9 Ramadan dua and meaning

Allahumaj alli fihi nasiban min rahmatikal wasiati wahdin fihi libarahin ikaasa tiatiwakhuz bina siyati ila mardatikal jamiati bama hadatika ya amalal mushtakina

The meaning: Allah on this day give me a part from your kindness that is unlimited, guide me to your brilliant proofs and bring me closer to your total delight, with your affection O the hope of the longing.

Day 10 Ramadan dua and meaning

Allahumaj alni fihi minalmutawakilina alayka wajalni fihi minal faizina ladaykawajalni fihi minalmukarabina ilayka bihsan nikaya fayatatalibina

Definition: Allah on this day will separate me from the people who depend on you, distinct from the ones you believe to be successful and place me among those close to you, through your grace The goal of people who seek you out.

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Ramadan dua for second Ashra

Second Ashra is important for praying to Allah for mercy and seeking forgiveness from Allah for sins committed. The dua to be said in this second Ashra is

Astagfirullaha rabbi min kulli zambiyon wa-atoobuilaiyh

Duas to be recited in The second Ashara:

Day 11 Ramadan dua and meaning

Allahuma habbib ilayay fihil ihsana wakariyu illaiya fihil fusukawal isyana waharrim alliya fihis sakhata wannirana biaunika yagiyasal mustagisina

Definition: Allah on this day, let me be a lover of goodness, and aversion to indifference and corruption, save my anger from the fires of Hell through your aid O, the defender of the people seeking help.

Day 12 Ramadan dua and meaning

Allahumma zayini fihi bisitri walifafi wasturni fihi bilibasil kunuiwalkifa fiwajmilni fihi alla adli walinsafi waamini fihi min kulli maakhafu bismatika ya simatal kahifina

The meaning is: Allah today, make me beautiful by covering me with chastity and covering, wear me the clothes of peace and chastity. keep me committed to justice and fairness and protect me from everything I am afraid of, through your protection or as the guardian of the scared.

Day 13 Ramadan dua and meaning

Allahumma tahirni fihi minada nasiwal afzariwasabirni fihi alakainatil akdariwa wafikni fihi litukawasuhbatil abrari biaunika yakurata ainil masakini

Definition: Allah on this day, cleanse me from filth and dirt and make me patient with the decrees that have been made to me, give me the power to be religious and remain in the company of the righteous, through your aid, O beloved of the needy.

Day 14 Ramadan dua and meaning

Allahuma latuak akhizni fihi bilasarati waakilni fihi minal khataya wal hafawati wal taj alni fihi garadan lillbala yawal afati biizatika ya izzal muslamina

The meaning is: Allah on this day, don’t judge me for my mistakes, but reduce my mistakes and mistakes, and don’t let me become a target for problems and afflictions, in your honour O the honor and honor of Muslims.

Day 15 Ramadan dua and meaning

Allahumar zukani fihi taatal khashina washraka fihi sadri biina batil mukhbitna biamanika ya amanal khaa ifina

Significance: O Allah on this day, grant me the faith of the humble. Expand my chest with the humility of the humble, with your safety, the refuge of the terrifying.

Day 16 Ramadan dua and meaning

Allhumma wafikni fihi limuwa fakatil abrariwajanibni fihi murafaktal asrariwa awini fihi birehmatikaila darilkararibi Lahiya tika ya ilahal alamina

The meaning is: Allah on this day, grant me compatibility with the right Keep me from repairing the evil, and lead me through it, with your mercy, to your forever abode of your worship, O God of the universes.

Day 17 Ramadan dua and meaning

Allahummahdini fihi liswalihil amaliwakudili fihil hawaiji walamali yaman layah taju ilatafsiri wasuali yaaliman bimafisuduril alamina saliala muhammadin walihitahirina

Definition: Allah on this day, guide me to correct choices, and fulfill my hopes and desires O God who doesn’t need explanations or answers, nor do I need one who is aware of what’s within the chests of world’s population. Thank you for the blessings of the Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) as well as his entire family The pure.

Day 18 Ramadan dua and meaning

Allahumma nabihni fihi libarakatias harihiwanawirfihi kalbi biyaa ianwarihi wakhuzbikulli adai ilatibai asarihibinuri kayamunavira kulubil arifina

The meaning: O Allah, this day, awaken me with the joys of the early mornings. and illuminate my heart with its bright light, let each part of my body feel its effects. Let it be a result of the light of your presence, light of the hearts of all who are aware.

Day 19 Ramadan dua and meaning

Allahumma wafer fihi hazimin barakatihi wasahil sayili ilakhairatihi walatahrimni kabula hasana tihiyahadiyan illhakal mubini

Definition: O Allah, today, multiply the blessings of Allah for me and smooth my way towards their bounty. Do not deny me the recognition of its deeds. O Guide to the truth.

Day 20 Ramadan dua and meaning

Allahumaftahli fihi abwabal jinani waglikanni fihi abwabannirani wafwafikni fihi litiwatilqurani yamunzilas sakinatifi kulubilmuminina

The meaning is: O Allah, today, allow me to enter the doors of heaven and shut the gates of Hell from my path, assist me to read the Qur’an. One who brings peace into the hearts of believers.

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Ramadan dua for the third Ashra

Dua For Fasting | Dua For Ramadan  – Third Ashra is the final day in the lunar month Ramadan. In this Ashra is the most holy and important Date of Laylatul qadr. The exact date is not known however it is believed by Allah that it falls on one of the following dates: 21, 23, 25, 27 29. The prayer for the final Ten days in Ramadan is:

Allahumma Ajirni minan naar

Duas to the 3rd Ashra are as the following:

Day 21 Ramadan dua and meaning

Allahumma innaka afuwun tuhibbu afwafafu anni

Recite Surah al-Kadr at least as many times as is possible.

Significance: O Allah, on this day I ask You to show me how to enjoy Your pleasure Do not allow Shaytan be a way to control me. Create Paradise an abode as well as a refuge for me, O Allah, the one who meets the demands of the needy.

Day 22 Ramadan dua and meaning

Allhumaf tahli fihi abwabafadlika wanzilalaiya fihi barakatika wawafikni fihi limujibati mardatika waskini fihi yuhbuhati jannatika yamuhiba dawatilmudutarina

The meaning is: O Allah, today, you allow me to enter the doors of Your Grace, pour to me its blessings and help me to the cause of Your kindness and grant me an opportunity to be in the peace of Paradise O You who responds to the cry of the suffering.

Day 23 Ramadan dua and meaning

Allahumma innaka afuwun tuhibbu afwafafu anni

Its meaning: O Allah, on this day, cleanse me of my sins, cleanse my heart from any flaws Examine my heart (for) the humility of my hearts O Allah who does not see the weaknesses of sinners.

Also you should recite Surah al-Kadr as many times as you can.

Day 24 Ramadan dua and meaning

Allahumma inni asaluka fihi mayurdika waauzubika mimma tuzika wasaluka fihi lianutika walaasika yajawadasailina

Definition: O Allah, today I beg You to grant me the things that please You. I am seeking refuge in Your mercy from all that is unpleasing to You I beg You to give me the opportunity to submit to You and not be disobedient to You, O Allah, who is generous to people who seek Your help.

Day 25 Ramadan dua and meaning

Allahumma innaka afuwun tuhibbu afwafafu anni

The meaning: O Allah, on this day, place me one of those who love Your people and despise Your adversaries in the manner of Your first Prophet O You who is the Guardian for the prophets’ hearts.

Also you should recite Surah al-Kadr in as many times as is possible.

Day 26 Ramadan dua and meaning

Allahummajalni sayifihi mashkuran wazanbi fihi magfuranwa amalifihi magbulan waibifihi masturan yaasmas samiina

Signification: O Allah, today give me a token of praise My sins are forgiven and my actions accepted my shortcomings hidden, the greatest of all those who listen.

Day 27 Ramadan dua and meaning

Allahumma innaka afuwun tuhibbu afwafafu anni

The meaning: O Allah, on this day, bestow upon me blessings from Laylatul Qadr. Help me change my life to (being) complicated to (being) simple accept my apologies and lessen myweight and sins, O Allah who is compassionate with His righteousness-loving servants.

Also repeat Surah al-Kadr as many times as you can.

Day 28 Ramadan dua and meaning

Allahumma wafirhazzi fihi minnanawa filiwakrimni fihibihdarilmasaa iliwakaribfihi wasilstiilayka minbaynilwasaaili yaman layashgaluhul mulihina

The meaning is: O Allah, this day, allow me to part of its nawafil (recommended prayers) I will be honored by taking care of my issues and make it easier to reach You through every avenue and means, O Allah who is not consumed by the demands of beseechers.

Day 29 Ramadan dua and meaning

Allahumma innaka afuwun tuhibbu afwafafu anni

Definition: O Allah, today, protect me with Your kindness I ask You to grant me protection and success cleanse my soul from dark shadow of false accusations O Allah, the Merciful to His faithful servants.

Also repeat Surah al-Kadr as many times as you can.

Day 30 Ramadan dua and meaning

Allhumaj al siyamifihi bishukari walkubuli alamatardahu wayardahu rasulu mukahmatan furuhu bilusuli bihak sayidina muhamadiu walihitahirina walhamdullilahi rabilalamina

Dua For Fasting | Dua For Ramadan The meaning is: O Allah, on this day, you make the fasts I keep worthy of praise and approval, in accordance with Your wishes, and also what delights the Messenger and the branches getting supported by the roots for the benefit of the leader of our nation, Muhammad as well as his cleansed family. Thank you to Allah the Lord of the worlds.

Ramadan offers a wonderful opportunity to amend yourself and ask forgiveness from the mighty Allah. Furthermore, Muslims perform good deeds such as actions of charity, prayer, fasting and many more to receive more good fortune and blessings. Ramadan dua can bring us closer to Allah and helps in the focus of daily tasks.

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Ramadan Dua FAQs

What is the meaning of closing speed?

O Allah! I was a faster to You and I trust in You and put my faith in You and break my fast by giving You food is the prayer to end the fast.

What is Ashra in Ramadan?

Ramadan is broken down into three parts of 10 days, referred to as Ashra.

What is the reason why the second Ashra being used?

The second Ashra should be centered around the mercy from Allah.

What is it that makes Laylatul Qadr famous?

The final night of Ramadan are renowned for their celebration of Laylatul Qadr, which marks the unveiling of the sacred Quran.

What’s the point of this 3rd Ashra?

The third Ashra to escape the Hellfire.


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