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Anemometer Definition – The field of science that is focused on forecasting weather is referred to as meteorology. Meteorology is concerned with the measurement about the rate of winds. Wind speed is measured through the an instrument, referred to by the name of an Anemometer. In this article, we’ll discuss in depth about anemometers , their numerous kinds, as well as their purpose.

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Anemometer English Meaning

Anemometer Definition – Find the proper meaning for”Anemometer” in Urdu “Anemometer” meaning in Urdu It is vital to know the significance of the word when translating it in English in Urdu. There are numerous interpretations of every phrase in Urdu The correct meaning of the term “Anemometer” for use in Urdu is”hw Kh”. In roman you write as Hawa Ka Zor Daryaft Karnay Ka Aala. 

The other meanings are Hawa Ka Zor Daryaft Karnay Ka Aala. Anemometer is a word that refers to speech parts and meteorology. Its origins can be traced back to the beginning of into the Early 18th century, which was the 18th century in the beginning. 

The word originates from Greek anemos which means wind. -meter. There are many related terms to Anemometer from our dictionary which includes Barometer. Anemometer is written as [an-uhmom-i-terAnemometer is pronounced as [an-uh-mom-i-. After that Anemometer will be changed to English changes to Urdu Translation of Anemometer If you are struggling to pronounce the word Listen to the pronunciation on the internet dictionary.

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definition anemometer, anemometer meaning, definition of anemometer, anemometer def, what does anemometer mean, what is anemometer ,what is a anemometer ,what's an anemometer ,what is an anemometer

Table of Contents

  • What exactly is An Anemometer
  • How to Create an Anemometer
  • Types Of Anemometers
  • Use of Anemometer
  • FAQs as well as frequently asked questions

What is an Anemometer?

Anemometer Definition – An anemometer can be described as an instrument that is used to measure wind speed. It is a device that is commonly used in weather stations and also to calculate any kind of gas-powered current. The term “anemometer” originates from the Greek word “anemos” which means wind, which first came into use in texts written by Leon Battista Alberti who was an Italian architect and artist in the year 1450. 

An anemometer was a mechanical device which was set directly in the direction of wind, in order to determine the speed of wind. It which was measured by the degree of disc’s inclined.

How to Create An Anemometer

An anemometer can be made by the combination of a handful of basic elements. There are numerous anemometers that are based on the conditions as well as the measurement and ecosystems. An anemometer could also utilize Ultrasonic as well as Laser methods to take a precise measurements of the speed of wind.

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definition anemometer, anemometer meaning, definition of anemometer, anemometer def, what does anemometer mean, what is anemometer ,what is a anemometer ,what's an anemometer ,what is an anemometer

Anemometer Definition – For carrying out this studies in the sciences of the 5th grade , an the anemometer is constructed using disposable cups. It is also called The Robinson Anemometer. It utilizes disposable cups to capture wind which causes the container to rotate. To calculate the speed of wind, it is crucial to know the amount of spins which occur over the time period. This will tell you the speed at which the wind is traveling at.

Materials Required

  • 5 paper cups
  • Empty plastic bottle
  • The 3 wooden dowels are very thin
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch
  • Duct tape
  • Stopwatch


  • Make a hole in one of the sides of four cups by using holes punches.
  • This cup will be the central four holes must be evenly spaced around the edge of the cup you made.
  • Two wooden dowels can be inserted into the holes in the cup in the middle.
  • You’ll then be able put the other end of the dowels which comprised from wood into the holes in cups then tap them. Be sure that all cups face towards the exact direction.
  • Use the dowel at the end to attach it to the bottom of the cup at the center.
  • Place the dowel in the middle of the plastic bottle which is full of capacity.


Anemometer Definition – The anemometer in the cup used to conduct the experiment was not able to measure the speed of wind, but it could give an indication of speed at speed that winds are carried. However, you can track the speed of wind using this instrument by calculating the number of seconds of rotation. Anemometers with greater power is can be used for forecasting the forecast for weather forecasting determines the speed of the wind in kilometers per hour,, which is the equivalent of miles per hour.

Note the speed of wind speed in terms of revolutions per minute over several days. You can then calculate the amount of speed averaged by the wind over the time of the week. You can also study the speed of the wind during different time in the day. It is possible to measure the speed in morning and afternoon hours, and in the evening and later in evening.

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definition anemometer, anemometer meaning, definition of anemometer, anemometer def, what does anemometer mean, what is anemometer ,what is a anemometer ,what's an anemometer ,what is an anemometer

Anemometer Types

Anemometer Definition – The primary classification of anemometers depends on their ability to measure the speed of the wind in addition to the pressure of wind. The five main types of anemometers are

  • Annemometer for the CupThis comprises four hemispherical cups placed on the arms horizontally and at an angle equal to the horizontal shaft. The idea behind the cups is that air flows through the cups in a direction that is horizontal, which causes the cups to turn in a manner that is in sync with the direction of wind. When you calculate the number of turns in each cup in a specific period of time, you can determine the mean speed that wind speeds are measured. They are employed by researchers, meteorologists and higher education institutions for conducting research and other commercial activities.
  • Annemometer that is used to measure the hotwire It is made up of a wire with a thin layer which can be heated to a temperature that is less than that of the air. The wire cools when air moves through it. In order to determine the speed and the relationship between wire resistance and speed of the wind needs to be determined since the majority of the resistance of the material is determined by its temperature. This is a common application that is used by HVAC (heating air conditioning HVAC and ventilation) companies to monitor the air flow in the ducts of structures.
  • Annemometer for windmills It is a kind of mechanical device similar to the traditional windmill, however, it’s utilized to determine the speed of wind. It is comprised consisting of one Axis of Rotation which runs in the same direction that winds. Additionally, it has an aerovane because the direction of wind may change and allows the axis to change direction. The aerovane consists of an engine as well as an aerovane that allows exact measurements of the speed of wind as well as direction.
  • Laser Doppler anemometer Laser beams are used to light up the anemometer before splitting to create two separate beams. It calculates speed by measuring how much light bounced off by air particles once one beam is allowed to absorb by the anemometer. They are employed in jet engines that have modern technology, as well as in the field of water flow in rivers.
  • Anemometer equipped with SonicSound waves can be used to determine the speed of wind. The waves are transmitted by the transducer. They are used for research and aerospace wind turbines.

Use of Anemometer

Beyond measuring the speed of the breeze, it is also able to gauge the following aspects:

  • To gauge the wind’s pressure.
  • to find out what speed winds are producing.
  • To determine the direction the direction is of.
  • It is used by pilots and drones in RC planes to determine the weather conditions before carrying out tests on their equipment.
  • It is also utilized by pilots and shooters that need to shoot over long distances.
  • Skydivers utilize it to determine the speed of wind prior to leaping into the air.
  • Aerodynamics is a technique employed to determine the speed of air.
definition anemometer, anemometer meaning, definition of anemometer, anemometer def, what does anemometer mean, what is anemometer ,what is a anemometer ,what's an anemometer ,what is an anemometer

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FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Emometer?

An anemometer is a tool used to determine the speed of wind.

Was it the person who first described the concept of an Emometer?

An initial explanation of the Anemometer was provided to the public in 1450 Leon Battista Alberti.

What are the different types of anemometers?

The different types of anemometers are:

  • Cup anemometer
  • Anemometer to Hotwire
  • Anemometer of an Windmill
  • Laser Doppler anemometer
  • Anemometer that measures the amount of sound

What type of anemometers are employed in jet engines the present?

Laser Doppler anemometer.

In a Sonic anemometer, which is that is used by waves to determine the speed of wind?

Sound waves are utilized as an anemometer sonic to determine the speed of the wind.

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