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Dear Brothers and Sisters, Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. (There were 1.8 billion Muslims in the world as of 2015 – roughly 24% of the global population) Yet, many people don’t know very much about Islam and Islamic Teachings. Following are some of the most frequently asked questions that many people have about what Muslims believe, Follow and act upon and how we practice our religion. – Learn Islam

What is Islam?

Islam is an Arabic word which means submission, substance, Act upon, Folow. In context, Islam means submission to God’s will on His terms and orders. By that simple definition, we can see that all of the whole word, the planets, the trees, people, Human beings and the animals, all are in a state of Islam; obey  to the will of God, because they all follow their natural orders (fundamental principles (uṣūl)  the Qurʾān, the Sunnah (“Traditions”) which God has created for them. People are unique, different because we can choose whether or not to follow God’s commandments.

Islam is not named after a particular person, area, human being  as in the case of Christianity or Buddhism, Hinduism  nor is it named after a group of people like Hinduism or Judaism. Islam is purely and simply living religion  in accordance with what God wants. So, Islam is more than a religion, it’s a way of life or code of life.

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Who is a Muslim?

Dear, A Muslim is one who follows Islam, follow the principle of Islam, Basic Teaching of Islam according to Quran and Hadith . In the Arabic language, putting “mu” at the beginning of the word is similar to putting an “er” at the end of the word in English. For example, in English someone who farms is a farmer, someone who works is a worker , and someone who builds is a builder. Similarly in Arabic, someone who accept Islam so that that is a Muslim

Who is Allah?

“Allah” is the Arabic word for the One True God, Allah is one and Only. It is the same word that Arabic speaking Jews and Christians use for God or  Creator, . Allah is One with no partners, on Son, He neither begets nor is born. He is the Eternal Creator of everything in this World and the hereafter.

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Who is Prophet Muhammad?

Muhammad (Peace and blessings be upon him) was born in the Mecca in the year 570. From the time of his youth, he was known as the most honest,and trustworthy person. At the age of 40, God chose Muhammad PBUH to become a prophet to deliver the message of God’s will to the manking.

His mission was important because after him there was no other prophet to come.

Muhammad was the last and final messenger of Allah. He was the last in a long line of prophets, many of whom are known from the Christian and Jewish traditions such as The prophets of Islam include: Adam, Idris (Enoch), Nuh (Noah), Hud (Heber), Saleh (Methusaleh), Lut (Lot), Ibrahim (Abraham), Ismail (Ishmael), Ishaq (Isaac), Yaqub (Jacob), Yusuf (Joseph), Shu’aib (Jethro), Ayyub (Job), Dhulkifl (Ezekiel), Musa (Moses), Harun (Aaron), Dawud (David), Sulayman (Solomon), Ilyas (Elias) (Peace be upon them all).

Throughout the 23 years of his prophethood, He faces many  hardship and opposition, Muhammad worked to communicate the divine (Allah) instruction to his followers.

What is The Quran?

The Quran is the literal word of Allah that was given to Muhammad word by word over the whole life of his prophethood. The Quran is God’s last and final revelation to mankind containing guidance for every aspect of life. Throughout human history, many prophets (Adam, Idris (Enoch), Nuh (Noah), Hud (Heber), Saleh (Methusaleh), Lut (Lot), Ibrahim (Abraham), Ismail (Ishmael), Ishaq (Isaac), Yaqub (Jacob), Yusuf (Joseph), Shu’aib (Jethro), Ayyub (Job), Dhulkifl (Ezekiel), Musa (Moses), Harun (Aaron), Dawud (David), Sulayman (Solomon), Ilyas (Elias) (Peace be upon them all) were sent to deliver revealed messages to the people..

All the previous orders, Teachings  were left to their own people to preserve, but because the Quran is the final message, God Himself has guaranteed its preservation.

The companions of Muhammad memorized the whole Quran by heart and recorded the words of the Quran exactly as they were recited. The Quran has remained unchanged even single word or  the letter since it was revealed over 1400 years ago.

What Are Hadiths?

The Hadith are a collection of recorded actions and sayings of the Messenger of Allah. They present the example of the Prophet Muhammad, the way he lived his whole modest life from general characteristics to the smallest details of his actions as well as the things he said.

 Life According to God’s Will

This is a  big question but thankfully the answer is actually really easy:

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Mosques Mosques’ has been designed for grade 5 students only  i.e. Children who will be 10 in the Grade 5 year only . There are many PDF Files , they cover reading, grammar, writing, spelling, context, punctuation, Alphabets, Printable Worksheets, features, talking/listening, and list/writing. They do not cover handwriting or poetry so you may like to cover these yourself.

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Note: that all the information contained on these Printable Free worksheets comes from authentic Quran and hadeeth and is based on Quran and Sunnah. If you find any errors please contact us via comments Box and we will correct them insha’Allah.

All printouts are in Word and PDF format Free of cost. Please click on the Download Button  below to print out each sheet Free of cost !

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