Quran Word by Word: Enhancing Understanding Through Detailed Analysis

Quran Word by Word: Unravel the Meaning of Every Quranic Verse with In-Depth Word-by-Word Breakdowns” The vocabulary of languages is continuously changing.

Every era brings new words to the desk through colloquialisms and slang. Here are a few examples of evolution inside the English language: www.quranmualim.com

Nice: This time period was once “silly foolish, easy” and become no longer the praise it’s far in recent times.

Naughty: In the beyond, if a person turned into naughty that they’d either now not whatever or naught. It come to be then used to indicate evil or immoral and you are really awful behaved.

Clue: A ball of yarn end up once a clue or clew, hundreds of years in the past. Imagine threading your way through mazes and you may be capable of see how we went from yarn to the essential component portions of proof that allows us resolve issues.

Over time, the that means of a word adjustments. It is crucial to keep in mind the etymology (examine of the origins of terms and how their meanings have modified over time) of a phrase.

The trilateral root of Arabic terms, or the middle of the phrase is the muse, is the true intention. These letters shape the idea of the word and are then connected to the phrase with prefixes or pronouns.

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A feature of a root phrase is what gives upward push to an Arabic word. Language adjustments over the years so it’s far vital to take a look at the Quran’s roots words that allows you to apprehend and hold its unique message.

Quran Word by Word: Literary devices.Net describes colloquial language within the following way: Colloquialism may be described as using casual terms, phrases or maybe slang to give an explanation for a bit of literature. Because writers are part of a network, colloquial expressions can sneak in. They will really add colloquial expressions into their vocabulary.

An instance may be a tree. The tree’s root is the same each year, but the tree itself modifications with every season.

Lane’s Lexicon describes sm’s root phrase as . He gave ear and listened to. He understood its that means, this is the which means of speech. From this which means, the words pay attention and concentrate are derived.

, the root phrase (qaf­lam-ba) method to reveal something spherical. He pondered on what he have to do and turned his mind over and yet again in his thoughts. Since a coronary coronary heart can turn time and again emotions, the word coronary heart is derived.

Another instance is the foundation (nunzua-ra),which means “to deal with, take a look at or take a look at some component intellectually to form an opinion approximately it.” These traits are how the word “appearance” is derived.

These examples display the difference among the profound meaning of a root, and the simplicity of the phrase that is derived from it. These clean meanings are lost inside the verses.

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Evolutions of the words Nisa and Rijal

Let’s take a look at the time period nisa ns (nunsin-alif), and its evolution through the years. Lane’s Lexicon internet web page 2785- The root word for delay or postpone method to accomplish that. 

Some traditional sayings: ns llh manner God not on time his demise, ie, extended his lifestyles. mlh.Nsh may also endorse that God can make him ignominious or convey him backwards. Grymh asked his creditor for a postpone in paying his debt or charge.

This root word technique postponement, put off. A pregnant female have become called nisa due to the reality her menses were now not on time or postponed.

The word nisa became in the end used to refer to all ladies, no matter whether or not or now not they’re pregnant. The original meaning of nisa emerge as the cast off or postponement.

So nisa changed into erroneously translated into Quran as “ladies”. Because the following translations make no feel, I am arguing erroneously.

The Monotheist Group Translation of The Quran: forty 9.Eleven-O You who consider, do no longer make amusing of different human beings (QAWM), as they might be higher than you. Neither should girls (NISA), make fun of various ladies (NISA), as they is probably higher than them…

40 nine. Eleven -O the ones who have reached religion! No one (QAWM), shall denigrate each other man (QAWM); it is able to be that they may be better than them; and no woman (NISA), shall denigrate exceptional girls (NISA); it can be that folks who are higher than them…

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If QAWM is used to intend people, then they are not NISA human beings (women). Why do they must be addressed one by one? It is absurd to assess humans (QAWM), and ladies (NISA), on account that girls also are people. Mohammad Asad saw the contradiction and determined to trade the phrase QAWM to guys to make it extra logical. However, QAWM would no longer suggest guys.

three:14 –Beautified for people (NAS) refers back to the love of what they want of women (NISA), and their desire to have hundreds of coins, such as gold and silver, cattle, and tilled land. This is the pride of the worldly existence. But Allah has the fine go returned.

People (NAS), would possibly speak over with everybody, including children, males and females. How does it make feel that Quran says women want girls, however youngsters desire sons? It is an absurd contradiction. It could now not artwork. Note that each QAWM (and NAS) have been translated thru translators as human beings.

Are women (and their children) being provided with silver, gold and farm animals, similarly to land, to buy commodities which include horses, livestock, and cattle?

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Nisa is not a time period that refers to girls. If you translate Nisa as ladies, it does not make experience. From the idea word Nisa may seek advice from someone or a hard and fast that is behind schedule/ postponed/ left in the back of/lag within the returned of/ possibly a smaller phase of the populace that is not in electricity because of being postponed or not positioned first or inside the forefront (the maximum crucial or leading position or area). Based on further studies, this root is probably reexamined.

Quran Word by Word additionally interprets the word rijal as “men”. net page 1043 Lane’s Lexicon: The root phrase rjl (rah-jim-lam), page 1043 Lane’s Lexicon. To stroll on a adventure with out a beast to experience, and then preserve.

In extraordinary phrases, he changed into sturdy so he walked, no longer rode. trjyl is the act of making or rendering strong. rjlstrong – perfect or complete. The sturdy woman is likewise called rijal. Based on further studies, this root word can be reexamined.

22.27 rijal way “walking”, because it’s far impossible for guy to match in this area.

Muhammad Asad, (The Message Of Quran Word by Word).

22.27 Hence [O Muhammad],] claim thou unto each people the [duty] of] pilgrimage; they will come unto you on foot (RIJAL), and on any [kind] of rapid mount, coming out of each far-away region [on earth]. 2:239

17.Sixty fourrijal manner infantry or foot squaddies. It is translated 18 times as foot/toes in Quran and fifty 5 instances it’s miles as guys/guy. They modify the which means to in shape their interpretation. These contradictions are highlighted in a horizontal (tasreef).

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Over time, rijal has grow to be a synonym for man. However, the basis word rijal method strong, powerful. This is how Quran addresses the time period rijal. It is someone or a phase of society that is strong, powerful mentally or physically.

The famous verse at four:34, which helps a divinely ordained sinful nature of misogyny, is now to be had: Sahih International translation. Men (RIJAL), are on top of things of ladies (NISA), by way of the use of the [right of] what Allah has given them one over some other and what they spend [for maintenance] out of their wealth. 

The righteous women are humble and obedient, protecting what Allah has given them to defend within the absence of their husbands. But you should not be afraid of arrogance from women. If they do not obey you, then locate no manner to prevent them. Allah is constantly Exalted and Grand.


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Quran Word by Word: Enhancing Understanding Through Detailed Analysis, Quran, House of Quran, Quran WBW, Root Words, Quran Chapters, Quran Juz, Quran Arabic Text, Holy Quran PDF, Quran Download


Apart from the interpretations of the interpreter, which might be inside the parenthesis. The trade of nisa into ladies and men and rijal into women and men, introduced approximately one of the maximum debatable misogynistic verses of the Quran Word by Word. It might be translated as follows based totally on the roots words:

The stronger …. Are accountable This is consistent with the Quran’s subject rely justice. The the relaxation of the verse also wishes root phrase translations. This may be discussed in a placed up that is based on further research. This is not to say that it’s miles no longer viable for ladies and men to translate.


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