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Helping in Arabic – Be Internet Awesome, our digital safety and citizenship program designed for children, is now available to over 400 million Arabic speakers. QuranMualim It is easy to navigate the world of digital citizenship and internet safety in a language that children are familiar with. The program was developed in collaboration with internet safety experts such as the Family Online Safety Institute and the Internet Keep Safe Coalition. It provides tools for educators and parents to help their children stay safer online.

To find out about the experiences of teachers in the Arab region with online safety, we surveyed over 200 people. We found that 98% of teachers agree that online safety should be taught in the classroom. One in three teachers said that they have witnessed an incident involving online safety (e.g., cyberbullying or sharing personal information). However, 75% teachers stated that they do not have the resources necessary to teach online safety to students.

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This Arabic word means “let’s move” or “come on”. It is used when someone or something needs to happen. The word “yallah”, which can be used for anything, including getting stuck in traffic or getting people onto the dancefloor, will be familiar to many.

Yallah Shabaab

Another translation of “yallah” is “let’s move on young people!” It sounds a little long in English but it’s the best way to get your friends moving and get in the mood for an outing.

Ya Rab

This word basically means “My God” and is great for expressing frustration or exacerbation. It is almost the English equivalent of “Dear God Why?” !”


This word is used to compliment something spectacular or beautiful without being jealous. Young men use this word a lot when talking about girls they like. For example, they might say “She’s so sweet and beautiful…mashallah”. By adding “mashallah”, they can confirm that they are complimenting without being too jealous or overbearing.


This word is a favorite of children and grandparents. It means “to end”, but can also mean “to stop it”, “don’t try again”, “it’s over”, or “stop speaking”. This word is perfect for when you want someone to let go of your nagging and to give you some peace.


The word “inshallah”, which means “God willing”, is probably one of the most familiar Arabic words due to how often it is used. However, most people will use it as a synonym for “maybe” or “I don’t know, it’s out my hands”. This word is used when you don’t really know the answer or you want to be able to quickly get an answer.


This word means “I swear to God” and will be used in conversations between family members or friends more times than you can count. This word can be used in any portion of a sentence. For example, “You won’t believe what happened, wallah, even if you told me it would wallah.”


This word can be used to indicate “sure” or “yes of course” and is a favorite among younger people. It is usually used as an answer or at the end of sentences. This bright connotation will make the conversation more casual and friendly.

Sabah al Kheir

Literally, this means “good morning”. The equivalent in English to this word might be “duh” (or “you’re just getting on now?”). This word is often used to joke with friends about someone who is slow to catch up or has just realized something. You would say “good morning (sabah kheir), you finally woke up to the news!”

Kol Hawa

This expression is a bit vulgar in English, but it’s used frequently by Arab youth to laugh with one another. It basically means “eat shit” or “shut up”. Although this may seem strange to some Arabic speakers, it is a common usage among young Arabs.

Shaku Maku

This is originally slang from Iraq, but it’s widely understood in the Arab world. It’s a casual and humorous way to say “what’s up?” Another English equivalent could be “what’s shaking?”

Ya rayyal

This is a term that means “oh man” and is used by young Arab men to show their frustration in a humorous way. If they lose a match or another similar event, you’ll hear lots of “yarayyal” repeated over and over.


This term is used by friends to make fun of someone who is having a brain fart, or is stuck on something and cannot say anything. It is also used for people who are mentally blank or empty for a few seconds. If one of your friends is having trouble understanding something, ask them if they are having a “kawwaz”.

Ya Haraam

This word is used to express sadness or sympathy for something. It originally meant “a sin”, but it’s now being used in slang to refer to something like “oh poor thing” and “I feel sorry …”.”. If someone tells you a story about someone getting hurt or an accident, you can respond by saying “yaharaam!”

Bi Sharifak

Although this word is most common in the Levant, it can be used almost anywhere. This word, which means “seriously Dude?” is used by youth to laugh at things or joke about absurdities.

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Helping others according to Islam

Helping in Arabic – The Almighty ALLAH created people so they are connected and remain related to each other. They strive to meet each other’s requirements and needs.

After learning how Islam protected this side of Islam and maintained the safety and cohesion of the society, friendship, sympathy and compassion among believers, it is time to ask: Does this feat have a scientific miracle? !

Show kindness to others

Helping in Arabic – Allah is gentle, O Aisha. He loves gentleness. He gives gentleness a reward, but not for harshness.

Remember that we all encounter people in our daily lives. We don’t always know what they are going through. Sometimes, the simple act of being kind can make a difference in someone’s life. This can be achieved by smiling at others or exchanging positive thoughts.

Seek Forgiveness

Helping in Arabic – As a way to purify ourselves and increase the chance that our deeds are accepted, it is essential that we seek forgiveness. Remember that helping others is not enough. We must first help ourselves. Repentance is a cleansing. Repentance is like polishing the heart. It’s the same as polishing cars. We know that it makes it shiner than if it was left unpolished.

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Ask them what they are struggling with and find ways to help them

Helping in Arabic – People often struggle, and we end up wondering what they are going through. Asking questions will allow you to reach out sooner and help the person clarify their situation. Abu Bakr (RA), a great example of a man who visited an elderly blind woman to take care of her household chores and other household duties, is a fascinating story. He kept his deeds secret because she was unaware of who he was. This was revealed to her by a companion who had seen the incident.

Research has shown that stress can be relieved by helping others

Helping in Arabic – Psychology experts confirm that helping others can reduce stress. This is because Endorphins, which are hormones that help in psychological comfort and excitement, can be excreted when you assist others.

Allan Lex was the former manager at “Health Promotion Institute” in USA. He stated that helping others helps to reduce stress intensity. Also, helping others decreases one’s thoughts about his own problems. This gives him psychological comfort.

Do Du’a in Private for Others

Helping in Arabic – Allah sends an angel to you when you make du’a to someone private. He replies, “Ameen and the same to you.” Allah will help you if you help someone. It is a wonderful way to help your fellow believer by supplicating.

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Donate to Charity

“Protect your self from hell-fire even if you give a piece to charity.”

You can help others and save yourself from disaster by giving charity through sadaqah or zakat.

Initiate Salaam (Greetings).

Helping in Arabic – Spreading salaam is a great way to increase love among believers and remind us all that we all need Allah’s peace, blessings and protection in our lives. This can be done with anyone you know or someone you don’t know. As long as the salaam is appropriate for both genders, it is a great virtue.

Buy Groceries for Someone

Random acts of kindness can make a big difference in someone’s lives.

Litter can be picked up if you see it

It is vital to care for our environment. One way to express gratitude to Allah is by helping to keep the world clean. You can help someone avoid injury by picking up a plastic bag or can from the ground during adverse weather conditions.

Feed an animal

Islam advocates the respect of animal rights. The prostitute who fed the dog’s thirst and was rewarded with paradise is an example. The deeds that we perform are important in Allah’s eyes.

Visit the Sick

It is a beautiful act of worship to Allah to visit the sick in His name. While we are busy with our day, it is easy to forget about the sick and vulnerable. Spend some time with a relative or neighbor who is ill or who may need your help.

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Helping in Arabic – We hope to make Be Internet Awesome’s curriculum in Arabic so that educators have the tools and methods necessary to teach digital safety basics. We are excited to offer more learning opportunities online to children from Arabic-speaking countries and other parts of the world.

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